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  1. Good write up @Plissken. I’m a season ticket holder and don’t know what to make of it really. I don’t know if it’s because the pandemic and distance from the club has affected me but I’m ambivalent for some reason. I think I’m kind of like “well let’s see what happens”. It’s not like the old ownership was sustainable if we wanted to remain at the top table. We had to get investors in to continue. The manager would have probably left too - which obviously would be a disaster. I was impressed by the press conference with Pace the other day. Yes, they were only words but wi
  2. Me too - it's not arrived with Yodel yet though so I guess it'll be tomorrow/Monday before it arrives? Doesn't matter either way tbf - it's much better than the 17/12 we were told was the expected delivery date!
  3. I love the first two films and yeah, when I bought the dvd boxset ages ago, the third film had such a bad reputation that I didn’t even bother watching it. Then some time passes, I read up on it and realise that it was nominated for 6 Oscars, including picture, director and cinematography. I know the Oscars aren’t, by any means, a reliable barometer of what makes a great film. But still, it suggests it’s not the complete disaster that it was made out to be. Maybe critics were tired of the New Hollywood directors after the dire 80s stuff and didn’t see any good in their films?
  4. @charley farley changed to processed now and estimated delivery 21/11. Has yours changed too? Maybe they're doing their best to put me off an Amazon order.
  5. Got one at Very with expected delivery 17/12. Hopefully that’ll change! At least I don’t have to try and buy one now What has possessed me?
  6. I think it’s me getting older but my interest in their news/feature articles had narrowed to the point I’d have a flick through for 10 mins, put it down and then not read it again until the next issue. I never read any of the columns or letters. The review scores don’t have anywhere like the same weight they did in the 90’s/2000s. I just tend to read reviews from the particular journalists I like. Maybe it needs a massive shakeup? How much can they change though really? Maybe they could do YouTube videos alongside the magazine involving Patreon? Bring the reader closer to the write
  7. I’m not too keen on him - I think it is his over praise for message films/depressing Oscar best picture nominees/winners that I don’t like. They’re just not my kind of films though so he is entitled to his opinion/I have mine etc I definitely disagree with his views on The Deerhunter, a film I love. However I love his enthusiasm for The Exorcist, a film I also adore. I don’t think anyone could say he isn’t short of a strong opinion and that’s good for a critic. You’re doing your job if you’re pissing people off. Too many critics just fall in line with each oth
  8. We (Burnley fans) kind of have the same discussion about Pope in goal over Pickford. I think he would be an improvement. But I also think his kicking needs improving too. And who knows how he’d do under the microscope of playing regularly for England. Especially in a tournament. But he definitely deserves a run in the side for me. I think if he had all the big 6 experience, champions league etc then he’d be in there now. Also discussed are Tarkowski over Maguire, Gomez, Mings etc etc. This isn’t as clear to me because it’s unknown how Tarks would play in that defensive shape...wher
  9. I’ll check this out. I’ve known about Ed Harcourt for a long time. His 1st album from 2001, here be monsters, means so much to me & my wife. We listened to it together when we were at sixth form. 12 years later we had the last track, like only lovers can, as our first dance music at our wedding. The album was nominated for the Mercury but lost to badly drawn boy. All ancient history now! I would recommend Here Be Monsters and The Beautiful Lie above everything he’s done. But there are lovely songs dotted all around his albums. I haven’t listened to his last
  10. I am sorry about the length of this. I am more of a reader of this forum and have been for a long time. On very rare occasions I feel I want to contribute. I really struggle though. This is definitely the case with films. What I feel about films is so personal to me. So I'll try and get that across. What I feel is that film has been around however long it has been around, it's had a good run but its time as something that captures the public's imagination is over. And this was the case without the pandemic. Obvious examples that you all know about already and I don't know w
  11. Playing this on PS4 and love it. The variety between platforming and the puzzles in the overworld works. The graphics and soundtrack also combine well. A lot of thought has gone into this game.
  12. I am receiving Playstation VR as a present and I’ve only experienced it once when a friend brought it into work. So got lots of catching up to do. I am genuinely excited which, as I am an older gamer of 36 years old, is becoming something of a rarity. This excitement is as much about me playing as seeing how relatives react to the likes of Astro Bot, Tetris Effect etc.
  13. Yep my mum & dad couldn’t afford to buy an N64. To dream/torture myself I read the huge Mario 64 review in Gamesmaster so many times.
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