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  1. I feel a bit uneasy talking about this game because by all modern measures the gameplay is not good, but then you can say that about a lot of games from this era. Released in 1988 it looked and sounded like nothing else. I was driven to finish levels just to discover what the next levels looked like. I give you, Sword of Sodan I can understand why anybody getting an Amiga a few years later and coming back to look at this wouldn't be impressed at all, but at the time....wow.
  2. Definitely! Try to get your endurance up, it’s the most important stat. It governs how many times you can swing a weapon, take hits on your shield and the weight of your armour.
  3. Projectors have a lot of nice positives, but unfortunately they have a weakness for displaying HDR images, particularly small bright areas like specular highlights. The results can be very subtle. Try playing with your tone mapping settings.
  4. Oh yea, that as well. Forgot you had to do that first
  5. Talk to her again and select the first option. You can then spend souls on improving your stats.
  6. This may be a silly question, but you have spoken to the Maiden in black again after killing the 1-1 boss? That opens up the skill levelling mechanic.
  7. The type of weapon you use against an enemy is really important in this game, I think there are slashing, crushing and piercing damage types. You might find that a previously useless little piercing weapon found in 1-1 does a lot of damage to thick skinned enemies.
  8. How about split second? I loved the drifty handling, it just felt right. A simple PSVR conversion would be fantastic with all the destruction going on around you.
  9. Noise makers are the most useful gadget in the game. Any chasing horde will immediately forget you and go after the sound, when the mountain of bodies gets large enough just lob in a napalm.
  10. Are they trying to bait the BBC? Didn't they just do something they're not allowed to do?
  11. What a fantastic collection of joyous, clever and well written reviews. The writing makes me grin like a loon and laugh out loud, they are the "Astro Bot" of game reviews. Well done to everybody involved.
  12. You don't have to reach all the way down to the floor to pick up an object. Just pointing at it is good enough for it to jump into your hand.
  13. It's the same as the drift problems you get with moves. The same fixes apply. It's a case of checking your distance from the camera and any interfering light sources.
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