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  1. Only booted up for a quick go and tried the Skele for the first time, ended up being a blinder of a run.
  2. It essentially means they’ve been pushed to the RETAIL sandbox, so the game is through cert. In theory it could shadow drop whenever at this point.
  3. Bojangle

    PS5 Pro

    They may or may not show Bloodborne Remastered. That article is lol worthy.
  4. Axiom Verge 2 was shown and is out today 😛 Still no sign of Silksong but despite that there was A LOT of stuff in there I want. Great selection of stuff, plus - portable Tetris Effect!
  5. The developer needs to put in the work to support it.
  6. Do people play Rez for the gameplay? It's all about the experience maaaaan. (imo) Sounds like it's maybe not your thing. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Worth remembering that it's not just their own games they're funding to get on Game Pass. All the games being added on a monthly basis, launching day and date on Game Pass etc are all getting deals from Microsoft for that, and even for the smaller titles the deals tend to be very good. I can't even imagine the sort of money that is changing hands with the bigger AAA titles. There's no doubt that MS are in this for the long run given the money they're throwing around to get subscribers but I doubt it's "extremely profitable" for them right now.
  8. I think, in my experience, you need to have a good mix of everything rather than just scoring, or just getting kills etc. I actually think I really like this. It started off seeming quite basic but it's got a decent level of depth to it, and when you start making builds with the held items and you learn about the extra stuff on the map to gain buffs for your team etc it all kinda clicks in a way I wasn't expecting. Weirdly Pokémon just seems like a great fit for a casual MOBA. I hope it has a decent player base because there's so much they could add to it, but the existing Pokémon are all already a pretty nice selection with them all feeling quite different to play as and having different skill synergies etc. I'm mostly playing as Alolan Ninetails and having a great time. Actually considering the Battle Pass!
  9. Man, playing this is just a great time. I'm one of those who skipped it entirely after being incredibly disappointed with Twilight Princess back at launch but decided to take a punt based on all the QoL changes. I'm really glad I did because I'm enjoying it so much, it's just great to be playing that tightly designed Zelda gameplay loop again. Just got done with the Sandship dungeon and it was incredible. Such a great dungeon and boss fight. 😍 I'm enjoying this so much that I'm really hoping the TP HD getting ported to Switch rumours are true so I can give that another fair chance.
  10. Up to the second dungeon now in this, and despite my reservations, I’m having a lovely time with it. I never realised how much I’d missed experiencing a “classic” Zelda dungeon. Really hope they can fill BotW2 with some proper dungeons.
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