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  1. I've always found them excellent mate. Once you've ordered, drop them an email and ask them to mark the price on the package down, and it'll help reduce/avoid import tax too (they've done it every time I've asked them so far, and I've not had any charges) Think I'm going to wait for the US release of the PSP before getting one, my DS'll keep me going over Christmas I hope
  2. Well, it is true I've only read the one....but I found it really shit
  3. I always start reading my mags from the back
  4. Got my copy today, and I fucking hate the redesign. Think I'll be phoning and cancelling my sub tomorrow (I can always re-start it if they fix things....and get another free T :pheep: ) The first thing I thought when I opened it was that I'd accidentally been sent OPSM (tho with a much nicer cover ) The content is still good, but I swear if I'd read much more my eyes would have been bleeding. ...and whats with the shit comic at the end
  5. I'm hoping its more of the same Finally went back to VJ on my GC last week (after my flatmate picked up the piss easy PS2 version), and have to say I found it a lot easier than before (I finally passed Fire-fucking-Leo, and then had no trouble finishing the game )
  6. 69's my record too, on Silverlake Southbound in the Compact type 3 (no fancy cars for me ) Its certainly possible to score much higher tho.
  7. I bought it on CD....its that damn good Great to listen to on the way to work
  8. Saturn Bomberman....I'll never get that damn tune out of my head
  9. w00t! Can't wait for this to come out.....looks like its going to be pure fried gold
  10. Splinter Cell made good use of it...The radar and Remote bomb thingys were nice little extras to an already sweet game I'm looking forward to Four Swords Plus too...hopefully it'll be as much fun as the GBA version.
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