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  1. 9 - Mindgames 5 - Mercenarri 2 - The pope smokes dope Great pics. Gutted I didn't manage to get a pic up this month, was aiming to post one every month but work got on top of me
  2. A handful of pictures I've taken over the past few weeks that I was fairly happy with. These have all been touched up slightly in Darktable - a free rip-off of Lightroom for Linux (think it might have a Windows version too). I'm sure it's not a patch on Adobe's bad boy, but I don't see myself buying Lightroom itself until I get a new PC, which is a while away yet! Blue Flowers by stiflertime, on Flickr A wee picture of my mummy Mum1 by stiflertime, on Flickr Caught this by chance at a wedding I was at a few weeks ago - I got another where they were posed a bit better, but like an idiot I chopped their feet off in the photo. I need to concentrate more on stuff like that! Bonny Banks by stiflertime, on Flickr
  3. Suffocate Peon - 4 Really like the angle and composition of this shot. Iwan_canobi - 8 Love the lighting and colour in this one, would probably have been my first choice of it had been an old school glass bottle Zomby - 10 Again, fantastic perspective and depth of field. Love chilling a few beers in the river when out camping (although I reserve the right to remove this vote if you didn't takeyour empties home with you )
  4. Tennents by stiflertime, on Flickr Apologies this is slightly late this month - my subject decided to leave me with a nasty hangover all day yesterday
  5. 17 - McMond 12 - mindgames 3 - Fusty Gusset Excellent shots guys.
  6. Talisker by stiflertime, on Flickr Bit of a last minute rush this month, and not super happy with it, but I'm committed to getting an entry in every month this year
  7. I picked up the Nikon 35mm DX in January, and it's not been off my camera since - because it's a 'normal' focal length it just feels right. The 50mm is a lovely lens, if you can live with the manual focusing, but it's the telephoto-ness that always put me off a little, I just don't see it as an all day lens. (As a sligt aside, I've also got a Sigma 100-300 which I got to use with my film SLR and the lack of auto-focus never really stopped me using it with my D40, so whilst it's a consideration I wouldn't let it be a deal breaker.)
  8. I had a read of the review on bythom.com after Cloney's reply the other day (thanks for the suggestion!) and it actually convinced me to just go for it As I understand it the D40 has very similar issues with it's metering, but I've never had any issues with it (I guess it's just what I'm used to), and I'm honestly not good enough with my camera to be too worried about any of the other points he raised. Got a boxed one in excellent condition from an eBay seller for £240 delivered, which seemed like too good an offer to pass up (Most others I'd seen were going for £300+, and boxed D40 kits have been reaching over £200, so hoping to make a good amount of that back). Arrived yesterday and I'm really happy with it so far. I wasn't in desperate need of an upgrade, but am really pleased with all the extra features that it has over the D40 - being a bit bigger it feels much nicer to hold too. Loving having the top panel LCD back (something I missed from my F80), and it's nice having dedicated buttons to change the main settings (ISO, WB etc), without having to go into menus. Looks lovely with the 35mm prime on too. Now to get out and take a few pictures with it!
  9. Ordered myself a Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom from ebay on Monday and picked it up from the post office this morning. I've been tempted to get one for ages to just shove in my camera bag and take out with me, and it seems pretty cool so far - think it'll be great for taking on holiday. Think I'll take it along with me to work tomorrow and see if I can get a bit of use out of it on my walk home from work. I've also been toying with the idea of getting myself a second hand Nikon D80 body, and selling my D40 with kit lens to fund it. I think I'd be fairly happy getting by with just my 35mm prime and 100-300 telephoto, and would really like the extra features it'd bring (mainly the extra AF points and DoF preview button). Am I being crazy or would I be stupid not to do it?
  10. I actually quite like this idea. Personally I've been entering the competition as a way to motivate me to take pictures and to get better at doing it, and I'm constantly blown away by the quality of some of the images posted - I'd love to know the settings used and any tweaks applied to get them. If things went down that route I'd be happy for any photoshopping to be allowed.
  11. Don't worry, we'll get through this together...besides, Im sure it'll make it feel totally awesome to get a vote (my goal for 2011! ) Well done HaHa, well deserved victory. I actually preferred the first pic you posted though, loved the 'cleanness' of it if that makes sense.
  12. 10 - Fusty Gussett 2 - Jonny5 - lovely angles/tones. 13 - Morrius 3D Lots of excellent pictures again folks
  13. Clearly well worth it, awesome pic Some great photos on this page folks - need to try to get out with my camera this weekend to bring the quality down a bit I think...
  14. Sorrow by stiflertime, on Flickr Edit: At the wife's suggestion I've changed mine for another I took today...hope this doesn't breach the rules!
  15. Came on to post a few photos I've converted to B&W (first time I've tried converting them), but now I realise they'll all look shite following yours rundll! Lovely pic though. Helsinki-Jesus by stiflertime, on Flickr Tallinn2 by stiflertime, on Flickr I didn't take a tripod on holiday with me, so this was taken just sitting my camera on my hat, laid on a cold, snow covered wall. Was quite happy with how it turned out. Finished by stiflertime, on Flickr Highlights are a bit blown in this one, and I seem to have totally screwed up adding a border (using photoshop elements 5...any tips guys?) Beer-&-cake by stiflertime, on Flickr Bit happier with this one. Chicago-coffee by stiflertime, on Flickr As I say, first time I've tried converting photos to black and white, so would appreciate any feedback. Elements pretty much did all the work for me. A couple of pics were taken at ISO 1600, so were a bit grainy so I added extra grain to a couple which I think gave them a nice film-like look.
  16. Yeah, I really love some of those shots...although they seemed to crash the browser on my iPad first time I looked at them! Would love to find an old derelict place to take some photos, think I might be too much of a pussy to dare though.
  17. 1. 8 - McMond 2. 4 - Kitten 3. 1 - The-Pope-Smokes-Dope! Great photos folks
  18. 1 - August - The-Pope-Smokes-Dope! 2- February - HaHaUK 3 -May - rumblecat
  19. Was playing some Lego games yesterday and took a few quick pics. This is the only one I was close to happy with though. End of the line by stiflertime, on Flickr In a semi related note, does anyone know a better was to upload pics from the iPad to flickr other than the iPhone app? It seems determined to tag them all as being taken with an iPhone.
  20. Got a new lens and Flash for my 30th last week so thought I'd have a go at something this month. Fresh by stiflertime, on Flickr I think I'm still very much a beginner, so any feedback is appreciated.
  21. 4 - badsandwich 5 - the pope smokes dope 3 - Kitten
  22. Finally got round to setting up a Flickr account and uploaded a few pics I took whilst in the states this summer. La Columbe by stiflertime, on Flickr La Columbe B&W by stiflertime, on Flickr Ainsley by stiflertime, on Flickr Dan by stiflertime, on Flickr Untitled by stiflertime, on Flickr The Boys by stiflertime, on Flickr
  23. Picked up a copy of this the other day and I'm loving it so far - as has been said it's very close to old school Burnout. Would be good to get a bit more use out of the Autolog though - anyone wanna be my friend? Gamertag is Stiflertime
  24. Aye, really enjoyed last night's game. Was a little disappointed to go out on the bubble (again!) after going all in with AK against Q10, but happy to get a few more points onto the table. I'm off on holiday for two weeks on Saturday, so will miss the last two games (that was game 8 yeah?) so good luck all - looking forward to having a look at the final league table when I get back.
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