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  1. Haha what an absolutely mad fucking take. Go back and play the original Tomb Raider.
  2. I feel like this has been the hope every E3 since Uncle Phil took over. Hopefully they will really nail this one though, no bold claims from them of “OUR BIGGEST E3 YET” which is a good start!
  3. There go those wild Gamer expectations again! UE5 does look alright though.
  4. ME2 done and Plat get! I only ever gave it the single playthrough back at launch and as such never did any of the DLC stuff and I’d honestly forgotten large chunks of the game so that was absolutely fucking excellent to playthrough again. What a game. What a fucking game.
  5. I think there's about 446 other games in the sale, I'm sure you can find something! Hot take - props to Sony for not absolutely cratering the value of a new gen game that came out just six months ago.
  6. It's cross gen so it's been in production for at least a couple of years now iirc, that said I wouldn't be surprised to see it slip into 2022 given Sony's track record with delaying their big titles. I'd be fine with a delay as long as they soften the blow with a 60 FPS patch for Zero Dawn on PS5!
  7. I think she makes a good tweet further in the thread where she compares it to the reception Greedfall got, and I think she's spot on there. I'd agree with her about Game Pass too, with the caveat that your game is appealing enough for MS to stump up the cash. I'm one of those people that love a good mid tier game and I think with the way the industry is right now (both in terms of production costs and perceived value in games from gamers) where they just very rarely get made today, or they do and then they get slated for not matching up with the larger studios output. I'm really hoping Game Pass means we'll start to see a few more of them pop up since devs/publishers are more willing to take a chance if Microsoft are open to giving them a bag of cash for launching on the platform. Not everything on Game Pass can (or should imo) be a big AAA, so fill out those gaps with some lovely little mid tier games please Uncle Phil!
  8. I guess my point is it's all relative, innit? Agreed that Hades is fucking amazing but it's amazing because it's a very experienced team at this point making laser focused games that are the same style of game as their previous ones at their core. I wouldn't compare a 3D Open World game to Hades because they're two completely different types of games so it's hardly a fair comparision. Anyway. Biomutant, looks alright to me, like those mid tier games that rarely get made any more (I wonder why... ).
  9. You need to be on a Square Enix, Capcom kinda level for this to actually happen. Also they could throw all the money at it in the world, the fact is the BC on PS5 is hamstrung so expect this with stuff running in BC more unless Sony themselves change the restriction on the SDK level.
  10. I totally get this but I’m wondering what your comparison point is here? Like are you comparing it to TLOU2? Sea of Thieves? Spelunky? Just seems madly dismissive to me to expect the same quality from a team of 20 than say, what Naughty Dog delivered with TLoU 2. I remember seeing posts on here right after TLoU2 came out for example bemoaning the animation in another recently released game from a much smaller studio. Like sure it’d be incredible if every game had that Naughty Dog quality but that stuff takes hundreds of people YEARS to pull off. Expecting it from every game just seems like a way to set yourself up for disappointment with everything you play.
  11. Today! https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/days-of-play-sale-at-playstation-psn-uk-ghost-of-tsushima-ps3134-death-stranding-the-last-of-us-part-2-ps2364-more-3731034
  12. Hitman 3 had considerably more than 20 people working on it and that’s not even including the outsourcing. It is a shame people are comparing it to a AAA title but that is gonna happen when you (most likely THQ tbh) decide to price it the same as them.
  13. This isn’t how it works by the way. They can’t just reach out to a third party dev and go “hey make your game the same as it is on Xbox”. Now if they’d had the marketing deal, then it probably would have been the same on both from day one. Pretty sure the devs have already said native versions are on the way anyway.
  14. Yeah it’ll be the BC limit. I’m sure they’ll do a native upgrade if it does well. I’m still in, game looks right up my street and 1080p stuff looks great still on the trusty OLED.
  15. I’d pay good money for a Switch collection of this and Fusion.
  16. I dunno, I’m not him, just giving you the full story behind the tweet, but you clearly have a thing for him, so please continue! Cant believe he’d leak an announcement for a tentative release date at the Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2021. What a cunt!
  17. Hmm, interesting! That’s going to considerably change runs if that’s the case! Quite mad that this part of the game wasn’t in/working from launch, it seems a tiny bit integral to the whole thing!
  18. Anybody know what the reward is when somebody avenges you? I keep getting the message about it but unless I’m missing something obvious (I probably am!) I can’t see what I’m getting!
  19. He’s not leaking anything, there’s an earlier quote retweet he did from some no name streamer going for some online clout claiming Starfield has been done since September and is launching this year.
  20. I think it’s the jump in weapon stats + multiple perks that makes 4 onwards feel easier, the whole pace of the game ramps up massively when you’re starting off with proficiency level 15 (iirc) stuff rather than back at 1. Diving back into Biome 1 last night after clearing act 2 the game felt glacial compared to what I was just doing prior!
  21. I played through this on my old faithful base PS4 and old 1080p TV when it launched and absolutely loved it. I’ve since joined the OLED world and have been waiting for this patch to go back and check it out. Can’t wait!
  22. This is a weirdly glib comment. There is absolutely a massively untapped market out there who want to play these big console/PC games that only have a mobile phone, and xCloud opens up that entire market. Its not for you and that’s great, but there is definitely people out there which will sub to play this stuff exclusively that way. The option to have that is fantastic!
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