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  1. Got a PC with a 2080ti in it for high end ultra wide gaming, bought an S for the bedroom and sticking a PS5 in the living room. I mean, if my wife will let me have that giant monstrous beast in the living room. If you have a good enough PC I find it hard to justify the Series X outside of not enjoying gaming at a desk all the time. Game pass carries 99% games on the PC platform and you have alot of other choices there too, such as the newly released Sony titles and so on. I am going for an S to just replace the Firestick in the bedroom to be honest. It is nice if I am
  2. Snapped up an S as my bedroom streaming/light game dabbling machine. My wife still says the PS5 isn't allowed in the living room, but she can bugger off!
  3. Honestly the second track as it's all kicking off is just sensational. Incredibly epic. Incredibly inspiring. Incredibly Final Fantasy! Bravo!
  4. It really has been a shit show like. Scan has taken my money, but I am guessing the card will arrive when the planets align as Apophis passes by, whilst someone at Nvidia sacrifices a small goat, on the alter of the moon god.
  5. +1 to Weavus's question. I cannot find any others, and even then, when searching for 3080s even the Palit one does not appear. Could this be from marketplace where someones already trying to scalp up?
  6. This all launch has been a mess. Once again. This year has been tough on production no doubt, but this seems to happen with every new generation of nvidia launches.
  7. Ah I see! Very interesting concept. Not sure I dig, but will see upon release.
  8. Edit 2: I am a plonker. Edit: for context I am talking about the time travel mechanic level, where you can jump between present and past. That doesn't matter, I am not even sure if The Medium is open world, but regardless the way games stream data in its essentially an identical example. The Player will likely be in one world and at a button press the other world (likely rendered below) will switch out. Open world or not, the game technically is doing nothing next gen from the trailers. I am still excited as a survival horror fan though.
  9. Titanfall 2 did this. The Medium isn't really a visual spectacle either. Love the art direction though. At least it has that!
  10. What a dull presentation. Incredibly current gen throughout and most of the games had already been announced/seen before. Game pass continues to be fantastic mind.
  11. Oh for sure. I can only imagine what sort of reflection scares that game could implement. Bonkers indeed!!!
  12. New Condemned game please or remake. Man, a Condemned remake would be incredible. That game was scarier than a drunken Geordie in Greggs.
  13. Gonna drop this cheeky Meowster Chief in here. Me and the Cat are hyped... at least she seems excited... My wife thinks I am mad...
  14. That was absolutely stinking. WWF Battlegrounds trailer was the cringiest, most nauseating thing I have seen in the video game space in a long time. Also, who gives a flying flip about another multiplayer shooter. Big F.
  15. This has been an incredibly dry year for Nintendo, and of course the pandemic has not helped. Hats off for them able to release Paper Mario, however I feel like they started to slow down before the pandemic was even a thing. Considering the last major direct was 10 months ago, I would have expected at least another, without even release dates, just information that what they have in the pipeline is legit. Huge Nintendo fan, and my fandom feeds my disappointment.
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