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  1. Watched Wrath of Man on Prime last night. The writing could have been refined a bit, and the story was a tad predictable, but it's hard to not enjoy Jason Statham murdering his was through the bad guys. 3/5
  2. Absolutely - it's the slow burn in the lead up to the deaths that absolutely make them. I might re-watch the series if they're all available to stream - I remember the last one being particularly good, and as I said they're some of the few movies where it felt worthwhile paying to see in 3D as it just seemed to add to the overall ridiculousness of some of the set-ups. Utter popcorn nonsense at it's best
  3. I rewatched The Final Destination on Netflix this week and absolutely loved it, although it did lose a bit by not being in 3D (I remember it standing out as one of the great reasons for 3D in the cinema, all the over the top deaths and things flying into the screen ) Anyway, it still stands as an absolute pinnacle of cinema - I utterly love this kind of popcorn trash nonsense and love seeing the elaborate ways the writers come up with to kill off the cast of young, good looking people. 5/5 - We're long overdue yet another sequel.
  4. The dev teams actually posted a fair bit about how it works, and it's a fair bit more complicated. Stadia didn't just run a game on a box and stream it as a video, it sounds far more complex (to my small mind) than that. https://stadia.dev/blog/
  5. I wonder if Ubisoft+ will continue to use the technology as a white label product, that seemed to be where they were going. Capcom used it too for their Resident Evil demo - being able to jump into a game straight from a YouTube ad always seemed like a killer feature, that it took them 2+ years to finally implement. I can't help but feel that without Phil at the helm they'd have had more of a chance, as the tech was brilliant. Xcloud is decent enough, but Stadia was always absolutely flawless for me. I'm hoping I can transfer my 100hrs+ Hitman save across to the Xbox, but not sure I can shift my Doom Eternal save? That was the game that made me pre-order the Founders edition in the first place, and I was always in awe at how well it ran.
  6. I subscribed to Pro from the start and found it great - it was perfect for a game like Destiny that has regular updates and played online anyway. Through the Cyberpunk offer and some YouTube Premium giveaways I had 4 pads and 3 TVs set up with it for me and the kids... I'm not in any way surprised that it's shutting though and happy that I'll be getting refunded (by my reckoning Google are buying me a PS5!) A lot of the games I played most are available through Gamepass. As someone else said though, I do hope they update the controller firmware to let it work elsewhere easily - it's a great pad so unlocking Bluetooth to make it work with my Mac wirelessly would be great.
  7. Came here for this! Was the best surprise of the episode for me
  8. Watched this last night after briefly dipping in for a wee check of this topic the other day and hearing lots of positive noise - can't say I was disappointed, this was really enjoyable! The CGI was absolutely fine, perhaps with the exception of a couple of fights (but that might have been more about the choreography) - really enjoyed it and it's given me a real urge to rewatch Predator 2 and Predators (I know Predator by heart and not too fussed about rewatching any of the others...). Also
  9. The last film I watched was DCs League of Super Pets (SUPERHERO PETS) and before that Minions the Rise of Gru (SUPER VILLAIN PLOT) so the next film I'm off to see is I like this game!
  10. Minions: The Rise of Gru Exactly the same as all the other Despicable Me/Minions movies, so rate it the same as those and you'll be fine. 2.5/5 - Kept the kids sitting still for 90 minutes and emptied out my wallet.
  11. Took the family to see this today and quite enjoyed it. Not sure I'd rush to see it again, but wasn't horrendously disappointed either... A solid 6/10, just better than 'good enough'!
  12. Shawn of the Dead lost me at the record scene - where they continue to throw a whole box of vinyl records at zombies while making jokes, even though they don't work/have any real impact from the start.
  13. Saw this today and absolutely loved it. Overall quite predictable at points, but it didn't matter when it was all so well done! In particular
  14. I mean, if you actually think about it, then yes, it's stupid as fuck... but I'm happy enough to turn my brain off for this kind of nonsense (which is a shame when the original was legitimately great).
  15. Took the kids along to see this today in IMAX-o-vision. It was fine. Very predictable, action was fine, dinosaurs were fine. Doubt I'd bother to see it again (although my youngest loves dinosaurs so I'll probably have to...). If you could sit through Fallen Kingdom, you'll be able to sit through this! (They should add that to the poster).
  16. Took the kids along to see this today, I'd second that the art style is just fantastic! The movie was really enjoyable - kinda like an animated Ocean's 11, but I'd not rush to watch it again... Sure it'll be re-watched when it inevitably lands on Netflix though! 100 minutes was the perfect length for my 5 year old (who struggles to sit still for 10...) but I'd agree, I'd not have been disappointed if it was longer. I want to say higher than 3/5, but not quite 4/5!
  17. Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers Utterly brilliant, watched it with my two boys and laughed out loud more than once. 5/5, but knock a couple off that if you didn't grow up watching cartoons in the late 80s/early 90s.
  18. Absolutely loved the first two seasons so can't wait for this!
  19. A few off the top of my head, in no particular order: The Incredibles - When the kids first let loose with their powers (running on water!) The Lego Movie - Emmett is a Master Builder Die Hard 2 - The fight on the plane wing Avengers: Endgame - The final battle Pacific Rim - The harbour battle 300 - Battle at the Hot Gates
  20. Moonfall I'm a huge fan of Roland Emmerich's nonsense, so was disappointed to miss this at the cinema - jumped at the chance to watch it when it became available digitally though. The story is utter nonsense, there's plenty of CGI destruction (although probably less than I'd have expected!) and America (Fuck Yeah!) - enjoyable popcorn nonsense that does exactly what it says on the tin. 3/5 - I'd have scored it higher, but it was no Independence Day: Resurgence.
  21. Ha - since I'm still up I gave it a go too: Wordle 213 6/6 Fuuuuuu!
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