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  1. Watching the fire emblem trailer again and it looks like two of the areas are called Leicester and Gloucester.
  2. Unfortunately I tend to agree, 2017 had to be amazing otherwise switch would already be seen as another Wii u. Thankfully it was
  3. I hope they reveal some good things, wario ware gold or Luigi's mansion being a switch title would really have helped the first party line up for 2018.
  4. With let's go Pokémon and smash they are going to sell so many switches sofrom a business stand point it all makes sense but it is still disappointing.
  5. So what has been Nintendo's lineup for 2018? Off top of my head: Kirby Let's go Pokémon Mario party Mario tennis Possibly yoshi Plus ports/ultimate editions of Hyrule warriors Dk tropical freeze Captain toad Smash Sushi striker Have I missed any?
  6. This is the problem with Nintendo. When they are doing well, they know they are doing well and start slowing down the their releases. When they are on the back foot they innovate and put lots of effort in. I havent bought a switch yet and there is nothing compelling from Nintendo coming in the next few months.
  7. First time ever been tempted to get a ps4. System seller.
  8. Okay, I need some help. I have decided I want to have a living dex. I played pokemon red a couple of decades ago and then played pokemon blue on virtual console a couple of years ago. Between my pokemon blue and pokemon sun pokedex, I have about 80 pokemon so far. I know I will need Pokemon Bank, but... Do I need/should i bother with shinie/special event pokemon .. to me it seems like cheating if you are getting special codes, surely every pokemon I should get either through playing the game or trading with real people? When should I transfer pokemon from other games into pokemon sun? Should i treat them all as separate games or leave them all separate and then upload all to pokemon bank at the end (this seems harder but perhaps more rewarding) Also, which games do people recommend playing? any other tips welcomed.
  9. My daughter has this on her 3ds but I didn't get this on mine. Big mistake as now not available on eshop.
  10. I love the fact that interstate 76 came out in 1997. 8 years later it is in the retro forum Then 13 years later the same post is bumped and carries on seamlessly. Only on rllmuk.
  11. Not sure, any ideas? It is something quantifiable so someone must be, anyone here want to claim it? I only listen to Nintendo podcasts so not best placed to guess.
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