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  1. Unbelievable. They’ve ruined it by not compressing it more. Unplayable tbh.
  2. can we get deKay to verify this with his sources please?
  3. Pokémon Snap? 3D World? Bravely Default 2, Rise? They’ve had a packed start to the year.
  4. Out of curiosity, if it launched at 40 would you get it or still wait?
  5. It's the RRP for the next gen versions.
  6. I honestly just don't think Returnal sold well enough for the second hand market to be flooded with copies, sadly. The people who bought it (mostly) knew what they were in for and have kept it because it's a great fucking game with a load of replay value.
  7. Don't forget the paid for Battle Passes too.
  8. You can literally say this about any game though to be fair. Play the waiting game, get it cheaper. Simple maths.
  9. You can already see this with Sackboy Adventures and Miles Morales.
  10. Sorry I won't believe this until Eurogamer have also posted an article saying they confirmed this with their sources too.
  11. Think you needed to redeem both or something, ie not enough to just redeem the PS4 version. I got it through PS+ and have both the PS5 and PS4 versions.
  12. As a classic Nintendo fanboy would say - Do you not enjoy fun?!
  13. Can we please try and not turn this into yet another RRP debate? There’s threads for that.
  14. The Sony bias from journalists strikes again. (this is a joke post please don’t attack me - the game does look fantastic though, can’t wait!)
  15. Yeah, maybe I'm being ignorant of other things Crytek have done but they immediately spring to mind as an FPS dev first and foremost which is absolutely not something Microsoft is lacking. Cryengine doesn't seem to be in a spot where they'd buy them for the tech either, but what do I know?
  16. Bojangle

    Bioshock 4

    I find it quite nice that people are revisiting BioShock 2 and appreciating it now. I remember playing it at launch and absolutely fucking loving it and then reading stuff online where it felt like I played a completely different game to everybody else. Then the reverse happened with Infinite where I played it and strongly disliked almost everything about and everyone else was raving about. BioShock 2 = Best BioShock. There's a tiny part of me that is excited for the potential of a new BioShock but after Infinite I'm literally expecting nothing.
  17. Relevant Twitter thread here. Worth a read for anybody wondering how a “bad” game gets put out.
  18. Bojangle

    Bioshock 4

    Yes, there’s none of that nonsense in 2. Infinite is a game that manages to not only be shite as a stand-alone thing but also actively goes to great effort to ruin the story and world built in 1+2.
  19. As a developer who's spent the past few years working on a PC first physics based, CPU intensive game which we then later had to squeeze onto the last gen consoles, you don't need to remind me how shit the CPU in the Bone and PS4 is. I imagine in many cases the CPU will be the deciding factor in what does/doesn't get the cross gen treatment. Like you mention, I kinda expect an Horizon 2 style split when it comes to GT7, I certainly hope that's the case so they can really push the PS5 side of the simulation without compromise.
  20. I imagine Sony will be throwing XDEV and ICE resources at any teams doing cross gen releases to ensure both versions are great. I guess Horizon will be the first “real” example of seeing how it pans out! Digital Foundry will have content for days
  21. I get your point but this example really doesn’t work given Cyberpunk was announced years in advance and they knew full well that they were targeting those machines
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