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  1. I suppose that's no weirder than bandage arms! I want a Mario lookalike with spaghetti arms!
  2. Poison Ivy style character whose arms are plants that grow and contract? Edit: Actually,new stage looks all Hollywood film set... No idea what her Arms are gonna be! I really hope they announce a demo, even if it's a limited time thing. I fancy picking up Arms, but really want to get my money's worth out of Mario Kart first, and Zelda keeps sucking me back in (damn Nintendo for being so great!)
  3. Ah, I didn't re-read it so didn't notice that line about the dock, sorry!
  4. Hopefully this works (on my phone) but this was posted on reddit a while ago. Hope this helps.
  5. I've been put off licking any cartridges by a reddit post by a guy who had a major allergic reaction when he tried it... (plus I don't get why you'd want to...)
  6. I finished the game this evening too, 140 hours, 120 shrines and all memories. 265 Koroks which wasn't too bad - I can see myself continuing my hunt for them, especially once the Korok mask is released with the DLC. I can say without any doubt that this is the best game I've ever played... It's not even close. What a masterpiece!
  7. I'm at 119 shrines now (3 are just found, rather than completed - promised my 5 year old he could do them with me :D) Need a few more to upgrade my cool blue clothes... The final battle is nigh!
  8. I don't think there is a physical release for Playgrounds is there? Surely the price difference is because you're getting a game you can play at home or on the go (and they're scalping pricks/it's an unproven console for 3rd parties etc) - worth an extra £2 I reckon!
  9. I was a good 30 hours in before I genuinely got my head around combat. To start with I'd avoid any major confrontations and just find hiding places from where I could throw bombs/fire arrows. 100 hours later I'm happy walking up to the biggest bad guys in the game and swatting their attacks away like they're little more than annoying insects - don't worry, it'll definitely click As @Mars said, practice dodging (jump + either backwards or sideways) and blocking (shield out, tap A at the moment of impact) - once you've got those down you're sorted.
  10. I'm currently just shy of 135 hours, have 114 shrines (and know the location of one more...) and 250+ Koroks, but I've decided I'm not facing Ganon without top level Champions Tunic (hey, if you're gonna take down ancient evil you should do it in style... Haven't even bought the ancient armour!), all shrines and (hopefully) 300 Koroks. I just reckon that once he's done I'll lose interest a bit and I don't want this game to end! On a wander around the map looking for wee nooks and crannies that might hide shrines and Koroks, beating the living shit out of any Lynels, Hinoxes and Guardians I bump into on the way
  11. I've been playing pretty much exclusively as Larry in the bog standard kart! Love the way he drives and drifts - I've managed to get gold across 150cc with him, despite not playing an MK since 64 (only 3 starred 2 cups so far though,but 2 starred most of the rest). What a great game. Almost sorry I missed it on Wii U (but not really... Smart steering for my boy, plus portability and instant suspend on the Switch actually allowing me time to play it are just The Best )
  12. No better way to practice (seriously) - just take LOTS of food that'll extend your health bar - you'll be blocking and dodging like a master in no time. You'll also say "FUCK!" a lot! Defeating a Lynel is one of the greatest pleasures in the game
  13. One of my favourite experiences in the game was when some Bokoblins were firing bomb arrows at me in the rain - they landed harmlessly at my feet, so I just waited for ages collecting them. ... Unfortunately I didn't notice when the rain stopped...
  14. I'm 130 hours in, 112 shrines complete (plus all the Divine Beasts) and with just shy of 300 Koroks... And I discovered a completely new way for Koroks to hide that I hadn't seen before! What a game! Aiming to find the last 8 shrines before facing Ganon - I know where 3 of them are but no idea about the rest, the new Hero's Path feature can't come soon enough! The Korok mask will be useful as well, my 5 year old loves helping me find them as we explore Hyrule together
  15. When I picked up my Switch from GAME on launch day they had in some extra copies of the special edition, so I treated myself even though I had the standard edition coming from Amazon later that day... So I've still got a fully sealed standard copy that I've not got round to returning to Amazon yet (lunchtime is for Zelda, and I've got a 4 year old and a 9 week old baby at home!) they want £3.99 postage to return it, so I'd be happy to part with it for what I paid (£46 with my Prime discount) - even happy to cover postage myself as it'll be less than £4 and I'll feel good that someone can save enough for a copy of Snipperclips or Fast RMX too (and that I've proved that not everyone is a scalping cunt...) :-p Fire me a PM if interested and I'll send some pics.
  16. Yeah, the full 'The Works' package looks crazy, love the look of the Eastman art prints too, almost a shame that they're including a portfolio case for them as I'll be framing mine
  17. Boardgaming.com do a weekly news post with KS projects running that week. I often just have a browse of the website and app too. On the subject of KickStarter, has anyone else backed the IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game? I snagged an early bird slot on day one and over the weeks the package has just become better and better as more stretch goals unlock (I'm a massive TMNT nerd and have turned my 4 year old son into one too, so super excited about this :D) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past Board Game, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/idwgames/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-shadows-of-the-past-b
  18. Picked up the Street Fighter deck building game in my FLGS the other day for £9 (picture shows a tenner, but there was an extra 10% off everything!) Figured it was worth a punt at that price - I've played a couple of the other Cryptozoic deck builders and quite like the system
  19. I play games at lunchtime sometimes with a couple of friends and sadly one is leaving soon, so I thought I'd stock up on some 2 player games. Fancied getting a copy of Cold War:CIA vs KGB, as I've played it before and really enjoyed it, so imagine my surprise/excitement when I found out that Fantasy Flight have released a Star Wars themed re-skin of it One copy of Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion is now winging it's way to me. Anyone else played this?
  20. I just dug out my email, the subject line was: [Nintendo Network] Email Address Confirmation (with the square brackets). Good luck getting it back!
  21. Thanks - might hold off for now then and try to get both together (sure I saw a retail pack with both on eBay that'd work out cheaper than the two separately).
  22. Ooh, thanks for the link. If I pick this up does it also come with Super Luigi U, or is that available as an add on download? (and does it cost more?) I picked up a Wii U for myself last week (along with the Bayonettas and Smash Bros) and I'm pleased to see that the old Nintendo magic seems to be back. Spent a good bit of time with the Pikmin 3 demo too and it's just wonderful (the first one was a favourite of mine on the GC). My only gripe so far is the pro pad... By all accounts it's a lovely piece of kit (and no need to plug it into a Wiimote, like that was ever a good idea), but the position of the main face buttons is just wrong! My thumb naturally rests on X and A, rather than Y and B, so for example jumping I'm Bayonetta (on B) just feels wrong. Still, minor complaint aside it's probably going to take a lot of willpower to not just start redirecting my salary straight to Nintendo's bank account...
  23. Thanks for the heads up, picked up a copy of Giants today for a tenner. Sounds like a nice wee game from the reviews on BGG, and the components are lovely
  24. This is what really winds me up, it's especially bad in games built around a specific mechanic. The ending of the first Max Payne game springs to mind, or the main boss battle in Gears of War 2 where you're asked to throw away the central cover mechanic. Meh.
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