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  1. Yeah I played the other day and saw the challenge. I got all excited assuming they must have turned on ranked mode, but no
  2. Anyone else get randomly kicked out of matches with network errors and then have difficulty getting back into anything? Every few days I get an instance of it, and I don't have issues with any other multiplayer games. I was just eking out a victory in countdown and dropped out, was so frustrating :/
  3. To be fair the easiest game to compare it to is Overwatch, and that was a full price game. But then this just never had that level of buzz around it, so I agree a lower price point would have helped a lot. I'm also not fussed about a normal race mode, that just isn't what this game is about. Racing games are my main genre, so it's not like I don't want racers, especially arcade ones, but I like what this does. Honestly I think this will be in my top 5 this year, it's the most pure fun I've had playing something in a long time, it's on the level of Titanfall 2 for me, and I played the crap out of that.
  4. Listened to a chunk of that album so far, didn't know the guy but it's really good. Also listened to JPEGMAFIA - Veteran, experimental hip hop and he references Dead End Hip Hop, wrestling (many times), and has a song called "My Thoughts on Neogaf Dying". This guy was tailor made for me, loving it.
  5. Ok, referring to "are there any gays" sounds incredibly outdated and others people uncomfortably. The word gay is fine, but gays has different connotations. Gamergate was an alt-right movement that pretended to be about ethics in game journalism but was actually about harassing anyone they deemed 'SJWs' and pushing a conservative, right-wing agenda and general hate and intolerance. Daniel Vavra is an outspoken supporter of the movement. Some of his output is quoted here, including some of his response tweets to people challenging the game, and him in his 'Based' t-shirt (you can see why it's an issue if you read the shirt). Another tweet is also here where he posts an image of Martin Lawrence in the Black Knight film and says it's the new protagonist. I don't have another link to hand for it but he did also respond to someone saying "do you want a female protagonist or a better game?" People are also pointing out how this has directly seeped into the game, in its treatment of women and the Cumans as the only non-white representatives. The issues in the game itself may not seem that major, but they're indicative of what happens when shit people make things. We need to give voices to more diverse creators. And saying "oh it's not that bad get over it, only complain about real issues" is simply not good enough.
  6. It's a mix of people not caring and people not knowing. And now you're just wilfully ignoring people directly responding to your question - no one responded with "he's racist because there are only white people in the game", yet that's the strawman you've decided to knock down. He's racist because he's kept tweeting racist things, over and over! I'm sure we all enjoy games or films or music or whatever that are problematic, I do myself, but that doesn't mean you can't be critical - all people want to do is have a discussion about it and make the issues known, why isn't that possible? Besides, this guy is really really racist! Due to the success of this game he now has plenty of money he could be donating to right wing political parties, that's a bad thing. And please for all our sanity stop saying "gays".
  7. He's proven himself racist and a generally detestable person on many occasions on Twitter and in interviews, this is what people are displeased about and what is being quoted in literally every relevant discussion of the game, how can you not notice? He has apologised for causing offense, not for being wrong, it's a non-apology. And what people want is to make it as clear as possible that we do not support people like this, we want better representation in gaming, and if you're an arsehole and/or make these kind of errors in your game, you're going to get called out on it. And no, it hasn't diminished sales in the slightest, which is sad.
  8. I think it's right to be calling EG out on their own lack of diversity, and I'm sure their review isn't perfect, but I appreciate them discussing it and some of the conversation going on over there is troubling to say the least. Vavra himself made the social issues a key part of the critical conversation around this game, so it's something worth addressing regardless, and the EG review did actually try to assess how it manifests in the game itself. I'm really not comfortable with the view that it should be discussed outside the review in an editorial piece, which has been suggested in the comments a lot - you're excising that portion of the conversation and demoting it to a lesser position, and by doing so tacitly condoning Vavra's viewpoint, and that of people who believe "you should get your politics out of my hobby".
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't know Skate was four player, that could be a laugh. Castle Crashers sounds like a distinct possibility, and Scene It might go down quite well. I think for racers we may have to put up with taking turns on a two player split screen, I'm thinking Burnout Revenge and Sega Rally might be nice options.
  10. Hi, so my sister in law's new boyfriend has a 360 like me, and we've started playing four player every so often. Trouble is, all we can play four player is COD5 and LOTR:Conquest. I can take round Halo 3 and PDZ, but there's a clear FPS bias emerging, and the two girls tire of trying not to run around looking at the floor all the time. I'm also thinking of trying to pick up Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Virtua Tennis 3, as they should be fun four player, but I wondered if there were any other suggestions? What racers do four player split screen? Basically any game that is fairly easy to pick up and play and supports four players at once, not many games seem to do that any more. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Oh bugger, I could have done that this afternoon. Damn that customer service woman. Typical that the thing dies right when I finish handing Uni work in for the year.
  12. My launch system died on Sunday, I've just received the labels through e-mail. The abrupt woman at MS customer service implied that UPS would just automatically come (probably the next day) to pick it up, whereas this label implies I have to call UPS to arrange a pick up. Anyone who has gone through this know which one is the case?
  13. You guys should all count yourselves lucky. I'm not even engaged (let alone married), and my other half wouldn't let me play a handheld in the same room while she did something else, never mind play a console in a different room. Mind you, we don't live together, does it all change at that point?
  14. Make that two people. It's ace. And Darren - yes, whilst you may (or I certainly did) assume that quick-blast games were for younger people with shorter attention spans whilst complex, epic games were for us grown ups, it's actually the other way round. As daft as it sounds I think I have a shorter attention span now than when I was 10-15, simply because I'm not as willing to devote my entire life to a game. Uhm, excusing Oblivion, with which I did exactly that.
  15. Sound advice. I gave up on games in late 2003, got back into them slightly last March with a PSP and then got back into the swing of things with a 360 at launch. Between stopping gaming and the 360 a few things changed in my life, long term relationship, started uni. Basically I don't have much free time anymore, with working 9-5 over the summer I get maybe 30 minutes a day to play games, if I'm lucky. I'm signed up to the rental service SwapGame so I can happily check out any game I fancy and just send it back if it's not for me. I find that, particularly as I'm only spending £10/mth on it, I can enjoy even just average, derivative games for what they are. You'll probably find, as with anything, if gaming is all you do, you'll end up knowing too much about it, and it'll ruin it for you.
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