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  1. Totally agree about the material tracking. I just wish gems did not require an encyclopedia of materials to craft. I would rather a couple of unique, or rare items, that can be farmed from beasties or something. Level 52 now at around 50 hours in, and my highest chain attack was 1.5 million. Was incredible. It actually never gets old for me, as it feels like a puzzle each time! Got such high damage output as managed to get the damage multiplier up to 1200% for the last chain, and each hit was 100k plus. Felt absolutely staggering. Still desperate to play all the time, and at work atm all I can do is think about it. Few games keep me this invested so many hours in. Truly fantastic.
  2. Check Athena too in the tavern. Those can be pretty aggressive as they all think you are gonna nick their shit. You will often find that if other emissaries attack they are not quite as frightening as Reapers. Tends to be newer players. Still a battle all the same, but with time you should be able to fend them off at the very least. This game makes me realise how animalistic we can be with our instincts. Last night we sunk a poor sloop that was on an Ashen Winds island just because we were worried they would intervene. Turned out it was one dude just doing treasure hunts, and I felt guilty as all hell. Until we beat Red Ruth and got all the loot that was!!! We made a cool $200k on our first jaunt out which is not bad at all. Excited to get a proper session going, and I love the idea of progressing towards some of these cosmetics. Gives us a reason to continue outside of just having a good time anyway.
  3. Really excited for this. Absolutely adore the 2nd, and even my non gamer wife loves paint rollering dafties. Hoping for a compelling single player offering, but honestly more MP works great for me!!!
  4. Odyssey is the better game in my opinion, but 3D world is sensational all the same. I would say 3D World is the much harder game, especially later on, but honestly both are gems. For me though, Odyssey is just pure lightning. Best game on the system in my opinion, and the best game Nintendo has ever made. And they have quite the pantheon of beasts to compare against!
  5. All this talk makes me want to revisit XC1 and XC2 which I bounced off hard. Always got so hyped but never got into them. This on the other hand. GOTY material for me... and I platinumed Elden Ring and Sifu in a handful of sittings... that's how much I loved those beasts too!
  6. @scottcrbargain at this price I think since it includes the DLC too! https://www.thegamecollection.net/cadence-of-hyrule-crypt-of-the-necrodancer-switch?sqr=Cadence
  7. Also a TLDR: Replace the intro with - These BOTW fans are trying to... And American with - Classic Zelda Fan (I am aware many of you are also classic Zelda fans, but you get the point)
  8. @scottcr expectation Vs reality plays a big role in my not so fond experience with the game. I admit that whole heartedly. When I say I am not it's biggest fan, is not me saying it IS ABSOLUTELY a bad game. Because it absolutely is not. I think we often expect certain things from games, and if they miss the mark, or even do something new that is even better, we can be left disappointed. That may be what happened to me with BOTW. Exploration for me, is not just being in the world, finding new shrines, or ruins of the past and maybe getting rewarded with a different powered weapon or piece of armour (although getting the Rubber Armour was very cool). For me it is rewarded with new exciting enemies to face, and maybe something that allows.you to go somewhere and progress (likely a very old school mindset). It is reaching those new biomes and basking in everything they have to offer. Now there absolute are biomes in BOTW ( @JPLhope this answers your question), however they often feel like everywhere else, as there is nothing unique in them outside of the basic gameplay changes. The requirement to modulate temps, or the surfaces changing stamina requirements is great, but where are the enemies unique to those environments, or the dungeons to accompany the environment. I will look admit Zora's domain blew my mind truly. But I also want dungeons where I feel like I am the first person their in centuries, with a huge big unique, themed boas. The shrines are amazing absolutely, and the Divine Beasts whilst short are kind of cool, but they lack that visual and thematic punch I expect from this franchise. Let's not even get started on the Bosses... Come on Nintendo. Now I never want to come across as a hating for hating sake kind of gamer. That really is not my jam usually at least. I have definitely felt rage when someone dissed something I cared about absolutely, and I have had that targeted towards me when talking about this game, Skyrim and so on. I felt it towards Jeff Gerstman after his Twilight Princess review back in the day. Was foaming... Gears a 9.5 but Zelda an 8.5? Is he taking the piss I thought... I am a huge Zelda fan. Always have been since getting A Link to the Past for my 4th birthday and watching my parents play it instead of playing it myself... I truly love the series. I remember waiting in my room playing Mario 64 waiting for my Mam to get back from the MetroCentre with OoT, and my Dad queuing after a long day at work in Newcastle city centre for WW. Bunking off school with a "dentist appointment" on Wii launch day... The first time I actually saved my pocket money properly instead of just buying any game. My wife buying me Skyward Sword limited edition, and the Zelda WW Wii U console. Does it mean I am outright wrong to want those things though? I don't think so. More enemy variety and a deeper biome connection are not negative things by any means and would only add to the experience in my opinion. To be rewarded in the open world, but also with unique bosses, and weird wacky items sounds class. Change is tough for everybody, and this for me personally was always going to be. I was dug in from a young age into the franchise. Its been a part of me since the dawn of my time. I just feel it got too far removed from what made it so special. But that doesn't mean this isn't special too. TLDR: My nostalgic expectations have me yearning for some classical flourishes to keep my childish wants met. Howay Nintendo, read the fucking room. Make the game for me only alright???
  9. This game really is tremendous like. Nearing level 40, and continuing to have an absolute blast!!!
  10. Really surprised no one has talked about Symphony of the Mask!!! It is a great addition! Also, the physical copy of this is like £17 at thegamecollection, and all the DLC is on the cartridge rather than a separate code
  11. Ours is the Phil Spencer. Tough as old boots, has a cracking smile, and likes money.
  12. And ReDeads... We need a ReDead Redemption... *Runs away*
  13. Being bang into the Switch again thanks to the OLED, I have been thinking about BOTW2... Now I am quite open about my dislike of BOTW. It's not a hatred by any means, and I still pumped 50 hours into it, within the first week of release. I actually put 20 into the WII U version (got it 2 days prior to launch), before my wife bought me a Switch as a pre wedding gift (amazing) and then started again and put 50 in... My problems are not that it did new things, but more that it lacked the biome variety I need from a Zelda game. That biome variety spreads downwards into enemy variety, and of course something that will never return... Equipment. I can live without the last bit, but an item every so often felt like a new day on an advent calendar. Pre 30 years old of course. Now in my 30s advent calendars are not exciting anymore... I hope to the Skyward Heavens that we at least get some biome variety. Even if it is only a handful of very specific dungeons nested in specific environments, each containing a very specific enemies. Something that will scratch that "reward via completion/exploration" itch. As someone that likes new encounters that is very important for me. I would also like a better soundtrack. This is a point many will hate, as the ambience is highly praised, but I miss some louder tunes as I am exploring. And finally... Underwater please... That extra layer of exploration gives side/main dungeon possibilities and offers intrigue outside of just open plains to explore. I am well aware most people will froth like crazy even if it's more of the same... And that is fine. Why not. But if the game only adds a handful of enemies, mechanics and locations... I will be wondering what they have been doing for the last 5 years. I am gonna drive back into the first post XC3 to just explore it once more... But I hope 2 adds some classic Zelda back in, and if not, at least explores alot of new environments/enemies.
  14. I love to tinker which is why the Steam Deck is a treat for me. I have my OG switch for tinkering too, but the SD is just next level tinkerers paradise. I have spent 10s of hours just battery optimising the SD, which is incredible. But the screen on this Switch is truly mind blowing. Again, Paper Mario is just berserk on this thing. It makes me pray for a TYD remake or even re release. Just double dipped Sheets of Rage 4 and my eyes are bleeding it's that damn nice on it. Love the haptic stuff too.
  15. Final Fantasy XII It is incredible, and have done 99% of it, but never finished it. Even finished the damn trials which were horrific. Twilight Princess Enjoyed it for the most part, but always get to the sky temple and think fucking cripes this is garbage. Such a shame as the rest I love. Especially the water and desert temples. Tales of Vesperia Always get to the abandoned rainy city and just hate the mechanics of the level. But love the game... I need to push through it. Ni No Kuni Just put it down after 70 hours and never went back. A real shame. May pick it up on Switch.
  16. Keeping the Switch OLED has been one of my better decisions lately. It really is magnificent. So much so, my Steam deck is sitting quite lonely some days. I think replaying certain titles on it is revolutionary. Odyssey on it is a damn dream, but the most impressive game has to be Paper Mario Origami King. It just flipping pops!!! I have yet to double dip and get SoR4, but I get the feeling it will be eye meltingly good on this display. I will probably go physical though as I just love physical Nintendo games.
  17. About 15 hours in and just encountered: One of the best JRPGs I have played in some time. It is just fantastic.
  18. Looks pretty great!!!! We hit Pirate Legend last night too!!!
  19. It is just a version of animation cancelling, and I think they just went with that. For me, something like chain attack would make more sense with a simple description... Activate art on attack hit. It is very satisfying landing them though as the feedback is awesome.
  20. Aye it's excellent like. Not sure it's going to top Elden Ring for GOTY for me, but I am having so much fun with the battle system, and it is an achievement that they have me liking the characters so quickly, that I am not ruling it out.
  21. The audio in this is rather class isn't it?
  22. Hahaha mistype. I meant cinematics. Medic!!!
  23. Eh??? Has it been removed? I think you need to buy it through the game itself according to an article. Was just about to double dip, but now I am concerned!
  24. Not likely to be honest, at least not without some kind of modification. This has tonnes of little techniques to try and extract the cleanest image. Not super happy with the resolution personally either, but it is so minor as the rest of it is a joy so far. Also, the resolution and character quality is superb. Excited to sink my teeth in this more tomorrow!!!
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