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  1. Don't like this game, it just handle or feel right.
  2. Its so crap, they're all cross gen. 343 might be numpties but one was expecting Forza 8 to be on time
  3. Other than actually show some bloody game running on the systems Microsoft is killing it at the moment. Great for us gamers maybe not so great for Bill's pension pot
  4. That price is bonkers. I'm in too
  5. That price is nuts. Day one the console is at a mass market price point add in Gamepass and Microsoft should have a nice Christmas
  6. Looks nice and I like how there is a colour differenced between the higher and lower spec models, just like with the One S and One X
  7. Yes I was surprised at how much the story took me in and much I punishing for the character. Really is a well done and made game
  8. One gets the issues over microtransaction but the main game is great there's a decent story in it with a quite charming central character in it. It really is like taking part in one of their films.
  9. Enjoying this so far and I was quite impressed with the graphics too. Don't quite get why this is being bashed so much. Its not perfect but its hardly terrible. Hate the loading screens betwen deaths mind, hopefully the next gen will fix issues like loading screens
  10. Still the most impressive next gen game that been shown off and a lot better than when SONY was showing off Knack inthe run up for the PS4 launch :p
  11. It was just nice to see something that this gen of consoels would have issues running.
  12. The trouble is the internet bandwidth is limited for Live shows. I do wonder how hard it is for teams to get all their content together with most staff not even in the development studio. Many may knock E3 but lets hope its back next year
  13. Not the best show but Ratchet made it all worth while it just looked specular.
  14. I was sort of ashamed to say the name Bonk back inthe day
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