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  1. Aye finally managed to get through too. SEE YOU IN JULY DECK :,(
  2. I prefer the Epic Game Store anyway…
  3. Aye they should, but they don’t actually care so long as they get more hands on the machines, which will happen regardless because people will just pay the scalping prices. Foaming like.
  4. Cannot wait to see these go for double on eBay around Christmas so some jacked up c*** can throw blow up their nose and drink jaeger off the bonnet of a 1997 Ford Focus Estate.
  5. Aye I am locked out it would seem. Absolute fucking joke.
  6. Thanks! And aye! It’s the application is linked to BrickLink, which is a website where you can buy bricks! So when you finish your design, you can part it out through the site in a couple clicks and buy the parts! I did a terrible job at layering the process (layers like in photoshop contain pieces like a manual which is amazing) so it would be difficult to make this in person without working backwards, but going forward I will be organising it properly A couple of my upcoming ideas include the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle, The Hoover Dam and I want to make like a little modular swimming pool which I will be submitting to Lego Ideas as I think I could come up with some really cool features
  7. What Uzi said. This thing is the nuts.
  8. With the resolution dip and probably half FPS I can see this thing running well. Not sure if you have seen the Aya NEO and stuff, but this thing is more powerful by some margin and that thing is already pretty impressive (even at twice the price I was tempted, glad I didn’t pull the trigger!)
  9. I am actually gonna drop dollars on the 512 for this I reckon. Heard it can run Jedi Fallen Order at High, and even if that’s 30 FPS, on a small screen the lower frame rate is not a problem. Super impressive!
  10. Hey all! Wanted to set up this as almost a mini blog to share with all of you! I have recently been getting back into Lego big style, and with that came my intrigue into making Lego using DCC tools on PC! If anyone is interested the software used is Stud.io and honestly it’s incredible. Here is the first thing I have made, a modular rocky cliff temple with gears to control a sliding temple door! Turning the gear at the top next to the balcony spins a bunch of spirals and cogs to lift it slowly. Was so much fun. Possibly going to look at a mini temple of time next but we shall see! Thanks for swinging by!
  11. Honestly, cannot wait to see what it is like with out the endless hand holding. I honestly think it has some of the best dungeons in the entire series. Absolutely incredible puzzles and designs. Pure magic!
  12. @SimmyPipe down. I don’t even like football but rubbing salt in anyone’s wounds is an absolute arsehole move. I don’t care if many England fans are absolute animals. Many of them are not, and want to enjoy it without even an incline of violence. So if you don’t want to be half decent, go and gloat to people who are not emotionally bummed out.
  13. Death loop looks like one of those games I would enjoy for 30 minutes, put it down and never need to play it again. It really does look like Bioshock in its gameplay, but the world is of no interest to me to be honest, especially since it’s segmented into vastly different areas. Bioshocks charm wasn’t just the gameplay, but feeling completely connected to each area wherever you went. Especially infinite, even if the gameplay in infinite was pants.
  14. I wonder what their HQs stance is on Indies at the moment. Personally, I am honestly not interested in 99.9% of Indies as of 2021. There are certainly some beasts, like Dead Cells, The Messenger and a few others over the last few years, but for every absolute gem, there have been hundreds, if not thousands that are absolutely awful. Again, that is my opinion and not fact by any means. I personally use my PS5 mainly for big exclusives only, and then Switch/PC for any Indies that do catch my eye. It does not feel good to be so put off by Indies, as around a decade ago I was always super excited for some seriously incredibly XBLA/PSN independent titles, maybe even more recently. Regardless, I feel for those that are having a tough time. Where Microsoft lacks any big exclusives, their policies, game pass, and backwards compatibility has them absolutely smashing it from both a consumer and development point of view.
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