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  1. I love walking down the street discovering new music. Remember life before streaming? You had to accidentally hear something on the radio, or take your chances in the record shop. Today there are no borders...
  2. Bill Gates I know you are reading this. Please retire Todd Howard and hire Obsidian and make Fallout great again.
  3. Same After going through several generations of consoles I finally ended up sticking with PC. Most people have a console to game on and a shitty computer to browse the internet with, but its better to just do everything on one platform. I will probably buy a PS4 when it has dropped so much in price that its worth less that a loaf of bread, but thats just to have a look at The Las Of Us 2.
  4. It’s the type of thing that makes me lose interest. As long as the club makes money and the Glazers can take money out of the club, it won’t matter if we finish 7th, 4th, or win the league. Man United is a business now, not a club.
  5. Everything looks good on Rashford!
  6. I thought it did a better job thats all. I know that many people dont even rate Event Horizon, but personally I like it better than Blade Runner. It has a very tense atmosphere, something very few movies are able to pull off. From the moment Dr.Weir tells the crew they have found the Event Horizon and that its been 'somewhere' the clock starts ticking. Another movie that had such an atmosphere was Alien. Event Horizon has some holes in it, there were several scenes that were cut from the movie and it could have been a lot more. I'm not a professional critic so I h
  7. I have organs and a soul Yes agreed, the point is that there is no such thing as a holy cow. Event Horizon which is considered a mediocre sci-fi is arguably a better movie than Blade Runner. Blade Runner was great because of Vangelis, Harrison Ford known for Star Wars and Rutger Hauer.
  8. So is the original Blade Runner. I love Sci-fi but Blade Runner is one of those movies that are great but not really that great. The same goes for 2001: A Space Odyssey. These movies were great because there were nothing like it when they were released.
  9. The tutorials are just there to let you know where the buttons are located. Paradox titles might seem overwhelming at first, but that’s just because games have been utterly simplified over the past decades. Games are designed with the casual gamer in mind, the person that’s not really into gaming. The results being games that you can jump right into. If you you got a job or a drivers license the you shouldn’t have any issues with Paradox titles.
  10. Am I the only one that's subscribed to Borko?
  11. Yes! l have a lot of love for JRPG's (Final Fantasy, Grandia, Skies of Arcadia etc) but playing Wasteland reminds me of the differences. I think that 15-20 years ago (I might be completely wrong about this) western developers started to borrow ideas and concepts from JRPG's. The result being more railroading in games. So.....I just finished a quest. Someone betrayed someone and caused the unnecessary deaths of innocent women and children that were unable to defend themselves....because they were being coerced by a more powerful faction. I was in the position where I w
  12. I was actually considering it a month back when I visited it’s steam page. Definitely going to get it since you recommend it!
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