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  1. I have gushed before and will gush again. This game is obscenely good. I mean, the fact we had this am Elden Ring in the space of 12 months is just beyond me. What a treat the last year has been. Guardians too from a cinematic story POV. Super happy for the team at Housemarque and cannot wait to see where they go next. I think it's safe to say whatever it is, it will be an absolute banger.
  2. I think it’s a real shame the voice actor for the main character in Forza Horizon 5 did not win anything. They absolutely nail that up themselves influencer vibe that the game seems to be going for. In all seriousness though hats off to Housemarque. Absolute beasts!!!
  3. Odd indeed! I just thought one Yakuza will be enough until LAD2 but enjoying this one alot so will probably go back and play the first too.
  4. So I decided to play Lost Judgement first, and I am absolute loving it. For those that have played the pair, would going back to the first feel like a step down, and are the stories separate enough?
  5. Lost Judgement for me. Something entirely different!
  6. I am so 50/50 on this at the minute. Parts are great, and then a few bits throw me off massively. It will either be up for trade in the next couple of hours or I will power through. Can totally get the appeal to play this with wee ones though!
  7. Couldn't agree less to be honest. The speed and gunplay in this is surprising great. Me and some friends have started playing due to Warzone being an absolute mess and the fact there are zero build modes, and it is just great fun. Easy to surround people without them having the option to just build, and likewise the same can happen to you if not careful. Positional advantage in this, is just fantastic, and you have to be careful every step you make.
  8. Pretty much this, and as long as the developers are fairly compensated.
  9. I have not been a fan for a while of their reviews if I am honest but I keep going back and have no idea why. I wish Game trailers was still around. Loved that site. Thankfully Easy Allies still have video content at least. My problem with Eurogamer's reviews these days is they completely forgo all gameplay in their reviews. I appreciate the narrative overviews, and their criticisms/praise for how games handle different topics, but where are the gameplay descriptions and critiques. They often try to make our hobby sound highbrow or something. Just tell me how the punch/shoot/jump stuff is!
  10. @MattyP I think PS Plus has been better than GWG for a very long time, if not always. It's Gamepass that trump's PS+ I think people just need to wait and see what is on there. It might turn out to be half decent. I just hope the Emulation for PS1 has a feature set similar to Duckstation to make the games look unbelievable.
  11. It is a normal human response to enjoying something more you have paid for than received for "free". Also, choice paralysis. I was very much like this, but having gamepass on the main TV has changed that a little bit!
  12. As much as I class myself as someone who likes what they like, and overlooks the rest, Gamepass on the Series X has me playing a few things I never even knew I wanted in my life. Descenders being the best example. A bit rough around many of its edges, but overall a banging experience as part of the subscription. Not to mention an awesome Chillstep soundtrack, which even saying that makes me sound incredibly cool. Having had Gamepass on PC for years, I never cared much for it, but having it on a console Infront of a TV has made a world of difference. It makes just trying random things so much easier. I guess the problem with a desk job, is it gets to the point where playing all but the most hyped games feel like a chore. Which is a shame. As many of the titles are great. A balance would be nice for Sony's, and more importantly, installable bloody PS1 games. Alundra and Vagrant Story please Sony aye. Oh and Rugrats. What? I loved that game as a kid!
  13. We need a pint to discuss that absolute titan of a game sometime. Not enough people have played it, and I pray it is part of whatever Sony Gamepass shenanigans comes about soon. What a game.
  14. I have somehow never really played the Ori games before outside of a whirl of the E3 2018 WotW demo. Going to give them a blast me thinks!
  15. Being able to play many classics at much better frame rates and/or resolutions made the X worth it alone for me. The drive size and ability to trade in games are other big bonuses!
  16. I love the X @Jarik. Storage space and disc drive is worth it alone. It is nice being able to buy games that I am not as fussed on too, and re sell rather than stumping up the digital price and being stuck (Lego Star Wars is a good upcoming example!) It really is awesome. And that is coming from someone who was primarily PlayStation for the last 10 years.
  17. I may be one of the lucky ones, but the PS5 version didn't crash once for me. Cannot comment on the other platforms, but hope it doesn't happen again for you!
  18. I nearly applied for a Tech Art role a couple of years ago! Bit far from sunny Newcastle though and was pre COVID and the short lived WFH era.
  19. Oh nice! I didn't encounter that at all but will do it on my current PS4 trophy run! Might aswell enjoy getting two Platinums haha!!!
  20. I'm curious now, spoiler tag the boss!
  21. One of the optional encounters:
  22. The composition, line work and shading techniques are brilliant on these my dude. Especially loving the half hatching, and what not on the text. Also, the details framing Aurelia are fantastic. Aces!!!
  23. £8.49 on PS5, flat charge for those who own it, and don't. £16.99 on Xbox I think! For me it was worth it not owning the last gen version, but mileage will vary person to person. The frame rate is ace, but if you have played this on PC it won't be anything mind blowing at all. Haptics on PS5 are surprisingly good. The mission chasing the boat was especially eye opening, as when flying over the storm grates on the motorway could be felt through the pad. Very nice touches. Will see if that sort of thing is throughout the world.
  24. Anyone tried Rivers of Blood with the new Arcane fixes? Got a feeling it is going to be obscene!
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