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  1. I’m pretty sure the sword deflects bullets if you get the timing right, not sure if it works on all colours though .
  2. I’m finding this getting better and better with each episode and definitely has a breaking bad feeling about it. Don’t want to spoil anything, but I think it has a very original way of showing someone’s coping mechanism and pretending to be happy in public.
  3. Wish this had a PSVR conversion. Driving around in an open top car with all that destruction going on around you would have been amazing.
  4. Not sure I should post this as it seems a bit cruel in a “look at what you can’t have way”, but these and many more are probably going to be thrown in the bin. They are BVMs, so one step up from PVMs in quality, and the best sets Sony ever made. Sorry, had to vent. Makes you sick!
  5. Bloody auto spell. I've got 99% UV blocking glass and they're being hung in a area out of direct sunlight.
  6. Little update. I got a couple of the cells framed in a similar style to erhgiez’s.
  7. I’ve just come of off playing about 80 hours of Returnal to play this and I really wish I’d played something else first. This is a good game, a really good game. At any other time I’d be enjoying it, just as I did with the previous versions, but compared to the sublime, tuned to the nth degree controls of Returnal it feels ……. off. I think his would be a problem with any 3rd person shooter I played now. Think I should play a different genre and then come back. The problem is definitely mine. I comparing it to a game it isn’t trying to be.
  8. It’s worth picking up the ones that give fall damage as well. If you hit dash just before you land then you don’t take the damage.
  9. Driving around the VR versions tracks in a Caterham 7, once you've unlocked it, is the best racing fun I've had.
  10. Drop Dead Gorgeous on Amazon prime A fly on the wall mockumentary about a beauty pageant in a parochial middle American town. Haven’t seen it for years and, other than a couple of jokes that haven’t aged too well, is still very funny. Fantastic cast with Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Amy Adams and Adam West, but Allison Janney steals every scene. 4/5
  11. It was my understanding that it works in that you get audio, like when you plug headphones into an amp, but it’s not the 3D audio. I could very well be wrong. Time for a bit of research…..
  12. Any head phones will work, but they MUST be plugged into the pad.
  13. The trophies are bugged though. Even though I've finished the game I haven't received a single trophy since defeating the third level boss. Trophies don't usually bother me, but this feels quite annoying considering the challenge.
  14. Did anybody else think the second half of the game definitely easier than the first. It took about 50 hours for me to see the ending and 44 deaths and I would say a good 90%of those deaths happened in the first 3 levels. On these later levels the time it takes to kill an enemy with the weapons your given is much quicker than the early levels. Anybody stuck on the third level with thoughts of giving up, well just give it a bit longer, you won’t regret it. If you don’t panic and keep strafing and grappling then the third boss is probably the easiest, particularly his third stage. This is coming from a crumbling 52 year old with questionable reflexes.
  15. Half way through the game and I’ve only just realised you can destroy red projectiles with your sword, I don’t remember it being mentioned in this thread before. I always wondered why the bullets come in two colours, makes sense now, very Ikaruga.
  16. No I don’t think so, it’s a legal weapon, you’re just using tactics. You observe how it attacks, see it has a weakness and then exploit it. This may be a controversial opinion, but I get a lot more satisfaction out of coming up with a winning strategy than brute forcing a win by developing muscle memory through rote.
  17. Longbows work really well against them. Keep running to opposite ends of the platform and shoot as the first one approaches, you should be able to kill him before the second one arrives. Then it’s a simple case of using the centre torch as cover and hitting the second one with whatever you like. I was playing as a hunter so it was quite a powerful bow by that stage though
  18. I like how your cels and outlines are framed side by side. I think I’ll do mine the same way. And those sketches look fantastic, it doesn’t matter that they’re reproductions.
  19. Haven't watched Akira in years. Task for the weekend
  20. Thanks for the advice. What a fantastic scene by the way, I bet the colours really pop on the real thing. There’s something really special about Ghibli artwork, you’re very lucky, that can only go up in value. I’m an idiot, my in-laws live only a few minutes away from the Ghibli studio museum and we drive past it all the time when we go on holiday, but we’ve never gone in. It’s always been one of those rainy day things that we never get around to. Turns out my wife has some cels back at her parents house as well, but can’t remember what they’re from or how she got them; She used to be a graphic designer working in the movie and TV industry. Wish I hadn’t looked at that cel site, the prices are scary.
  21. Ahh. That sounds familiar, I remember something similar coming from the shop owner. It was a sort of movie memorabilia store called playhouse (still got the bag), before such things were a thing, mostly specialising in ex rental tapes. This was a time before the regular commercial release of films at affordable prices, his store was full of old tapes that rental shops had gotten rid of because they weren’t popular any more. He had a few posters, one or two framed Disney cells and this box of akira stuff. Can’t believe I forgot about them for so many years.
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