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  1. Yes, that’s why posting I’n a thread like this should require having played all formats. If you only played platform x, then how can you name top anything?
  2. Three pages and no one even mentioned Kyrandia/Hand of Fate.
  3. No FPS game should ever be locked at 30 fps on PC. That's heresy. edit: don’t understand why I wrote FPS
  4. Epic store is great. I bought Hitman3 a few days ago and today I got a £5 refund
  5. I've spent many hours playing the Far Cry games, but I've come to despise everything they stand for. In terms of game play they are following "the formula", making every game identical. In terms of mechanics the game has devolved, giving up realistic physics for well, who knows really. Post apocalyptic DLC. Compare that DLC to the Metro games and realise just how awful they are at creating games and believable worlds.
  6. I liked it a lot. They should have included more scenes of meteors destroying things though, that stuff is fascinating. The scene where Clark was flying over the bunker was nice. Great soundtrack as well. David Buckley is a great composer.
  7. I agree 100%. It’s one of the best shows in decades. It has so many great characters and so many great moments.
  8. This is the best Hitman since Blood Money. The levels are fantastic and really fun to explore. The last Hitman I played (the one with Formula One) was too open world and not linear enough, and the result was me getting lost and struggling to complete missions. This one on the other hand is Hitman perfection. Just finished Apex Predator and it was ton of fun.
  9. That sounds interesting. I just know that I wanted more
  10. I've always held the belief that people can change. I've always clung to the hope that maybe next year will be different. After the super league farse and the protests at Old Trafford I thought the Glazers got the message so I became hopeful again, but once again it looks like it was just a bluff from their side. I've been following United since playing Fifa 96 on my PlayStation but for the past 3 years I've started to lose interest. A club like United can never compete with clubs like City or Chelsea that's willing to spend money to build strong teams. Whats the point of supporting a club fra
  11. Sure, but hes still on £160,000 a month. We need to offload anyone that's not good/fit enough and spend that money on players we can rely on for 90 minutes. Matic should also be sold.
  12. The fact that Juan is offered a new contract shows that this club is about saving money and not winning titles. It's absolutely ridiculous.
  13. Stevie

    Bioshock 4

    You’re right, I’m so sorry
  14. Stevie

    Bioshock 4

    It’s a great game but they ruined it when they turned things up to 11. There was no need to inject the interdenominational woohoo and ruin the general theme of the franchise. Open world means fetch quests so no thanks to BS4.
  15. SAF is the greatest manager of all time, but he’s Sir Alex not Saint Alex.
  16. I throw money at good games. Far Cry 6 I will play when its on Ubi+ Its such a shame. Far Cry used to be something that brought something new to the table.....wasn't the original Far Cray created by some German lads? Then Ubisoft got a hold of it and turned it into McFarCry.
  17. Its on my top 3 best scenes ever created. I remember my jaw just dropping. The visuals...the music. It made me tear up.
  18. Fans calls him the iceman lol
  19. Coyote reminded me so much of Jodie foster I had to google and see if it was her daughter. The way she looks and talks is very similar to Jodie, minus the accent of course.
  20. The original is pretty bad. It has that generic green/grey tint that makes everything look foggy. The tint also removed overall depth from the landscape. But as I said, you have to play it to experience it.
  21. It looks better when you are running the game, and its just a few presets since there is a max 2mb upload limit. Another example The original looks really bland, and there is very little depth to the landscape. The re-shading improves the visuals, but you know you have to experience it in order to understand it.
  22. Luckily Obsidian would love to make another Fallout game
  23. Allright, a few hours in and I have to say that I really like what the developers were aiming for. I've just started to clean out nests over by the logging camp and its really intense. When I was playing Dying Light I was dreaming about a game that had a higher enemy count so it matched the Romero flicks, and now with Days Gone we have it. It gets a thumbs up And now its time to head over to the Nexus and see what they have done to the game edit: I mean look how lovely it looks reshaded
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