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  1. Perhaps the Live servers are just being hammered now US users are getting their machines. Keep getting error code 0x800704cf (not connected to the internet, check your connection). Frustrating, just finished work and want to play some games! edit: back in now (6.33pm)
  2. It’s mini. Half the footprint of a PS4 Slim and only slightly larger than a puppy’s head.
  3. Given you are out of warranty you don’t have any contractual recourse against Nintendo (as manufacturer), so I think you are limited to kicking up a fuss with them to see if they can offer you a better outcome. Alternatively, your contract is with the retailer you bought the console from, so you could try complaining to them. The law implies a term into each consumer contract that the goods supplied have to be of satisfactory quality, which includes durability. So you could complain to the retailer that you would expect a £300 family console designed for everyday use to l
  4. Thanks, that’s a good idea. Not too precious about recovering my saves from back then but I should probably see what’s on there while it still works. More importantly, I just discovered that I own Outrun Online using SteveH’s tip, which I know isn’t BC, so might need to dig out the 360 anyway...
  5. Great idea, and this has worked for me, thanks! The Xbox app doesn’t seem to contain achievements data - possibly as a result of the recent update (I’m sure it had more content when I last logged in a week or so ago), or possibly because the iOS app doesn’t contain the same functionality - but I’ve managed to access my achievements by logging in through account.xbox.com and then opening my ‘Xbox profile’.
  6. Great, thank you. But no way to find out before the new console arrives? I’ve got the Xbox app but can’t find a ‘my games’ section there or on the Xbox store page.
  7. As another lapsed Xbox user, is it possible to find out what XBLA games I own without plugging in my old 360? I have checked the purchase history on my Microsoft account but I bought most of those games back when MS was using its points system so all I can see is purchases for MS points, not what I spent the points on. If not, presumably when my Series S arrives the Xbox UI will show me my library of purchased and owned games, a bit like the PS4 one does?
  8. I’m anxious for information but that’s more because I want to get hyped about my new box and I’m jealous of those with Series X or PS5 pre-orders who are now getting some of that information! I’m not too concerned about its performance. The specs, on paper, are astonishing for something that costs £250 and it will be really, really interesting to see how it compares to the X and the PS5 when running games at HD resolutions and whether the more powerful consoles provide any really material advantage at those resolutions. I expect I’ll end up using it mainly to play indie
  9. Series S. I have owned every PlayStation since PS2 and I expect I will pick up a PS5 disc edition down the line, but can wait until I have a 4K display and there are a few more games out there to really justify it. Being able to play my PS4 and PSVR games at better resolutions and higher frame rates is a big selling point for me but not enough to fork out £450 for the privilege. Series S is a perfect opportunity to revisit my old 360 XBLA games, see what I missed on Xbox One, and check out GamePass. I love the design of the console and was really surprised by the price. It
  10. The Microsoft store (where I ordered from) still seems to have stock of the Series S, if anyone is still hunting for one. At least, it lets me add the console to my basket to checkout.
  11. Me three, but now have a Series S on the way! First MS console since the original 360. Don’t have a 4K tv yet and mainly buying for Gamepass. Thanks very much to Darren for the guidance on stacking Live Gold and then converting to GamePass Ultimate - it has worked a treat and I managed to do it all through the Xbox app and MS website without needing to dig my 360 out of the loft. Just to mention that I bought two 12 month codes and one 6 month code and got a free month for each code I redeemed by selecting auto renew. I also seem to have got another free month when I upgr
  12. Thanks, good to know this wasn't just me being dense. Various news sites have now picked up the story (including Eurogamer) so I think I'll hold fire on paying the charge and wait and see how this pans out. I'm not holding my breath though. I can see from the FAQ section on the Kickstarter page that they did add a warning that physical copies would be shipped from the US and that backers would be responsible for local customs/VAT charges on 12th Feb. This was before the campaign closed but after most backers, including me, had already made their pledge. It is pretty po
  13. Hello, I backed the kickstarter for this (first one I have backed) and got a note through the door this morning to say there is a £15 customs charge I need to pay before it can be delivered. I am a bit surprised because I thought that goods worth less than £135 are not subject to customs duty. Is this the case for everyone else and have I misunderstood the rules? I don't think I have bought a game from outside the EU since the days of the Nintendo DS and don't remember ever having to pay a customs charge before, so I don't have much experience of this. EDIT: ah ok, I've logged on t
  14. Yes, 50% off, so £6 for the Donkey Kong campaign and £8 for the full whack.
  15. You should be able to play simultaneously. Load the game on the primary Switch, stick that in flight mode, then load the game on the secondary Switch (the one which needs to carry out an online check). At least, my partner and I have been able to do this on other games downloaded from the eShop. I don't know whether there would be anything different about Animal Crossing. You won't be able to play multiplayer together using the same digital copy of the game. Online is obviously impossible and in local wireless it will be able to tell it is the same copy of the game. We
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