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  1. This is a pretty banging list I won’t lie. I would personally swap RE2R with the number 1 spot just mainly as I got to experience it at E3, and spedrun it like crazy, otherwise absolutely agree! I absolutely detest the ship section from 7, however in VR it was a nail biting nightmare. Brilliant stuff.
  2. Mine says it unlocks Thursday 1pm on PS5
  3. Man I hope this is a nice improvement. Not expecting the world but looking forward to the quality of life changes. To be totally honest I am just excited for the BOWM... noise when it says press A/X to start. Come at me Syd Mead world!
  4. Can’t really agree with the tail off in all honesty. I know many reviewers say it takes a weird turn, but nothing close to the horrifically bad island encounters at the end of the island from 4, or the dreadful ship section from 7. All subjective of course like. The story is nuts, but if they can make this work, imagine what they could do with another slightly more grounded Zombie RE.
  5. Yup! 100% I turned camera Bob off and that helped. if playing PC there is an FOV mod that fixes it completely like!
  6. I might be being a told dingus, but do you peeps know Cheers!
  7. Fully explored areas 1 and 2, killed both bosses (first again for the loots), got to the end of 3 and... crash. Annoying like, but these things happen. Anyone had crazy audio noises when there are lots of projectiles? Thought it was my TV so tried headphones and ended up with something similar. This was on the run when it ultimately crashed.
  8. As a lover of rogue likes/lites this is just unbelievable. I feel like all the systems are balanced so well, that if you take any of them away the whole thing would crumble, but in that balance lies this absolute beast. It’s just Dead Cells the shooter meets Alien. Unbelievable. Anyone on the fence worried about needing to be hyper accurate, the games reticle targeting is absolutely on point. my biggest tip would be figure out the room you are in as soon as possible, and use elevation to your advantage. And never stay still.
  9. Absolute tour de force of visuals. Best use of the hardware yet, and get a feeling it will remain that way for some time! Now please ND, stop lying about Jak and Daxter not being in development and show us it!... please? It has to be real! Jim Carey said if I wished it into existence it would happen... Damn.
  10. Thought I would speedrun it since I used to run RE2 a lot. May end up speed running the full game as so far this and the village demo were incredible for some speedy goodness! Took me around 15 minutes for first run, but I agree the combat didn’t feel great. Pre ordered on PC as RE7 was light years nicer with Mouse and Keyboard in my opinion! Also not very scary, but it could have its moments hopefully!
  11. I actually really enjoyed it for the most part!!! @CapwnWho is the evil twin out of the two of us. Almost the same surname, but doesn’t hate Godzilla vs Kong... imma guess me, since I also think Air Force One is one of the greatest movies ever made.
  12. Finally got round to this, and just sunk 5 hours in straight. Absolutely sensational so far. Combat is fine, but it’s the world and story that has me hooked! Ichi is such a likeable chap straight away, I am rooting all the way. Work in less than 8 hours, but a full weekend of YLAD is on the cards. So long as my wife doesn’t have other plans for me... Oh please mighty Chore-azard, not this weekend!
  13. SuperCapes


    Looks incredible. Looks like a mix of 80s synth wave with more modern martial arts movies (ip, the raid etc)
  14. It is absolutely gross. I only managed to get mine for work with the lockdown coming back into effect Hoping for stock to refresh as it's a joke for everyone, ranging from the amazing value 3060ti to the 3080. Damn 2020... Wait... 2021 :'(
  15. Haven't had much time to really play, but fancied doing a custom PS5 plate, so here is one in honour of the SMB universe! (Also posted in creative!)
  16. And the first pass is done! Waiting for it to dry properly before cleaning and then going over the lines!
  17. Thought I'd share my PS5 art for the upcoming release of SMB:F on the system!
  18. Stick it on balanced and it should look nicer! I think quality is for 1080p, balanced for 1440 and performance for 4k. If I am not mistaken.
  19. Install MSI afterburner and enable in game overlay, with GPU usage enabled. If your GPU is at 90-100% you are not being bottlenecked by your CPU. If utilisation is less than that, an upgrade could net gains. 6700 is still a great CPU though, and as someone else said I would wait a wee while until the 5xxx series Ryzens are easily available and make the jump.
  20. It's all good! I am also daft at writing like so it could come across off haha.
  21. My point was actually more to do with the integrity of the publications as a whole. The point about all studios was just more of a comment on the dregs of crunch culture within the industry. So I actually agree it should be pointed out. Just not next to guides, tips and "funny bugs" videos.
  22. If only it was as black and white with a single problem. People are kidding themselves if they think CDPR are the only studio with the culture that's been put forward to the public and ravenously pushed through 60 articles per publication, littered in between click bait CyberPunk guides and tip articles. The state of the launch is unacceptable indeed, but the obsession with pulling readers through by often shitting on an entire studio, yet also showing you how to get a golden pony is incredibly transparent. Again, one problem amongst many.
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