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  1. It’s just so full of riches to devour. Golden Slumbers with just McCartney on piano. After watching part 1 last night, I have been singing/humming: “Sleep, pretty darling, do not cry And I will sing a lullaby” all morning and all of a sudden my 3 yr daughter sang it back to me. Made my day that. I know things are not great with the band in the film but you can still see the love between them. That is really powerful to me.
  2. Yeah I bought it on Apple TV but it's available to rent on there too. Might be the same on Prime?
  3. Breaking Away (1979) Aww what can I say? This is definitely up there as one of my favourite films. You lucky so and so if you haven't seen it. The film mainly follows four kids just graduated from high school and they don't really know what to do. Except one of them has fallen in love with cycling (Dave). So it's all about the kids, Dave's parents and Dave's cycling. It appealed to me a lot as a story. I was born in Burnley so when I was at school I got called all sorts about where I was from - "Dingle", "Inbred", "Mong" etc etc. This even continued into my first job after people asked "where you from/what football team do you support?". The kids in the film are called "Cutters" by the students at the local University as they come from families who have mainly worked as stone cutters in the local quarry - y'know not academic/working class scum etc. So there's kind of a class war thing going on. I can relate to being called a Cutter anyway. There's a lot of comedy but I think the darkness is pretty powerful too. As I usually find watching "coming of age" types of films - they do take you back to when you were their age. But maybe this is the first one where I've come away with more focus on the parents? Maybe when you're watching as a younger person you focus on the kids and when you're older you focus on the dad? Wonderful film. 5/5
  4. I watched Midsommar last night and thought it was absolute class: cinematography, music, Florence Pugh’s acting. Everything. Grateful for a filmmaker where everything he makes can be looked forward to (or maybe feared )
  5. I saw this last night after reading some good reviews last week. I hadn’t heard of it up to that point. I loved it! Maybe your enjoyment will hinge on whether the structure of the film works for you - I had to be on the ball when watching it. Critics seem a bit split on that. I really cared for the characters and what happened at the end. I’m glad it got made but when I read it cost $100m to make for a sometimes brutally violent, 18 rated, 2 and a half hour film released kind of the same time as Bond……it was always going to bomb wasn’t it?
  6. Well - you learn something every day
  7. Oh we just watched the theatrical one off Apple TV (I think). The 4K version is getting released next year.
  8. I watched this again last night with my wife. I hadn't watched it in its entirety for at least 15 years. It will always be an important film to me. Titanic took over the culture while I was really getting into films. It's the kind of event that, when happening upon the film again, causes me to remember who I were at the time. I was 14 when this was released. I guess I was different to the people I went to school with as I was fascinated by it whereas, when talking to friends, all the obvious stuff was held against it e.g. chick flick, Celine Dion no.1 single etc etc blah blah and y'know what that's probably all fair enough! My mum & dad wanted to see it so we all went. Everyone I knew went to see it. Everyone I knew talked about it. I wasn't only interested in the film. I was interested in the awards it had won. I was interested in The Oscars. "Oh okay what's Good Will Hunting?" "What's LA Confidential?" A whole world of new movies to see was appearing for me. It wasn't just about seeing Ace Ventura 2 or Beethoven 2nd style stuff at the cinema. "There is all this other stuff". My reaction to watching this last night underlines, for me, how films can change their meaning as you get older. I was fond of it anyway but just was so into it last night. It has it all - the stars it made of the leads, the romance, the action, the emotion. But it was the last hour that moved me so much this time. An old couple hugging each other as the water is swirling around them. The violins playing Nearer My God To Thee. A mother telling a bed time story to her kids in bed. I think when I was younger I thought the final hour was powerful - how could you not? But certainly nothing like the extent I felt it last night. It really got me. To this day, I think it does so well at communicating the desperation and epic scale of what happened. A glorious film from a time that movies may never get back. But what a time.
  9. I am ripping off Owen Slot at the times but it’s true: the nadir of the sport was reached when awarding the World Cup to Qatar where it is illegal to be homosexual. If, as a governing body of a sport, you make a decision like that then “anything goes”. There are no principles left to uphold. I support Burnley. I am a season ticket holder but I take interest in nothing else in the sport. Tunnel vision. Until it’s over for us too.
  10. Good write up @Plissken. I’m a season ticket holder and don’t know what to make of it really. I don’t know if it’s because the pandemic and distance from the club has affected me but I’m ambivalent for some reason. I think I’m kind of like “well let’s see what happens”. It’s not like the old ownership was sustainable if we wanted to remain at the top table. We had to get investors in to continue. The manager would have probably left too - which obviously would be a disaster. I was impressed by the press conference with Pace the other day. Yes, they were only words but with the situation as it is I think it’s going to be a while before we see any changes. The scepticism is understandable. They have it all to prove. But I’m not getting bothered by it yet. I think we’ve done as well as we could with the previous financial model. Now let’s see if we can improve the infrastructure and help this great manager improve the 1st team.
  11. Me too - it's not arrived with Yodel yet though so I guess it'll be tomorrow/Monday before it arrives? Doesn't matter either way tbf - it's much better than the 17/12 we were told was the expected delivery date!
  12. I love the first two films and yeah, when I bought the dvd boxset ages ago, the third film had such a bad reputation that I didn’t even bother watching it. Then some time passes, I read up on it and realise that it was nominated for 6 Oscars, including picture, director and cinematography. I know the Oscars aren’t, by any means, a reliable barometer of what makes a great film. But still, it suggests it’s not the complete disaster that it was made out to be. Maybe critics were tired of the New Hollywood directors after the dire 80s stuff and didn’t see any good in their films? It’s about time I rewatched these! If there’s a special ultrahd boxset then it can live with my Apocalypse Now one.
  13. @charley farley changed to processed now and estimated delivery 21/11. Has yours changed too? Maybe they're doing their best to put me off an Amazon order.
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