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  1. I wanna pick up a second gamecube for getting one of these at some point down the line. I wonder if they play disc images from any region or do they need to be specific to the cube.
  2. This is a great thread. I understand about 0.1% of what you described about the coding but I enjoyed it none-the-less. Cools stuff. Looking forward to the next step.
  3. You can still pick up the hardware itself for cheap. The problem is the disc with it is expensive but you can use homebrew with an action replay which works as a replacement and.. It fixes the GB player software for a better image and the option to use different refresh rates depending on your usage. Speedruns can keep the original refresh etc.
  4. Between this and getting a second job for the new playstation it's gonna get rough.
  5. Ridge Racer Type 4 is a great looking game. Would've been nice to see an enhanced port for the dreamcast for 60fps gameplay etc.
  6. I wonder how good that second FPGA is though. The way its worded seems like it may not be as powerful as the main chip they're using for the GBA etc.
  7. This should still be worth a good bit. Through a scaler like an OSSC you should be able to get a 480p signal out of an ntsc cube.
  8. Cool stuff. What refresh rate are you running that at? Do you find the lower resolution has much of an impact compared to what you were running it at on your lcd?
  9. Thanks. Will definitely have a look into picking one of these up.
  10. Where did you buy the de-10 nano board from? it all seems rather confusing to me. Do you have any pics of what it looks like without the extra optional cases etc
  11. That sony fw-900 was the exact monitor I used to have. Makes me sad thinking about not having it anymore. Used to run all sorts of different systems on it; 360, ps3 and even prog scan ps2 games etc. I remember being quite pleased with myself for using it to play shadow of the colossus on the ps2.
  12. If anyone is interested in playing some of the 64dd games some clever people have made it possible to use cartridge conversions of the games to use on a flashcart. There's even a combined version of f-zero X and its expansion translated to english. You can find it over at this website. https://64dd.org/index.html
  13. To get the Nes running through an OSSC you'd need to get an RGB mod done first which would cost you another 100 or so.
  14. Couldn't they have storage soldered to the board to save costs with an expansion port for optional storage as well? At the minute those nvme ssd sticks are pretty expensive but in 5 years they'll have come down a lot in price like everything else.
  15. It's a shame they couldn't redesign it to be smaller. Doesn't the disc drive take up a huge chunk of space? Prob too costly to be worth it but I don't see the appeal the way it is.
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