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  1. He needs to do this full time outside of AAA like. Absolute beast.
  2. It is easily the game of 2019, and an absolute testament to why remakes, when directed with so much love and talent can be truly sensational, for new and old fans alike!
  3. Sorry I have not posted any of Harley's stuff here in a while! Here is something real special https://hwilson.itch.io/hunters-path-rebirth
  4. I am getting serious 90s Spider Man Cartoon vibes from this. Scrappy, but just down right bonkers fun. The comic touches as mentioned above like electro's mask are absolutely ace. Going to be a flipping wild ride!
  5. I am a bit like your friend, wanting to play everything possible, and I do have mental health issues which limit my attention unless I love what I am playing/doing. I do not care much for whinging about physical or digital, or anything at all really. Occasionally I will explain why I hate every Bethesda game post Fallout but try not to whinge much. Even if I end up hating some of the games I play! I just like to understand games as a whole!
  6. Vice City is spot on, and having a real blast, so a real shame that they have not put the same effort into Sam Andreas. I must say I nearly launched my controller getting to level 12 on the Paramedic missions and accidentally running a patient over, restarting, getting to 12 once more and accidentally jumping out the ambulance. On a plus note I am FLUSH with cash.
  7. About an hour into Vice City and enjoying it thoroughly. It is absolutely retro and just fun to be daft with. Performance has been fine so far on PS5, but would have liked to see more Atmospherics for the occasional stutters that do occur. Make no sense. Still fun, but no doubt the whole thing needs to be patched big style by Rockstar. I dairnt even sniff III never mind play it.
  8. I can overlook other issues like fog and what not, but the performance stuff is unacceptable. Apparently VC and SA are not terrible (still bad for a PS2 remaster) but III is a joke. Playing VC tonight so will feedback. The intro was fantastic but I like the toy box feel in regards to modern lighting over low poly geo, and I don't care about secondary characters (have you seen none main NPCs in any open world game? Yikes)
  9. I am betting Vice City is getting a proper remake for VI. Even if it is different characters, I reckon it will be what IV was to III and V to SA. So whilst I cannot wait to play VC tonight, I am way more hyped for was VI has in store. I mean, even VI goes into VIce City. Big Brain? Me? Nah, just a hype lord. Regardless, Fade Away in GTA III, Rockbox in VC and Fools Gold in SA, is going to be more nostalgic than finding old Pokémon Cards in the drawer.
  10. @robotattack that is fair enough, but like you say, earlier would make more sense. Midnight EST seems a more logical time to unlock. Who knows. I have work regardless like so it isn't really a huge deal. Excited all the same!
  11. What an odd time to unlock a game. Why on earth can they not just unlock it when the day ticks over. Had this countdown fiasco with ME Trilogy too...
  12. Hahahaha reminds me of single hidden rooms missing in metroidvania games. Printing maps off and tracing over the screen like some sort of totally sane person.
  13. I agree! I think there are still some titles, that are brilliantly fun to complete though, and others we feel we have too, even if they end up feeling tiresome by the end! My library is filled with games I have played for 30-60 minutes and never touched again, others feel more welcoming and enjoyable to see through to the end. Even if some ultimately drain part of our sanity in doing so!
  14. I have been meaning to spend more time with the Playstation exclusives like Horizon, Days Gone and Ghosts, but the open worlds strike fear in me! Yakuza LAD is phenomenal, but I got to about 20 hours in, and there is the underground dungeon, which went on for about 2 hours, and I put it down. Such a shame as the world is just brilliant, I just got bored so quickly. I guess that is why I can endure the monotony of Guardians of the Galaxy, because whilst the combat is duller than a butter knife, it keeps up the pace story wise.
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