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  1. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    But this is why the yearly "omfg it's 3 months into the year and we don't know what Nintendo are releasing this holiday, they have no games?!" posts surprise me every time. Are people really so stuck for stuff to play right now that they simply need to know what Nintendo are releasing in 6 months time? Christ I've barely got time to play the stuff I already have, never mind the stuff announced today that interested me, stuff I know is coming next month PLUS all the stuff they'll no doubt announce and release in Directs between now and October.
  2. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    No F-Zero, Star Fox, Pikmin, Doshin or Mario Odyssey 2, what a fucking let down. COME ON NINTENDO TELL US WHAT GAMES ARE COMING OUT THIS YEAR. No not those games, the other games.
  3. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    A new Mr Driller! This mini Direct is wild.
  4. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Yesss, next fighter in Smash is an ARMS character.
  5. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    That Ring Fit Rhythm update looks excellent!
  6. Bojangle

    Nintendo Switch

    Nice, knew we'd get a January Direct!
  7. Was a couple of days ago, but I'm like 95% certain it was dry at the time.
  8. I caught mine in the pond at the top.
  9. My Residential Plaza re-opened today after being closed yesterday for renovations and... This game.
  10. I'm not sure all the Joycon variants are in there, they don't show up on the customisation menu at least. I was hoping to have my Splatoon Pink and Green Joycons.
  11. That's exactly what they're for, with a really rare chance of you being taken to something like a Tarantula or Scorpion island. If you get an island without your native fruit or flowers, you got lucky, since that's also rare. There's only a handful of layout varieties.
  12. It's fine to leave stuff outside. I think in terms of people taking stuff they shouldn't, as long as you place the item on the ground rather than just dropping it, then they can't move or pick it up.
  13. Probably will eventually, it's completely random what's available and there's a huge pool to pull items from, so you could potentially be waiting a while. Nook told me the Plaza will be closed for renovation tomorrow, so I'm hoping it's Town Hall time (in two days )
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