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  1. Go on @Boothjan!!! I have found out one of my favourite things to do is just waste other pirates time... The past few days we have been slaying the emissary levels. 55 with Gold Hoarders, and nearly 50 with Merchant and Reapers, but lunchtime today... We were just chilling, on our way, about to do a vault (but had nee treasure) when another sloop, with the Athena flag tries to sneak up on us. We have next to nothing left as we have fought two other sloops who attacked us, so we decided reet! Lets just bail, let them chase, we will board and just waste their time. We did tell them afterall we had nothing other than a grade 3 flag... but they would not listen. 45 minutes chasing later, we are close to work hours again, so we drag them to an outpost. Sell the couple of chests we have, and lower our flag... you know... the totally none salty, none weasel thing to do. We then scuttle our ship, and as they dock, we manage to kill the pair of them, we set their boat on fire, and just camped the respawn. Call us awful salty dogs, but we tried to bargain... we tried! One sunken ship later, and nearly an hour wasted of both groups time, I feel like we came out the victors! I love being a salty stallion scurvy durg sometimes. It is just class. We have played 70 hours in just under two weeks. The game is a fucking treat!!!
  2. Really surprised to see RE2 Remake not make the cut. An absolute technical achievement for last gen, and an achievement for remakes. The only reason it is not number 1 for me, is that they cut the best line from the original. "Hold your fire! I'm a human"
  3. I was in sixth form, went to Gamestation to buy it, and Guitar Hero 3. Smashed GH3 and then really enjoyed ME1 bar the clunkiness, even back in the day. Fast forward to Jan 2010, was at University studying Animation and hating every minute. Was playing a tonne of poker, and it was the night before ME2s release. We were at the casino having bust the tourney, but decided to spin £10 on craps (me and two buddies) and we spun it to £150, went to Asda at midnight and bought it! Played it all the way into the next day. Fast forward to March 2012! Now in the games industry after having dropped out of uni somehow, and the hype in the office was off the map. Most of us loved it though, and enjoyed it for what it was! Andromeda came out just before our wedding. The wedding was mint. The game... Yikes. 2021. Still trying to get early access to games in my 30s, especially ME Trilogy. For all my depression, anxiety and everything in between, at least the hobby still remains strong! Edit: And I put 100 hours into the trilogy in two weeks. Bought an LG CX just before starting ME2, knowing it has incredible art direction and the contrast at play is top tier. Was fucking awesome.
  4. Pretty interested in Person 5 on the go, and a blast from the past with Mega Man BN. Battle Network 3 was flipping incredible.
  5. Duckstation on Xbox Series consoles is absolutely obscene too!
  6. Absolutely hated this if I am honest. The art horror of it all was stunning at least.
  7. @Simmy I think my friend and me had low expectations to be honest, and it has blown us both away. After our encounter yesterday we were about to sign off handed some loot in, then he found some washed up, which had us chasing another island, then we ended up heading towards a POI, which led to another island and then back to an outpost. Ended up being another 90 minutes of exploring. I think as the others have stated, there is tonnes to do, but for us it is the moment to moment that makes it. I think we both find alot of fun in being able to take over the wheel when we need to nip to the loo, make a drink, and so on, whilst continuing to play, rather than staying still and having a break. That also adds to the tension, as when on your own for even a few minutes, everything can go to shit.
  8. Second night on the Sea of Thieves... Me and my pal see a Galleon chasing a Sloop, and we fancy learning some PvP, so go to chase... After 15 minutes of chasing and the odd person from the Galleon trying to sneak on board my pal goes AFK, but one of the Sloop pirates comes aboard and asks for our help to stop the Galleon. I agree and the fight begins... I manage to survive multiple boardings and canon shots to the ship, and after 20 minutes of fighting, we manage to take it down. I mean, what a fucking second day. That shit almost felt scripted by IW in 2007 it was that good. My pal came back to execute the last remaining pirate from the Galleon. I refused any compensation, but they offered to form an alliance to share some of the loot when they cashed it in. We ended up getting 50k plus a tonne of faction levels. Amazing experience.
  9. Finally tried this tonight with a friend. Was really unsure how it was going to go but holy moly. Incredible! We didn't even do anything but loved it. 4 hours of just exploring, sailing and looting. Was excellent. Going to be putting at least a couple of nights in a week for sure. How much content is there to see? It seems massive, and it looks like there are campaigns and stuff, but in terms of general of activities and madness is there a lot? It certainly seems so! Also, do you all play together? Would love to play/co-operate!
  10. 1. Resident Evil 4 Remake Huge fan of the franchise, and the original holds a dear spot in my heart. It was my first import game as a teenager, and I couldn't wait the few months it was gonna take. I have no doubt it will be at the very least a somewhat nostalgic, visual treat. 2. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Loved the original as a kid, and loved remake. Happy with whatever direction they take it in, the characters have me in throughout, and the world is brilliant. 3. God of War Ragnarok Not the biggest fan of the combat, but the world and art direction is just staggering. 4. Hollow Knight Silksong Big fan of the original, and whilst not my favourite Metroidvania, it was still a great time. Sure this will be no different! 5. Dead Space Never really played the original, just number 2 but really enjoyed it. 6. Persona 4 Golden Got this on Steam but it is far too big to sit at my desk. Need some console action and it is happening. I will probably 1000g Royale too as I did on PS4. Aye... all games from the past. Nothing new feels remotely as exciting as big remakes to be honest and that is not good.
  11. This also means FFVII II and XVI are months apart? With Resi 4 just before too. I take back the single something to look forward too. There are many. Next year is looking to kick some serious behindus.
  12. Mt Nibelheim looks stonking glorious. Honestly, sooner than I thought. I was thinking end 2024 at the earliest... And even then I thought it to be a pipedream. Something big and now tangible to look forward too! Persona 6 soon too please?
  13. How long is it folks? I have played 2 levels and loving it so far. The colour palette is chefs kiss!
  14. TLDR. I just don't like how Sony feels at the minute, but it really doesn't matter. I still drive my PS5 daily, and can't wait for GOW and what not. Probably salty due to Bloodborne not being treated to 4k 60fps, and I want Alundra on the system now god damnit.
  15. @Luseth I am exaggerating when saying sinking, but it certainly has not evolved or tried to make itself more attractive. That isn't super important, but as a consumer I like to know they are at least trying. Recently it feels less like trying to be competitive/generous, and more just trying to appease a bunch of rich people at the top. It is a business after all, so maybe I am just being daft. I just have fond memories of the last days of PS4 into the start of PS4. Was incredible. My preference changes all the time with consoles, I was PS1 to GC, Then 360 and now PlayStation again, and the reason for that, is because I felt the system I was invested in was the best place to play games. I still use my PS5 as my primary. It's in the living room to my wife's utter disgust. I just guess I don't feel they are trying as hard as they did. Similar to the start of the PS3 era. @Pelekophoros The Deluxe tier is good, especially for those new to the PS5. Returnal and what not included is banging. The premium tier is a joke. PS3 streaming and 10 downloadable classics. There is definitely room for improvement here. That's my issue with it. I was talking about it more personally and as always made it seem more like fact ha. For some deluxe especially offers incredible value for sure.
  16. @Kevvy Metal I was more referring to the hideous DLC model for GT7, and I totally forgot about Days Gone. As for WFH and what not, sure it has impacted everything. All of us. But it does not stop the state it launching in, with graphical modes, both being rather unflattering, especially for their new-ish system. It is fixed now so all is well, but it felt rushed. Also, this new service has some great value on offer in places, but is seriously lackluster in others. They are just a shadow of where they were prior, at least that is how it feels to me personally. And that is not saying where they were even was good. It was just better than its competition. Microsoft is catching up real fast, has better hardware and hopefully (again likely COVID impacted) we will see loads of new stuff from them. They can do better, is better than saying they are doing worse. If that makes sense.
  17. I don't mind at all. With us being in Europe they will likely include the pal versions, because as far as I am aware they are the versions with multiple languages. Now that is totally understandable, however the option should be present to play NTSC and Pal versions. Other services offer this option. But that isn't what I was referring to as shocking and I should have elaborated. The really shocking thing is Sony have not even tried to hide their money > product/people lately, with this launching in a very poor state (terrible emulation especially...), their clear focus on live service as a model (GT7... Gross), and ofcourse the £70 price tags. Look at Horizon. Clearly not finished, bugs everywhere, but they still launched it. That would not have happened five years ago. It is only now in a complete state so to speak due to recent patches. This happens all the time sure, but not for their big first party bad lads. The company has changed, and this is coming from a primarily PlayStation user for the last 10 years. I flipping own every AAA game digitally... I practically bought one of the share holders a golden toilet seat! I just get a horrible taste in my mouth with where it is going.
  18. Yet we will likely get PAL too. Absolutely shocking show from them if I am honest. No company is perfect, but Sony have been sinking so flipping quickly as of late.
  19. Cool! I had no idea, and another reason to switch my SX on more!
  20. Isn't VRR a PS5 thing now too?
  21. Will share more as it progresses, but really happy with the style so far. Essentially want to get it to the point we can make a world and it auto populates nigh on everything, then we can go in and hand adjust/place more hero areas. Edit: also realising this may be more for the game development thread!
  22. Something I have been working on. Need some things from a TA point of view so been setting up all sorts for my portfolio. Optimised wind material systems, auto terrains and what not.
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