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  1. I dislike how most AAA games has stopped pushing the envelope in terms of physics. Half Life 2 introduced gravity and a certain realism, 17 years later bullets won’t penetrate thin walls in Far Cry games despite Far Cry 2 having impressive physics back in the day. For me it just breaks the immersion. Games are mostly bells and whistles these days and the focus is on facial textures and frame rates.
  2. I listen to most of it @Robo_1I think it’s excellent to listen to on the metro when travelling to work. It’s been really helpful during the pandemic as well, the genre fits the situation especially when things have been difficult Got You is on my playlist now!
  3. Top of the league again.
  4. Heh? If you pack the box with players, there is less room to move and create chances.
  5. Newcastle parked the bus, you cant expect fireworks.
  6. I have to say, Newcastle has defended really well.
  7. Loved seing Sancho dribble and pass to Ronaldo in that attack earlier
  8. Fred is set to miss the next two Manchester United matches after the Brazilian football federation triggered Fifa rules to impose a 'five-day ban' on the Premier League sides who refused to release players for international duty this month. The Brazilian FA are looking to punish sides who refused to let their players travel to red-list countries over the international break by triggering a clause in Fifa rules which prevents players being selected from the 10th to 14th of September
  9. It could have been, but actually its Berlin.
  10. The difference is that Switch players are a part of a cult.
  11. I actually bought FO76 in a moment of weakness, and despite being a Fallout fan and a Fallout lover I hated it. Hating on CDPR is in fashion these days. Hating on Cyberpunk2077 is the easiest thing you can do, and I bet it makes you feel smart doing it.
  12. I misread your post. I thought you were talking about Dune. I didn’t report you for trolling that was just a joke, but you should report me for trolling now because I made such a mistake.
  13. That looks stockphoto as fuck.
  14. It’s kinda amusing to look back at all the rage Steam and HL2 caused back in the day with the online requirements
  15. I think James can be a very decent player if he finds a team/level that can utilise his speed. Good on him if he goes to Leeds.
  16. So this is the Harkonnen logo Villeneuve claims to be a fan but violates the lore with this abomination. /nerdrage
  17. If you got money for multiple consoles, why don’t you get the pc version instead. It’s far superior in every way.
  18. This transfer window hasn’t been bad. Best in ages really. All we need is a holding midfielder and we would be favourites.
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