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  1. Yea fair enough that makes sense. I know the pain of swapping out cables on a pvm with little room to maneuver. Nightmare is the word indeed.
  2. If it's going to a pvm you could just use the component cables for good quality. They will output at 480i as well as hd resolutions. Maybe it doesn't suit your individual setup though?
  3. I gave that jaguar core a quick blast myself out of curiosity. Flashback: Quest for identity - seemed to work quite well however there as no sound. NBA Jam - kinda worked with broken sound and some weird lines across the screen. Iron Soldier - worked great in the menus with sound but crashed after that. Think I tried a few others that just didn't work at all.
  4. I don't know about the correct pins or anything like that. But I have an rgb modded 64 with literally just wires. Needs a specific cable to work properly. Probably has resistors or something like that in the scart cable.
  5. I've backed it myself. Will be a good excuse to revisit or play any games they end up covering. Could be good opportunity for some hi-score/time trial shenanigans. EDIT: There's a road rash novel!?
  6. Mine arrived today in the post. The little kinda shiny bananas all over the front cover are great!
  7. These seem pretty cool. Currently use my mister on a crt but would be cool for a big screen session. Will these just be a simple option to toggle on/off?
  8. Quick update on my fan voltage setting. Oh the excitement! I have now moved the jumper from 5v to the 3.3v setting and it has indeed made it noticeably quieter. Thanks for the help guys. I wonder if this is how the dreamcast sounds with the noctua fan mod. I need to look into that.
  9. Yea it's not a massive problem or anything. Once you have the game sound on it fades into the background anyway. Was just checking if I had mine set up incorrectly. Now I must get back to Metroid fusion on the Mister in preparation for Dread.
  10. Probably a bit of an odd question this one but is there any way to change the fan speed on the mister? Mine has a noctua fan on it and everyone seems to state how quiet they are. Maybe my expectations are too high but mine is very much audible. Much more so than a series X for example. Because it's so small it's higher pitched too which isn't great. I'm not using a case at the moment so maybe that's why?
  11. Just completed Super Metroid on the mister with a Saturn controller! Worked surprisingly well. Strange setup but I didn't wanna wait while I decided on what Super Nes controller to go for. Such a great machine for both crt and lcds. Beat Zero Mission on it too and that was a treat.
  12. It's goin well! Mostly been playin ps1 and ps2 stuff on it so far. For 480i stuff it's brilliant. Gonna give it a good workout with Super Metroid within the next few weeks so it'll be interesting to see how that goes. This is gonna end up costing me money isn't it? Tempted by a few different raphnet ones on there. All seem to have really low lag too!
  13. Cheers for the recommendations guys. Few things to look at there!
  14. Just played through Metro Zero Mission on the mister setup. Outrageously good. Would recommend the game and mister all the way. Moving back and forth between crt and lcd I couldn't tell any difference in lag. Both were as good as I could hope for. Surprisingly there was a bit of ghosting on the crt which I suspect is due to the cable. Played with an old USB saturn controller I got over 10 years ago now. Can anyone recommend a good controller for Super Nes. Super Metroid is on the shortlist haha. Is it worth getting the SNAC adapter? And also is there a high quality cable thats been tested with the mister that will connect to scart or bnc?
  15. This is a good shout. Just one short level to the demo but it's pretty cool. Reminded me of the screenshots of n64 games you used to see in magazines sometimes before the game game out and it didn't quite look the same on release. Remember the mission impossible renders? haha
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