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  1. Six months for Intergrade (presumably this includes the base VII remake too) 16 is definitely timed, if they’re not shouting about it being exclusive without disclaimers, it’s not exclusive.
  2. If buying timed exclusivity is money hatting then what is buying up an entire company to prevent people playing games on their platform of choice? Weird the hoops people jump through to go “these exclusives are fine but not these exclusives!”
  3. I'll use one if it has the Web perk, but ultimately I find it really unsatisfying to use when it comes to feedback compared to something like the Carbine or a perked out Hollowseeker. I had one last night with Portal Beam AND Portal Turret along with Retarget and Serrated Projectiles and it was just so fun to use.
  4. I finished Act 2 last night after a two hour-ish trek through Biome 4 and 6 (skipped 5 because it’s horrible there :p). Ended up getting a Carbine with Leech Rounds, Hardened, Rising Pitch and another perk that I can’t remember which made short work of the last 40 minutes or so and kept my integrity nicely topped up. The real clutch of my run though was an Artifact for a 30% chance to retain consumables and then I had another artifact for a further 25% chance. I happened to start the last boss with 3 of those stationary barriers that block all projectiles and boost your own if you fire through it. Once I figured out what I needed to do, I basically bunkered down in front of him and dropped a barrier whenever needed. Think I ended up dropping 6 or so of them but only actually used 1. It was definitely the cheesiest way possible I could have done the boss but I’ll fucking take it.
  5. Could you buy some more physical SNES games that are crying out for modern day ports?
  6. Whilst I agree, I do think the rapid releases of the patches have introduced more issues than they fixed. I certainly had a more stable experience with the game prior to them. Seems pretty clear to me the rapid patches have had much less testing than the game + day one patch had, which sucks. I totally get the desire to have common issues fixed ASAP but releasing an update that literally wipes saves is a whopper. I also suffer from that sound glitch on the latest patch. Never had it prior to that. Game dev, yay.
  7. Presumably it’s a stable 30 now. I read somewhere it was an iffy 30 on the One X. It’s a free upgrade, stop complaining.
  8. Put me down as another that fucking loves it. It’s mad, nothing outstays it’s welcome, it holds up marvellously to NG+ runs and it’s just really, really fun to play. What a game. The concept art you can buy has Art Director notes attached to them, which I thought was a really nice touch. Lots of extra little bits of information in there!
  9. Fingers crossed they’ve given this one a proper QA pass.
  10. Yeah, I still believe the remaster/PC port rumours are true, because of the stuff you mentioned.
  11. It did, but not at 4K afaik. I'd assume this will be 4K/60. Also - Game Boost Bloodborne you cowards.
  12. Seems like something they'll fix in a patch, will probably happen before VRR support hits PS5 with the Fall OS update, anyway.
  13. Digital foundry video had it at 8 seconds m8. If you’re playing a lot of mercenaries you’ll be in and out a lot. Adds up!
  14. I think if they listened to the fanbase more they wouldn’t be in this awful position.
  15. Based on that video above the loading is a lot faster too.
  16. Resident Evil 7 is excellent for what it's worth. Though I'm sure if you're happy to wait RE7 appears in sales all the time, and would probably work out cheaper buying them separately. Or yeah, PS+ collection if you're on PS5 (though you don't get the DLC with that. The DLC is mostly rubbish anyway).
  17. Whilst I would love an F-Zero 99 I'd at the same time be very sad the series had once again just been demoted to a mini game kinda thing rather than being given the full on F-Zero GX style treatment it deserves. One day!
  18. wait what?! Isn't it tomorrow? I just ordered a physical one (Yes I am dumb enough to pay a premium to play a new Resi NOW)
  19. Are you using either of the bonus suits? If so, switch to the default one and reboot the game.
  20. I just installed the new patch on top of the broken one and it's been fine for me, though my save was also from before last night's patch looking at the time on it. I suspect if you have a save from the version last night then it's gonna be throwing the save error still...
  21. Yes, it's absolutely a design decision. It might be a mad one, but it's the one they made. If you think they pulled out a whole save system at the eleventh hour to ship the game, then I have some magic beans to sell you. Sony have proven time and time again (and gotten plenty of slack for it) that they have no issues delaying a release if need be. Now if only they'd do the same for these patches they're putting out... The comparison between Cyberpunk at launch and this at launch is really quite laughable, but sure die on that hill.
  22. Yeah, sounds like you can share stuff via codes, hopefully you don’t need to also be friends. Great idea but ideally it’d need a proper in game gallery for uploading and downloading stuff. Imagine Dreams but having to share codes? Looks a lot like an expanded Toy Con Garage from one of the Labo sets (which was also pretty great!)
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