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  1. Mistland beta is out now. Perhaps update the OP @Angles Morts?
  2. European.
  3. Release date: 3.2.2023
  4. When he failed to get his gun, all I could think of was that ugly monster thing wouldn’t stand a chance against Bruce Campbell.
  5. I'd like to recommend this channel, for those of you that interested
  6. I really like that music. And I really appreciate the portrayal of the warp
  7. Peter Weller himself states that the year is 1979. Or was that just a dream?
  8. If I'm harsh its because I'm biased I love the originals since they were part of my teenage years. It doesn't even resemble skin. It looks like plastic. Of course it cant be real skin(or could it?), but it must looks like real skin in order for it to have the desired effect. If not, its just pointless. The cenobites in the original has outfits that makes me think of deadly sadomasochism, while the cenobites in the reboot looks like something that could easily have been implemented in a sci-fi videogame. It wouldn't seem out of place. I also think the originals have a major advantage, and that's Doug Bradley (total man crush)
  9. I'd say it looked more 70's due to all the orange/gold. The 80's were more white/silver. The episode also takes place in 1979 /nitpicking
  10. A pity it turned out to be rubbish, but I'm not surprised. A reboot is rarely a labour of love, its usually just a way for a studio to spend a few pennies on a well known brand with a dedicated fanbase with the hopes of making a quick buck. The costume design/make up in Hellraiser 2021 is worse than Hellraiser 1987, and that is an impressive achievement.
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