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  1. I will be very surprised if this is not a gamepass day 1, even pre acquisition. It sells best PlayStation platforms anyway, and it is a sure fire way to get many over to the Xbox eco system. Plus most of the money made now for this will be through endless cosmetics and season passes.
  2. Would rather try and suck a golf ball through my teeth.
  3. Watched it all again. My favourite season comfortably. I think the main problems are over exposition. I think someone with the skills should totally cut/rejig a few of the episodes. I totally understand why directors feel the need to bloat them out, to help those who me not follow along with razor concentration, but it is getting like UI and design in video games. Not wanting anything missed. But I don't feel like it is particularly hard to follow anyway so what's the need? At least the episodes have tonnes of background details and other bits that warrant multiple views.
  4. From my experience so far with the game, you can play through the whole campaign, and still have fun in rifts and other bits without spending a penny. I think the game is incredibly competent without having to spend anything, and that is more than can be said for many of these free to play titles. To discuss how predatory the gaming industry is though, my career before becoming a developer was in the gambling sector as a croupier and then an analyst. Everything in a Casino/Bookies is designed to keep you in such as the cash desk being far away from entrance with tables/machines between the desk and the entrance. Horrible carpets so you do not look down. No clocks or windows (Or they are heavily blocked by external facing advertisements). These are some of the oldest tricks in the book to keep you from wanting to leave as the bright lights, noises and colours entice you to spend more money. It is the same as the endless notifications popping off making you want to stay in the game longer. HOWEVER! It became the responsibility of the casino/bookies/site runners employees to look out for those who may be struggling, and help them where possible. Help impose limits so to speak. And in my experience, I have seen it several times, and the people can have a fantastic turn around and receive support. The channels are there and keep getting better. The games industry really does not have that support channel at all as far as I am aware. The best we have is countries banning these practices all together. I am totally of the opinion that gambling can be a fantastic time when you have control, and it is great to see that many gambling establishments now have these support channels in place, but the video game space really does not have that at all. It is on the developers to champion and take a very pro active stance on looking out for those that may be clicking that button multiple times a day to stack, and stack currencies to waste on odds that are absolutely shocking. Gambling odds in this country dictate that the house edge cannot be enormous. Whatever you bet has to have a small edge in the establishments favour, but nothing crazy. You will lose £1 for every £100 spent on BlackJack if you play basic strategy (Over many many hands) thus the casino always wins, but I mean the game is fun right? if you play it knowing you are going to lose but can have a fun time doing it and are not blowing life savings than all the power to you. Video Games are the complete opposite. You are gambling with non tangible rewards, where monetary value is in all honesty, made up. You are paying say £1 for a Legendary Crest, where the chance of getting a 5 Star Legendary Gem is 2.5%. So you have to spend ~£40 to get ONE, and you need 5+ for a full set, but you also need to level them up, which costs more depending on the star rating and so on and so forth. As mentioned above £88000 to get a top tier character... I mean it is madness. Sure you may have fun popping off rifts trying to get those gems, but at a financial cost that is bonkers in comparison to the time rewarded. They are essentially valuing their digital items at ££££s... and one day it won't even exist anymore. It is like blowing your money smoking (Which I do like a plonker) or drinking. It disappears. In small quantities it is fine, and that is where it needs to be governed. If they are going to have microtransactions, and loot boxes and what not, whilst I am not a fan, make the rewards equal to the value of time you are going to get out of it, and impose daily/weekly/monthly limits. They are aiming for 1000%+ profit from these games, by praying on the vulnerable. Whether they have the money or not, is another thing to add to this, but it should not matter. They should not be doing it full stop. If someone hits that buy button more than a few times, the game should start to put support options in place for the user. They wont though, as honestly at the top they could not care less. Same for many governments, as they get a big slice of it all...
  5. Xbox systems do come and go, but I think it would vary depending on country. PlayStation and Nintendo dominate in this country, and I imagine Tegra CPUs are pretty readily available having been around for a long time. But aye I do not disagree with the value proposition at all. I think Switch is in a similar boat in terms of cost value (I mean Nintendo games hold value like blooming Lego nearly) but they do have so many titles on the system. The first party library whilst lacking recently (imo (Kirby is great)) is still the best any console has ever had. I mean, BOTW, Odyssey, Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and more, plus so many amazing Wii U ports make it an absolute killer. Had I not been big into the PlayStation eco system thanks to a killer end of life PS3 and dominating PS4 life cycle I would have mained Xbox Series X this gen, but the Series is my backup machine. Even with all the gamepass goodness, it is hard to pull myself away from Trophies and Multiplayer on the PS5. And my friend who thinks if we have crossplay on we are going to get 360 no scoped in every lobby.
  6. I mean... The PS3 was more expensive, had absolutely garbage first party support and they managed to survive. Returnal, Ratchet, Miles Morales and a few other titles have it leagues above first party releases from its competitor, whilst the competitor offers better value. Some people just want the eco system they know and don't care about value, others prefer the first party stuff only, and then others love what value is on offer else where. Chip shortages have the system sold out everywhere, and that alone has increased demand. But to go on as if it is a moldy block of bread with no purpose is ludicrous. I got 700 hours out of it last year, and probably similar again this year. Ontop of PC, Xbox and Switch gaming. Death of original games? I am sorry if God of War is not to your Nintendian tastes, but the millions it will sell day one say their first party ship is still sailing pretty strong. Even in a world that slowed down for a couple years (and likely more to come).
  7. I mean... Bloodborne on PC with features added to the PS4 version of ran on PS5? COME ON!!! My expectations are about as in check as my addiction to buying controllers and handhelds. They're not... And I am very self aware. At least I can have a lie in tomorrow at the very least.
  8. Yeah this is sensational and so far it hasn't screamed at me too much to buy anything. It feels like a fully blown diablo!
  9. The ashes are also something else exciting to find and level up. I loved them. I think the boss designs almost require them, with multiple projectiles and almost Bloodborne levels of agility (without having that agility yourself). If you can beat them without hats off, but I certainly appreciated them. Plus this is the first From game where I cared less about the combat than ever before (even though it was brilliant). The level design truly trumps everything else. It was always brilliant, but in this game it is GOAT. Both in, and out of the open world. The art director and level design director must have been sat side by side and shared lunch, as it is weaved perfectly.
  10. 100% Honestly the stories could be terrible and I would still be happy being in their presence. I mean that too. They literally act like you are there next to them! I always feel absorbed into it, and aye it's just brilliant. This season had some of my favourite moments in the whole series, but nothing will ever top the Steve and Robin in the bathroom, season 3. Truly brilliant.
  11. Can Reva be on the light side in a Disney show after: I like the idea of the character more than the performance though. I watched an interview with Moses and they really did not have any passion shown for the role of Star Wars at all. Not that, that is necessary, I just feel it comes across. A few of the performances feel like they don't want to be there at all. Jimmy though. Absolutely brilliant as Bail once again!
  12. I am not a fan of Celeste at all (hate how it controls) but understand why people enjoy it, but aye Hollow Knight is a total AAA slayer. My GOTY for 2018 is hands down The Messenger. Absolute gem of a game!
  13. Never played them, but understand they are pretty bad in that regard. This never had anything that stuck out as misogynistic. It handles everything really well from what I remember. I could be talking shit mind as it has been a few years.
  14. I just urge anyone who hasn't played it to play it. Not even close to GOAT for me, or even GOTY when released, but still a ruddy good romp! It looks flipping magical on PS4, Pro and PS5 too
  15. Aye I am excited to see what they come up with! Hoping for a Bloodborne Remake/master to be honest. I know I know. Cursed nostalgia. I just think the game deserves 60 FPS 4K. It really is an absolute stunner in its current state, but framepacing, aliasing and other bits stop it from being what it could be! I actually think Bloodborne is one of those games that could just be taken in its current state, given some love and pooped out. I am sure 9/10 Mukkers and the rest of the gaming community would go wild. But now I am starting to sound like every other entitled gamer. I WANT IT NOW!
  16. @RubberJohnnyI know you are all about the new IPs but in a thread like this it is tough, as new games have not been announced yet. Unless you say like, cannot wait for Starfield trailer or something similar maybe. I personally like a balance! But I am a nostalgic fiend 100%.
  17. Also, lol at this. Surely they will headline MW2 and announce its Gamepass at least?
  18. Resident Evil 4 Remake Final Fantasy XVI Wind Waker HD2 Gears of War 6 New Mario 3D platformer surely Elden Ring DLC trailer maybe? XCOM 3 Tonnes more things I want, but aye it's mostly a wishlist. FFVIIR2 is not happening even if I want it more than the above.
  19. @DriveBy I have a theory about:
  20. @Scribblor Whilst it did elaborate quite a bit, there was parts I missed (or I am a total idiot and need to pay some fucking attention to what I am watching). Like: Overall, the music cinematography and acting were bonkers good in many parts. Top marks go to Munson for actor of the season though!
  21. If this follows Respawns approach with Titanfall this will be a significant upgrade over the first. They are beasts!
  22. The biggest difference between the pair is the the 2nd stands tall with the original, where the 3rd falls short. Which is a shame as RE:Nemesis was actually not great anyway. Still a totally great experience at a discounted cost, but 2 was value through and through. The atmosphere, technology and character delivery was just something else. I think the team that worked on 2, have likely been working on whatever is next, which I imagine is Rem4ke. I have decent hopes for what they can deliver! I personally cannot wait to see how they age Leon from 2 to fit.
  23. Have we even seen these consoles running at their absolute limits yet? Flight Sim, Horizon, Ratchet and what not are pretty mind blowing, but I feel there is juice to be had somewhere in these monsters. Excited to see what God of War offers, but I feel we are still at the point where developers for the most part are playing it somewhat safe. I mean, Gears 5 using UE5 is really going to be something else I imagine.
  24. I'm with you @jonamok, I find it weirdly alienating in its direction. Looks stunning and I don't mind the movement, but based on how much I feel like I need to explore, slightly faster movement would be a plus. I may come back to it at some point though.
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