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  1. Last night I had some fancy looking... and tasty... cocktails. The one on the right was called 7 Years in Tibet and was made with Lagavulin 8 Years Old Whisky, Frangelico liqueur, Chocolate, Tibetan Tea and citrus. The one in the middle, was The Matrix and contained Bacardi Ocho, Sherry, white chocolate and pistachio - served a glass surrounded by dry ice. They were both the missus' drinks. I had Oceans Twelve and Inception. The former was served in a jewelled goblet / mock Fabergé egg and contained Remy Martin VSOP Champagne Cognac, Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Islay Barley Whisky, Angostura Amaro, cherry vinegar reduction and Grappa Tabacco. The latter was served in a ball glass that magnetically elevated above the table. It was made up of Absolut Elyx, Lysholm No 52 aquavit, Dry Vermouth, Sherry and coffee reduction, bitters, and salt water.
  2. Thanks for the advice on contracts. I'll see what works there. As for formations - my main is 4-2-4 Wide (pictured). I also trained a Defensive 5-3-2 which I tend to use against the bigger clubs I face, when I need the defensive strength. And I also have a 4-5-1 Wide which I trained because... I don't know what I'm doing. As for Tactical Instructions, I made it a bit more cautionary, defensive, and possession orientated as the losses rolled in. Usually I play Defensive or Counter mentality. The season stated pretty okay considering I was playing as Oldham, and I enjoyed some positive results and most of the 1-0 and 2-0 losses all came in the 80th minute onwards. Frustratingly. I haven't had any major setbacks in defense through injury - it just all seems to have fallen apart.
  3. I think he's confusing conquering with the childhood game of conkers which has been taught to him in the past few months. Note: The image in my head of Zlatan and Pogba playing conkers together was too much for me not to post this shit comment.
  4. My problem with Fellaini is that he plays the player all of the time, not the ball. And then pretends to not know what he's done. He has no pace. He cannot shoot. His passing is woeful at times. You can find evidence of this by searching for "Fellaini compilation" on YouTube. The only thing he's good for is fouling, therefore frustrating the other team. And heading the ball across the box. He looks as surprised as anyone if it goes in the back of the goal. I agree that a Carrick replacement is needed. He's still a great player and still very skilled, but not getting any younger. Bastian Schweinsteiger is only three years younger than Carrick and has never really been given the game time you'd expect a player of his quality to have on the pitch.
  5. I hadn't played FM17 since early December, so picked up the game last night and gave it a whirl... in what turned out to be my most dire period of Football Manager in a long, long time - winning 1 in 10 games. Fortunately, the mid-table positions are quite tight in points, and with just 3 points I could jump from 21st to 16th, and am just 9 points from 8th place. So, not all is lost. I need advice though... The club has no money and the "financial situation" is something that keeps coming up as a problem. I set myself a wage limit that I should try and stick to - that no individual player should be earning more than £2,000 per week. Currently, there's about 5 or 6 players on £2,500 a week and they are pretty key players. When they come up for contract renewals, I tend to fuck them up. The board / club restrictions won't allow me to give the players / agents what they're asking and it's a dangerous situation to be in. I figured I could avoid looking like the bad guy by allowing the chairman / board (whatever the option is) to handle the contract renewals - but then they turn around and pay the players nearly twice as much as they were earning before. One player on £1,500 a week just signed a new £3,000 a week contract by the board - yet they moan at me about club finances. Basically, I think I'm screwed. Anyone got any tips?
  6. I'm guessing it makes more sense for MS financially to look at the most popular colour combos that people choose from the 'create-your-own' options, and then just release a limited set of styles in other regions.
  7. Two new controllers colour schemes out today. RRP £49.99. Here's the marketing guff:
  8. Judge away! Fellaini is terrible and even though he scored today I want to see him gone in the January transfer window.
  9. I tried to edit the post too - before anyone noticed - and a bug in the forum software wouldn't let me!
  10. I am very, very, very, very, very disappointed that Rez HD doesn't work on Xbox One, only Xbox 360. Rez Infinite in VR would be crazy. I would love to play it, but I don't want a PS3.
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