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    Dying Light

    The first is the main game plus expansion and all other DLC pieces covered in the season pass Dying Light the following is the DLC campaign Season pass will get you the bits such as costumes plus Bozak's Horde, The Following and a few short missions. So, season pass covers everything else other than base game.
  2. Apologies for the broken links on my posts folks - Flickr have updated their terms and will be limiting the free accounts to just 1,000 pictures or videos after January. I can't afford the price so deleted my account as I also don't have the time to sort through my uploaded images.
  3. MeanElf

    Far Cry 5

    Won't work over short distances - even a straight drop from a helicopter or so, a certain height is needed before it'll do anything - the wingsuit though deploys more swiftly.
  4. Oh, I wouldn't say screwed, as such - taken over and saved from ourselves might be a better future than that which we're apparently happily barrelling towards.
  5. MeanElf

    Far Cry 5

    I think you can reset the camps to add more interference back into the game whilst you collect that last bits or just explore - you are correct though, the PEGI troops and patrols drop right off in each area as soon as you have cleared the family member's nest of yuck out; that is indeed a bit of a shame.
  6. Looks like you were correct in that prediction @MattyP - sorry:
  7. MeanElf

    Far Cry 5

    True but it also gives nods to Dead Island for the Fast & The Fiendish pitch (with a Dying Light cameo scene in there too) Dead Nation, ZombiU and the Walking Dead: Survival Instinct game also - I think there's even a bit of Resident Evil in there at the end too EDIT: I also think the Juliette character in Undying Love is a nod to Jo-Beth in the Timesplitters 2 Mansion of Madness chapter.
  8. MeanElf

    Far Cry 5

    And don't forget the Living Dead Zombie DLC @Mr Do 71 which is seven 'pitches' and lots of fun.
  9. MeanElf

    Far Cry 5

    Due to a mistake of some kind, XBox players have already had this for a few days now, or so to see from the amount of comments and pics flying about. I can wait, I'm being strong...honest...
  10. I should think the XBox side will be busier due to the recent free weekend and it being fresh in the minds of those enjoying it - with the ranked matches PS4 side seems busy enough though MP isn't my thing really so it may just have seemed really busy Streaming channels are regularly updating folks with the new additions, as and when they happen, so I'm thinking a few folks are playing the MP alright. I'm still on most days but with the replays available and needing to work through them before finishing, I'm not progressing as fast as I used to - at lvl 115 now; but definitely still present.
  11. Quite a few folks on Twitter saying they like it as a result of the XB free trial, so I'm quietly confident.
  12. I'm not sure how all that kind of thing works - but I shouldn't think it'll be added to Game Pass so soon after a free trial, or has that happened before? I think the free trial was to encourage players to buy.
  13. From the main menu (Play, Customise etc.,) about half-way down you'll now see Replays. To make a replay, you'll need to press the touch pad (PS4) at any time during a race to create a save-file of the previous 20 seconds; so after a cool moment or the like - that's all they do so far - and you can save up to five of them in total. You'll get a menu prompt once back in the main menu screen, like you do when you've unlocked something. Another point of importance, the lot will vanish once you've exited the game, so any photo mode or capture stuff you want from it, will need to be done before exiting the game.
  14. Good options for the replays, more than I expected actually - pulled 124 pics from 10 x 20 second saves from 2 matches.
  15. I would imagine that the lobby waits a certain amount of time and fills the slots with it's own calculations in the last second. We probably won't be getting answers now as the one who stayed in contact here isn't working on the game anymore - maybe one day but not for a while. My guess is performance limits, considering the amount of moving items and breakable/moving items on track - a safe limit was decided upon; it's a guess but I think it won't be far from the truth. EDIT: Ranked will follow in the update after this, next week or so.
  16. Replays are for the photo mode community, something the Evo team always supported. The online is a minimum of 50% AI and always was, it's designed that way - from the Codies Blog: "Online multiplayer will be be 6v6, with 12 AI vehicles in the mix. So that’s 24 vehicles in total to ensure that you’re always in the carnage!"
  17. The main part of the update, yes - then there was the additional 'which includes' as in a less important but still noteworthy bit. I've seen a fair number of tweets asking about replays and when they'll be included, so I think my suggestion is justified.
  18. My hope for the "something a lot of you have been asking for" is replay saves - I must admit to being kinds curious.
  19. All of that was down to Sony really, except of course for the delay and net-code issue meaning certain features needed to be turned off for a while. Pricing was a Sony choice - Sony did however let the team complete their roll-out fully before shutting them down publicly, rather than pretty much straight away as CM have.
  20. You just need to be a member of an active club, that's all. I thought at first you meant sterility as in trackside activity...which I thought odd with all of the litter, smoke, balloons and birds on a dynamic odyssey relevant to the weather (more prevalent in arcade than main campaign which has no weather to speak of.)
  21. PS+ members still got the game cheaper than full price at launch. I seem to recall it was something like £30 so with season pass I still only paid a little over the full-game price.
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