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  1. Wow, huge news - console wise specifically regarding CoD. Crazy!
  2. If I'm not misremembering Sega actually pointed this out as a feature, too.
  3. Thanks man. Still eyeing that Forza Horizon series with jealousy!
  4. Man, I can't wait to read your impressions when you get to the first episode of season four. I'm so excited for you!
  5. SO FUCKING HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Made my week :omg:

    1. teroman


      Thanks, it's been great to have your support! I hope you get some good news, you deserve it so much.

  6. I went full circle from being hyped to cancelling my order of this once the glitchy ass videos of the launch version were released back around to being excited to buy the shit out of it once the 'proper' PS5 update is released, 99% thanks to Flosh & Zok. Also, someone make detective Noir game 'Flosh and Zok' please. They might complain about pedestrian density while solving crimes but they get the job done, damnit.
  7. Munching on their helmet straps as they stare into space while their fandom clearly conflicts with their job. If I was one of those two policemen I wouldn't want to have been credited onscreen as they were! Their roadie Mal mentioned on the previous page had been with them since the bands early days (the big towering dude who is in most of the scenes) and stuck around with lots of them as individuals post Beatles but met quite a grisly end getting shot up by the cops in LA while on some drug binge. It's strange how so many people connected to The Beatles had early deaths for some reason or another.
  8. I fucking loved this. Every minute of it. Felt bad for George when he showed off 'I me mine' for the first time and got the piss ripped out of him by Lennon. Totally reevaluating my opinion of Paul in these times too, he was so desperately trying to keep everything together.
  9. Very happy with my ugly-ass PS5, don’t find the speeds as special as everyone else does as I had an SSD in my PS4 & Pro from day one. Dashboard is good once you adjust to the changes. Recently picked up a years PSnow for £25 which is great, the combo of that and Plus gives me more games than I would ever have time to play… and I’m stuck at home all day every day right now! It’s nice to play older games at a higher resolution and framerate, the dualsense is fucking amazing too. So comfy. I only regularly play GTA Online though and everything else is more of a curio, I don’t really buy games - NFS MW Remastered in February was the latest which I liked and finished 100%. The last Xbox I played was a 360 and the last Nintendo a Wii. I just couldn’t give a shit and barely know anything about those consoles beyond what I hear on TCGS Podcast and don’t feel like I’m missing out. I don’t even know how people find the time/effort to play the good shit on one console yet alone multiple.
  10. Nothing about this show is aimed at kids at all, I have no idea how anybody can think is is. It 100% trades on both nostalgia and being targeted at bored 40-somethings who watched it when they were teenagers. No child or teenager would ever willingly watch this in 2021 unless mum/dad was forcing them to do so.
  11. Dude you're so good at the game you make me feel so inadequate, stop being so harsh on yourself I'd kill to be able to play like that I thought I was 'okay' even when attempting to challenge myself like this; now I think I'm shit thanks to you
  12. I have found GTA Photography to be a lot of fun; have finally uploaded my pics somewhere for anybody interested. NSFW. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/haribokart
  13. I snapped up the PS Now £25/year deal on PSN and see GTA3 Remastered is going to be on there; only game in the series I ever played for more than an hour or so is V/Online so I am really looking forward to trying this out!
  14. Don't let your kids use a camera for streaming to YouTube or Twitch. Fuck, I'd go as far as to say don't let them do it even without one.
  15. Start with season three.
  16. I don't place much value on Bond films, I think they are simple entertainment but don't take them seriously or expect anything other than set pieces from them. Love Skyfall, it was just fun and looked pretty. Wouldn't marry it or anything for that exact reason but it was a nice fuck.
  17. I agree, while seasons 2-4 are AMAZING those following are mostly lame (with some high highs in there admittedly) and it really went on way too long. I'd absolutely recommend the show though and while I do think outside of the aforementioned seasons it is slightly overrated I do like it a lot regardless. If you want a proper overrated show which doesn't deserve the love it gets, check out The Good Place. Just the first season, cos the rest is SHIT.
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