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    PC Engine Mini

    cos i am on old git (61) i was lucky enough to own PC Engine, GT Express (the handheld) and the Turbo Graphx at the same time. Lords of Thunder and Super Star Soldier are still in my top 5 schumps. Air Zonk is great also. Devils Crush is the only pinball game i ever enjoyed! I will get one soon, but watching pennies right now.
  2. fed up of the constant "the games needs to restart for an update" after nearly EVERY game Ridiculous they let go out with a major bug like that
  3. Still a lag fest for me..., but I continue to play Shoot House Map, the rest are crap I think this game is hit and miss on connections and some players with big kill streaks simple never die because they always see the enemies first. I watched video on Youtube and a guy won 66-0 on Shootout with a PP19. No one ever got close to him and his TTK was almost like Hardcore. I have others seen getting 115, 120 kills and all other players are in the single digits with KD'd of 0.3 etc. That is not skill, that is a connection advantage. I saw one Youtuber from USA who played when on holiday in Italy. His KD is nearly 4.0. He got slaughtered online over here... blaming slow speeds, bad connections etc etc. Nuff said
  4. Released in Japan 4th December 1994, in my hands 3 days later, 7th December 1994 for £525 plus Ridge Racer. Was offered £1,000 for it many times, but resisted. When Ridge Racer booted up it was awesome. Full 60 Hz Arcade Glory on my RGB Monitor! Played Ridge Racer till fingers hurt and beat the Black Car. Happy memories
  5. Update 1.11 out now another 2.324 GB download the day after a 15GB download
  6. Oh its there! forums and videos full of complaints. The netcode still uses the old code form 11 years ago, no dedicated servers and lag compensation.
  7. I have to assume your are kiddin' !
  8. Shoot House map is like Nuketown and offers some redemption from the other totally useless maps
  9. been playing after the update and the latency metre is now accurate. I am averaging 300 to 400 milliseconds and the last game was 900 to 1000 milliseconds.......
  10. Open port 3074 on your router and it will work fine.
  11. In game Ping showing at 300 to 400 - PS4 which you can see in Options BO4 typically shows 25-45 Don't know how accurate it is
  12. yep the save is a big help with this, back in the day i would leave my machine on all day whilst I was work and then pick up from where I left off. It was the only way!
  13. 1080p is disappointing resolution in 2019
  14. Do you have an Open NAT bruv? That might help
  15. It is a completely different game to BO4 and more like MW1 in many respects. It is less "arcady" than other CODS and I had to adjust play style before I began to enjoy it more. Graphics are good, sound is good and overall feel is it will be a good COD. Still learning maps, but they seem OK so far Running and gunning seem less prevalent due to high number of camping spots. The TTK is way better than B04. Usual EU lag is an issue. Some games i am 0.33 KD others 3.00. When I check the stats, my whole team is getting the same good or bad KD depending on the connection. In BO4 players in EU always had advantage over UK. Germans were nearly all high KD due to connections or something. It is a fact of life with online game and has been for some time. As I am a sucker for all COD games, I will play it relentlessly when it is out. I am Master Prestige Level 620 in BO4 and have maxed out all other CODS except Infinite Warfare which I hated. Still I am 61 years young and loving my games
  16. I have never bought COD Points and never will. It hasn't affected the game one bit. There are suckers out there and that is who Activision prey upon. And, another high KD player, 3.78, with connection advantage. His W/L is 11.36. Every time he shot me I couldn't see him but on the replay he had time to look aim and kill. Felt like Over 1 second advantage. https://bo4tracker.com/profile/bo4/LL95x-/psn?u=489241
  17. These guys at 1000 already https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqWm5skrdP63vvPdsk9Lzlg
  18. TTK is needs fixing. Unless yo have connection advantage the TTK is so long I have emptied whole clips into people before they die, by then of course you are wasted by others. It is the worst COD for TKK by a long way. Hardcore only for me
  19. if i get jumped shot round a corner one more time....... Lag is shocking on this
  20. unplayable in CORE for me, have play Hardcore, there at least I get some kills. Emptying a whole clip into someone tight in front of me, and, I shot first, yet I die = crap. It was the same with other Black Ops. These YouTubers getting 50,60 100 + kills to no deaths are some on kind of special connection. Mine is BT Ultrafast 2, 65MB, 30 Ping - and still crap in CORE
  21. Yep bouncing around like kangaroos to get round the lag issue when coming around a corner. The lag is just as bad as BO2 and BO3 for me
  22. Rorygamer

    SNES Mini

    nope, but a Wii one will
  23. Rorygamer

    SNES Mini

    It is worth it for the for the RESET function alone! Simply hold DOWN and SELECT together on the joypad, and hey presto you are are back to the main screen - AWESOME! No more walking or stretching to get back tot he main menu
  24. Played more and have come to the conclusion the poor frame rate and lag are killing it. Shooting round corners is really bad and empty a clip and they dont' die etc. I think Sledgehammer made the only other COD I didn't play..
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