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  1. GG mate very tough game ! Best of luck with the rest of your games
  2. I think i need to play Jamin and Steely, so let me know when yous are next available.
  3. GG mate. Good luck with the rest of your games
  4. Yeah I'm ready whenever mate just invite and I'll join
  5. Gg mate! Good luck with the rest of your games
  6. Derby County(Timmo) 2-3 Newcastle United (Elliot) Injuries: No injuries Not the most exciting game, Timmo went 1-0 up early on with a pen and it stayed that way up til half time- The second half started and i was much better grabbing 2 goals with Ritchie and 1 for Gayle which put me 3-1 up and then in the last minute he grabbed a goal with Martial. Gg mate good luck with your games.
  7. Gg mate best of luck with your gamss as well!
  8. Gg mate very tough game. Best of luck with your games!
  9. What time are you free to play? @AlfromSleep
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