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  1. Most of these BotW > ER arguments are exactly the problem with BotW for me. I am aware, it is sometimes about the journey and not the destination, but what is the destination in BotW? What does the game reward the player with, that is not a Health/Stamina upgrade? What is unique about what you see, at the destination, or is there a unique challenge? The Shrines are great, but feel so bitesized I started to get fatigued after a bunch of them. Same with Elden Rings mini dungeons, I just stopped being interested. Many of those mini dungeons did contain valuable upgrade materials, and sometimes unique bosses at the very least, similar to the occasional weather dampening piece of gear in BotW. If BotW had medium and large dungeons, that had unique designs, and different enemy types per biome I would agree with it being brilliant. It would make me excited travelling between the different areas, and blown away at where the game took me. Dragon Roost Island style. But it didn't. The first 5-10 hours were magical, but after I arrived at my second Divine Beast I knew the game was going to feel all too familiar throughout. These are my opinions and I know others feel differently, but as someone who wants to be surprised as I progress, treated to fantastic level design, new enemies, spells, and more, BotW ended up feeling rather boring, and unrewarding. I just pray BotW 2 has some variety, outside of how you can travel about the open world. But above all else, they are vastly different games. Elden Ring just had me way more immersed, and excited to explore.
  2. I beat the game at 50 hours, with all big boss rememberences. At around about 80 hours now, platinum trophied but still alot to see. I am going to explore the areas I may have missed with a different build. Bar a few enemy re-uses, I was never bored. It is incredibly oppressive though, and it pummels you into fatigue. Then again, I did put 50 hours in, in like 4 or 5 days.
  3. I hate BotW, mainly because the enemy and environmental (dungeons) variety is poop. Never been one for physics experimentation either. That is probably the low IQ Geordie in me not being able to understand how balloons work, or why anyone else can't climb in the rain, but we can with our weather beaten skin. Also, weapons breaking is not for me. My Dad had a Reliant Robin, or Plastic Pig if you will, and even though the roof melted it still powered through. These weapons should be the same alright! So aye, Foul Degenerate is probably on the money!
  4. No one is ignoring the working conditions. People are just saying it was 10 years ago, and to be honest, 10 years ago nigh on the whole industry was minging. We all hope it has improved, but their is not much evidence showing it either way. So by that, you should probably abandon games entirely. But you won't, you love arguing and pretending to have some sort of higher moral compass.
  5. Looks incredible. Not the biggest Sonic fan (bar Mania, that was legit), but loved the first movie. Was still nostalgic even though I was a Nintendo kid. I think my Wife enjoyed it even more than me! and she hates Video Games!
  6. If you went into a game expecting something, without doing research outside of some comments, it would ruin your day would it? Good grief. Lighten up. If you disagree the way dungeons are laid out, then so be it. It is clear as day the level design and sensation of exploration is inspired. Even if you are not messing around blocks and keys. Biomes too. My points are blanket statements but if you read through these posts and elsewhere you can get a feel for what it is. You are just looking for an argument as per. Hadn't really thought about it being like Animal Crossing though so thanks! Will tell my friends that like it, to pick Elden Ring up!
  7. I said not quite, but it does share some level design principles. Mini bosses and big bads. Not to mention each main dungeon is bespoke. That is similar enough no? Gameplay flow is very different ofcourse. From Software games are clearly inspired by classic Japanese adventure games, there is no two ways about it. They have just done their own spin on things.
  8. This is the best Ocarina of Time game, since Ocarina of time. Ok, maybe not quite, but the dungeons wrap and contort on themselves in a very similar way. Puzzles (block pushing etc) is not part of the FS formula, but the level design is truly something else. You get lost in the spaces, and are eager to see what is around every corner. And that is just what makes all FS games great. This also has a breathtaking open world to be part of too, which also feels incredibly designed, and makes you want to explore it. Edit: and there are traps flipping everywhere. Watch your step!
  9. @partious yikes. The level design is excellent both in dungeons, and the world. The world is broken into sections, that whilst connected, allow you to get a sense of danger. Wander too far? Don't worry, you will be excited knowing you can come back later and explore, or crikey, just do it now anyway. Everything is tucked and placed with such finesse that it feels thoughtful. The distance views knowing you can go there, and in-between you and there is going to have rewards that can actually assist in combat, or make you think about changing to something else. But most importantly, it has variety. Sure, it has repeating mines, or catacombs, but the overall variety is above anything else. It hits every colour palette, and no matter where you look, there will be something to explore. Variety doesn't stop at environments either, but enemies and bosses too. Many of both which you can find scattered throughout the world. It does fall into the trap of you knowing there will be flask upgrades in the environments, and other typical RPG sprinklings, but the sense of discovery through difficulty is truly special. You are rewarded for exploring, and through combat. It also is the most, and least difficult From game yet. It is hard to run point to point but possible, but if you hit a wall, exploring will allow you to progress. Did FS need to make an open world? No, not really. But the balance on display here is real. If that's not explained well enough, then oh well. I tried. Edit: Just read @kenseis comment before mine, and aye, nailed it!
  10. Newcastle deserved the penalty earlier, and it has been filthy from both sides. As good a goal as it was, undeserved win.
  11. Elden Ring: Amazing sense of discovery through environment and enemy variety. Botw: Brilliant use of starting toolkit throughout the world. Skyrim: *Checks internet for what's good*... Lore in books throughout! GTA V/ RDR2: World's feel lived in, and are incredible tech show pieces. And most others are just UI simulators. Whatever world takes your fancy really. I like Elden Ring above the others because each part of the world holds a challenge of some sort, and you are rewarded more suitably than the rest. It actually has level design too if comparing to BotW. Level design and puzzle design are different things. BotW lost a big part of its Zelda identity when it stripped it's levels bare, and just made them puzzle simulators. In the past their was always a balance. I am biased against BotW though, since I am such a classic Zelda fan. Closed minded old plonker I guess.
  12. I think for the hardware it is incredibly impressive, but number of assets in Elden Ring at those distances is shockingly good. The resolution of said assets too is something seldom seen in even linear games. If I were to have a personal preference over what has better art direction, it would fall in Elden Rings lap too. Much more variety, and the vista hero props are more commonplace. Big towers, castles, villages. Bosses! But again, hardware limitations cannot be ignored ofcourse. Both are impressive in their own ways, and would hope if Nintendo had more power they would be as ambitious as From have been with this. I'm terms of who does it better, if we are talking objectively, it is usually always going to be the one with the bigger stick (hardware), but who can fault Nintendo's ambition in the past. Wind Waker and Super Mario Odyssey are absolute master pieces and make no sense how they got them working on the cube, and switch respectively.
  13. To chime in with some technical/art comments, and things Digital Foundry never cover, the animation work, and number of enemies ready to go at any one time is staggering in this. In an open world, throwing endless enemies, animations and so on, at a CPU is a disaster, yet even with some frame drops (Console versions, PC version seems a weird case), it is admirable they are able to juggle so many things, on top of ambient, and ability effects. Take Limgrave, as an example. You can encounter over 10 different enemy types, each with their own animations and effects, within a 60 second jaunt on Torrent. The volumetric atmospherics are legit here too. The sheer amount of development time for the environments too to elevate them to something more cinematic is not worth the investment, when you can get results like this in an open world anyway. Where they truly hit their stride in this game above everything else, is Art Direction. They have clearly pushed the engine, so the player able to see things so far away. Whilst there might be mid distance pop in, the far distance and vista work here, is a step above anything else in this space. I think many forget about what else the system handles under the hood when playing video games, and GPU load is only a small part of it. The CPU management in this game is very impressive, especially for an engine that is a decade old.
  14. I have clearly learnt nothing after the trilogy as once again I am hyped. The higher car speeds due to world load in time, and traffic density have me pretty excited.
  15. The art direction can't save the length unfortunately. It felt like having everything from an all you can eat place on your plate. Really odd taste left in my mouth, as it was constantly moving but not always fun to be part of. I feel if this was a 6 part series with some tweaks it would have been GOAT. When it is good though, it is sensational. The audio mix was nuts, especially in action sequences. The opening is absolutely tremendous. Unbelievable direction. Best super hero opening in my opinion, and had me grinning like it was Elden Ring day all over again. Recommend regardless of its issues! Edit: And!
  16. It is also exquisitely designed from an art point of view. Gorgeous piece it is!
  17. The best part about the game is if you do get wound up you can do the opposite! If you just want a Souls like experience, you can go point to point too. It is brilliantly made.
  18. The aggressive style with roll is the way!!!
  19. Nah still explored an absolute tonne, did quests and what not. Looking at my trophies still got some bosses and stuff to clear up. Pacing was on the money, if not too flipping big! I have quite a bit of experience with their lineup, and can see how it could take others longer, and some people way faster!
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