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  1. No, they'll buy the one version that's available that works across all Xbox devices. The technology has been here and being used if you've got an X where it will just grab and run the enhanced stuff if you're playing on an X. They've been smart by giving it a name and using it as a bullet point though.
  2. Its Civ 6, then Borderlands Handsome Collection and then ARK. Apparently.
  3. Bojangle

    Xbox Game Pass

    That's a good point actually, I think it goes off there August, so if it's going on XGP, it's probably going to be when that happens.
  4. Bojangle

    Metroid Prime 4

    No it wasn't. Given development was completely restarted in January last year, expecting it this year is wishful thinking at best (or it's not going to even be close to being similar in scope to the previous Prime games).
  5. Bojangle

    Xbox Game Pass

    No, and Remedy denied them. I will say it's absolutely worth £15 of your money though, brilliant game. (I also just bought it on Epic despite already owning it on PS4).
  6. Ah cool we’re doing this again.
  7. Haha, sorry, wasn’t aimed at you obvs.
  8. What is it about reading leaks that turns some people into dickheads?
  9. Bojangle

    Metroid Prime 4

    I’d wager it depends on how far out this is. A generous estimate would put it as a Holiday 2021 title so I personally wouldn’t expect Trilogy until June/July 2021 in that case... : /
  10. Almost definitely a mock up but one I haven’t seen before. Appeared in a Facebook ad for Pricerunner.
  11. Oh look, it's Nintendo announcing and releasing a title within 2 months. Shock! Looks great!
  12. Sweeney talking about the "best in class" hardware in PS5 here -
  13. The crazy fast loading isn’t a feature tied into UE5 rather the NVME, it’s an unfortunate example that they included it there though given that’s an example everyone is using for something that will go away with the new hardware. :p
  14. Bojangle

    Rock Band 4

    Yeah the prices have absolutely sky rocketed. I spent a good few months trying to track down the kit here in Denmark for a reasonable price and ultimately had no luck at all with Xbox stuff so ended up buying the stuff for PS4 and then just rebuying the DLC I wanted. Obviously lost all my imports and some of the delisted stuff but at least I can play the game again. For me I ended up getting lucky on Facebook Marketplace, definitely worth searching every couple of days, you may luck out.
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