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  1. Bloodborne especially is much more competent in the gameplay department for sure. If we were to go purely off game gameiness Bloodborne wins hands down. But this is something as far as an interactive experience goes. All the feels!
  2. I could not have said it better myself. And I think I would have much preferred that suggestion. But overall I am loving it, bar the forced infected fights (the ones where stealth is not an option).
  3. Oh you flew past me dude! I got stuck at the shadows of yarnham! No idea why but they nuked me!
  4. Aye it just had Sony Japan and BluePoint. Super excited to see Elden Ring, and I would bet my big toe that Bloodborne PC will be shown at the PC gaming show tomorrow, but dang... Demons Souls looking like this... TAKE MY DOLLARS!!!!!
  5. Looks incredible! Like REVII and 4 have been smashed together at high speed with some snow sprinkled on top!
  6. 5000 MB/s (read) and 4400 MB/s (write) Yeah they are not too cheap but the prices have come down significantly! I paid £200 for a 256gb Samsung NVMe a couple years back, where now you can get a 1tb Sabrent Rocket PCIe 4 NVMe for £170. Personally I do not mind paying £150ish on top of launch price of the PS5 if it will double my storage, but that might just be me! This wholly depends on Backwards compatibility too. I will likely be using the PS5 for exclusives only, so doubt they would fill the inbuilt SSD for a few years, whereas if it supports all the current PS4 exclusives I will likely need to double down pretty quickly! Like you say though it is a commodity, and not a necessity .
  7. NVMe storage is tremendously small, and the performance of even the first generation drives are excellent. I am lucky enough to have a 4th gen on a Ryzen Motherboard with Read Writes of 5kMbs, but gaming has not been optimised to utilise this yet, so I am one happy geordie idiot knowing Sony and MS are pushing these crackers speeds!
  8. It makes you feel bad ass as F doesn't it. Let me know when you hit a wall, be curious to know if its at the same point I did ha!
  9. Not sure I agree even though I would love it to happen! I reckon it will be shown next year at the earliest. 6 years between IV and V. I think with how long a title like GTA takes to develop I reckon 4 years from signed off conception to release. Conception probably got signed off just before or around Red Dead 2 release. Painting a 2022 release. I may be wrong though!
  10. Got my Cyberpunk Xbox this morning and my god it is a thing of beauty. All the line work is etched and it just looks incredible. Will still be buying it on PC as that is my platform of choice, but was lucky enough to get this for £250 so no complaints! Really lovely stuff.
  11. Hope you are correct about Bloodborne dude. Be an absolute delight!
  12. About 4 hours in and not sure I can carry on for a few days. Game is fine, just a daft bit of fun, however my incredibly irrational submechanophobia triggered and its worse than playing a horror game fresh. Honestly, I was shocked at how easily I was handling it and then boom, I was sweating! Combat and camera are a pain but its good dumb fun. If you are like me and are fascinated by the deep blue then it may be worth the dollar dollar, but if you also have a wee fear of metal/man-made structures underwater or are a touch thalasyphobic you may went to swim well clear. (F You Clankers Cavern and Rusty Bucket Bay for making me an anxious irrational idiot 20 years later)
  13. Yeah no filters unfortunately. Also having some framerate issues but it isn't hindering my enjoyment too much. Coming from Persona 5 Royal to this is a welcome change of pace, but it certainly is nothing more than Crackdown as a Shark.
  14. Aye for me this is a 70plus on MC then I will sink the dimes on it. Otherwise I can wait for it to be cheap/gamepass.
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