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  1. Sweet thanks guys, I’ll be picking this up on PS5 - can’t wait to get lost in it!
  2. I’ve never played Mass Effect before, looking for a long atmospheric story based RPG-lite game to get lost in which I can jump in and out of - problem is that right now I’m pretty slow on the old reaction times and can drift in and out of consciousness on the rare occasion. I’m pretty sure the story side of things is right up my street but is the game (or can it be) slow paced?
  3. You should make a thread about this with a picture of all these games, even if it has to be the spines. It's always been interesting when you talk about your time at Sony and I think a dedicated place to show what you worked on and sharing your experiences would be very popular.
  4. This is one of my favourite threads on the forum @MikeBeaver, I love it whenever I see you have posted an update - especially when you add backstory and pictures which always contains something interesting. Keep up the good work!
  5. The music on Super Mario Land is THE Mario music for me, as a Sega kid this was the only Nintendo game (along with Tetris) I regularly played when I'd borrow my neighbours Game Boy and he took my Game Gear for a little while. I don't think I ever actually finished it but what a game.
  6. The PS5 'version' of Driveclub runs EXACTLY the same as it does on base PS4 because it is just the base PS4 version. It never had any kind of resolution or frame rate patch, the game just always looked that good. My favourite racing game of all time, so underrated.
  7. But…. that’s EXACTLY how Driveclub has always looked.
  8. Brian should hand deliver every PS5.
  9. I’ll accept it, but that wasn’t actually what I was going for!
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