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  1. Season 8 is absolutely sensational. Been away with work but finally got to try it and it has blew our socks off. I really like hunting, but honestly it was more fun hunting the old fashioned way, with the hourglass enabled. We managed to take on multiple crews, and multiple hunters for great gains, and so much fun. We also finally achieved ultimate edge lord sweat status with these sails purchased... On to the next cosmetic grind!!!
  2. Aye people will always be people. It is honestly incredibly competent and at times, brilliant. I mean it is not even close to Mario Odyssey, but I am still thoroughly enjoying it. My biggest gripes with it, are the art direction at times, and he sometimes zooms off (but that is most certainly a me being too old/tired to react quick enough problem). The art is a funny one, because at times I despise the look of the open world, then there are these pockets that are brilliantly composed. As mentioned numerous times before the best part of the game is the soundtrack. It is absolutely incredible, and oozes 2003.
  3. I could understand the anger at the playtest comment if the game was an unfinished mess. It is not. Not even close. It feels feature complete, with no issues outside of some wonky dlc implementation and bad asset pop in (which could have been fixed with some Lods and dither swapping). It just feels like the press, and anyone who has not played it, are still riding this Sonic is trash meme. The game is fine, and great at times. Steam user reviews are through the roof, and most people who have played it seem to very much be enjoying it. I feel for the development team, who clearly believed in this. The global playtest will be to evaluate the future of the franchise, with a fully complete game as a base to see what the future holds. Not some cash grab to make a quick buck and fix it later. But aye... As always it is taken like the developers are filth, and are just out to con us.
  4. Honestly, it had my brain all over the place! But felt great once it clicked properly... I think I just assumed it would be a total cake walk and that was my downfall as by the time I realised I had moved the beams all over the shop!
  5. Aye it is totally bananas! I feel like a sequel to this with some further refinement and polish could be so damn good, but I am thoroughly enjoying this all the same!!!
  6. I really don't think the title for this is justified. It is not terribly disappointing in the slightest. Is it the best thing since sliced bread? Nope, but it certainly is not bad by any stretch of the imagination. It is fun to zoom around and find bits and pieces. The combat is totally serviceable (with great audio visual feedback), the music is great, and when it doesn't want you to look into open plains, it is plenty fine visually. It feels like a solid 7/10, and when was that so bad?
  7. Absolutely! I learnt 3D from another artist on the job, and honestly it was a phenomenal experience. Will be forever grateful for his wisdom. Absolute monster of an artist, who could make 4 cubes two cylinders and a sphere look game ready. It was funny, because as a Technical Artist with no 3D knowledge my gaps were painful, and whenever I went to seniors, they would scream murder it would take years to learn, and every vert needs to be perfect. The guy who taught me said I can make you a prop artist in a couple of months, so long as you listen and ask the right questions. He also taught me some fundamental techniques which are often skipped these days, like baking maps in max. Gave me a great understanding to why and what, rather than just pressing a button in substance and living with the result. Shape and form, silhouette and functionality. The details are just nice little extras when you nail those things!
  8. Anyway, never really been much of a sculpter but decided to give Nomad sculpt a whirl on the iPad. Here are a couple of quick scribbles:
  9. I think understanding limitations is super important to show in portfolio work, especially when trying to break into the industry. Many of my more veteran friends in the industry really show break downs of their personal work still to this day, and regardless of what things like Nanite may promise, the cheaper the geometry the better. Also, simplifying something down allows more versatility to deal with feedback and so on. Best way I describe why not everything has to be cinematic quality, is to use player camera as a point of reference. Build metrics around those sort of size guides, and build models and textures with that in mind.
  10. Legend of Tianding is really good. Writing and presentation is hit or miss, but the gameplay feels great!
  11. @Strafe honestly, I am not sure what you think is holding the games back? The CPU in the Series S and X is incredibly close in terms of performance (I imagine it is the same, but due to thermal handling is dialed back), but the GPU is not as powerful, and there is less RAM. The higher output from the GPU on the Series X is mainly good for higher resolutions, and hitting those higher FPS targets, so actually cutting the FPS and resolution for games is a big way to get the games running. In terms of what we might be missing out on, are things like number of textures being able to be loaded at once, but many engines handle multiple textures into memory very efficiently, and having a good CPU that can juggle it all is already there and working. Maybe GPU particles, to allow the CPU to handle things like more dynamic events, such as large numbers of NPCs with unique animations etc, but again, it's not something that is lacking with the console at all, and is something that has other additional design/development costs. If I am being honest, we are years away from making anything that would be impossible to run on the Series S. It is a little powerhouse, that pushes more units, and gets more games in the hands of gamers. I don't disagree with you totally, but the power difference between the two systems is not great enough where the s would significantly hold the x back, and if the designers wanted to be creative and try something new and exciting there is plenty of wiggle room elsewhere to find an unnoticeable compromise. I do speak from experience too, having optimised games for 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4. It was a challenge, and compromises were made across generations, but the hardware in the new systems is so much more flexible, easy to develop for, and modern engines scale really well to low end hardware.
  12. Honestly, you just need to play Gears 5 on it to see nothing is being held back. Scaling tools within games are so good these days, that it is just a none issue entirely. People whinge about the GPU in the Series S, but honestly it is incredibly efficient, and again elements within games if set up correctly, can be scaled down enormously whilst still providing desirable results.
  13. Has anyone watched the extended trailer? The new survival horror elements look utterly brilliant!!! Canny wait!
  14. @Majora ah I see! It does feel smooth like so explains a lot. Thank you!
  15. @Stanley I may be being daft but I cannot find the visual options on Series X!
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