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  1. I'm enjoying the wørld as it should be
  2. The Nexus covers all your modding needs https://www.nexusmods.com/assassinscreedvalhalla/mods/2?tab=posts
  3. Ubisoft follows a cut and paste formula that allows them to mass produce titles. Rockstar on the other hand delivers artisan products. Red Dead Redemption would not be what it is if it hadn't been for Rockstars attention to detail and history. Rockstar nailed it Ubisoft is the Poundland of the gaming industry.
  4. This looks great with re-shade mod
  5. I think he was talking about English clubs in general. Bundesliga clubs are guaranteed playing on Sunday if their last game was on Thursday. I think Serie A has similar rules.
  6. Both Klopp and Pep has complained about the same thing. The players should be given as much rest as possible, and time slots shouldn't be more important than restitution.
  7. Why is City and Liverpool playing tomorrow and not today, and why are we playing today and not tomorrow? Because of BT and Sky's time slots.
  8. Great post @Loik V credern I'm all out of upvotes so you cant have any :/ Well, yes and no. These players make more money in a year than most people will in a lifetime, they are professionals and they should be responsible for their own progression. A manager improving players is something that belongs in the championship. If the manager can motivate his players then that's great, but it shouldn't be his responsibility. I feel that players today are different....with a few exceptions like Bruno. You can see his work ethic, and you can see that he cares when hes on the pit
  9. Dutch judge rules that EA should be fined €500k every week until it removes FIFA loot boxes
  10. Its not just the inability to break down teams. It's also shit passing, shit defending and giving the ball away over and over again. The difference between City and Liverpool and us, is that even though they are having a bad day they still manage to nick a win or at least get a draw because of the effort put in by the players. When we beat PSG and Leipzig we looked like the best team in Europe, and then we look like a mid table club fighting relegation. I just dont understand how players can play so well and then be so crap. And whats going on in the dressing room? Mourinho called
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