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  1. Three point and a clean sheet We got to continue winning in order to get 4th so lets not open the champagne just yet.
  2. Hes a fantastic player, but we need depth if we want to challenge for titles in the future.
  3. At least try to not look like a villain.
  4. Imagine if we got Bruno last summer.
  5. He hasn't been good enough. I cant blame him for leaving, its better that he finds another club where he can develop as a player rather than stay at United and not getting any playing time.
  6. I could watch Bissaka tackle all day edit: was that a handball from Shaw?
  7. Hope Rashford can get back to 100% tonight.
  8. Genuine question: have they turned this franchise into Max Payne? I was planning on getting a PS4 on sale after PS5 has launched so I could play it, but that gif makes me want to avoid it. The slow pacing and the story and atmosphere was what made me fall in love with the first game, but it now seems they added fast paced action and ultra violence.
  9. Yes that’s the worst mini boss ever.
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