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  1. I don't even know where to start with this one - all previous flight sim versions allowed you to do what happened in this video and completely miss the run way, slew it along the ground and get away with it. I guess if people are having fun then that's great but that isn't how you fly an airbus bless him!
  2. A 14 year old flight sim looks and sounds as good and in some ways better better than this apart from the scenery.
  3. The scenery looks lush but this has all sorts of wonk that using me fsx with mods blows away. For example I watched a trailer today with an a320 and the sound was all wrong and when it landed the landing physics were way off. What was a thumper if a landing had now bounce, floating or even any give just a slam. Even landing heat suspension which has been modelled and animated in fsx just didn’t budge. I’ve gone back and sound some of the nicest fsx videos and to be honest the scenery in this is lush but a much older game still gets pretty close with add ins. Still if developers get on board and make some decent aircraft for this I may even buy a pc again to play it but I don’t think I’d go near this on a console as an aviation geek.
  4. I work in a school with a specialist asd unit and I spent the last 4 years as assistant head In charge of pastoral, well being and mental health. My issue isn’t with kids playing games. I played games after all but not when I was 5 and I’m really surprised and shocked by the number of very young kids (<5) who are plonked in front of games, phones and tablets as it is easy. I have spent many hours with asd students playing minecraft, programming, designing games etc. I’ve also sat in a room with families of very able students who are up playing fortnight until 4am and who have blown over a grand in one case of their parents’ money on skins and are out of control at home and in school. I don’t know if a single colleague who would decide a child who is behind and is an gamer as having a gaming issue without working with parents. Indeed we are even working on a policy in school to further improve relationships and we actually encourage our teachers to take in interest in what kids do. I can tell you what consoles half of y9 and 10 have in my place as well as what games they play.
  5. I think bullshit is possibly a bit strong but maybe so is my "all the research" as there has been very very little actual academic research to date. The most recent study that has been published was by the University of Calgary in January 29 draws a link between development and screen time in 2-5 year olds. At the moment there are more studies looking at the same thing to follow up on this as while there are links they can't be tied to screen time directly. As an experienced teacher I can see the impact of screen time on children every day which covers a multitude of issues but one is kids who play lots of games and who in particular started playing games early on. I have seen it grow as games have moved online and as internet use has become wide spread particularly with smart phones. This is something I believe strongly about and in my own personal view - check out my confirmation bias, 5 and 6 year olds shouldn't be sat in front of a screen playing video games when there are so many better ways that they could be spending their time. I'm not some anti technology lucite or old fool but there will be plenty of time for kids to play games when they're older if they want to. I can also anecdotally compare my own daughter's development where she has had almost no screen time and friends who happily plonk their kids infant of iPads and tvs and this isn't a "my kid is a genius" delusion - trust me I see this at work plenty but a realistic appraisal of how she is getting on compared with peers even in little things like being able to hold attention for a longer period of time. This is a gaming forum and people will want to probably play games with their kids. Indeed I have noticed several times posts about how they got people got their kid playing such and such game and I have often thought why would you want that? I am sure my views will be unpopular and each to their own but speak to some educational psychs, cognitive scientists, SEN departments etc. and see they think.
  6. I have a five year old. Has about 2 hours screen time a week self chosen never asks to watch anything let alone play games. She has no interest in them and long may that last. I’d also say I have no interest in playing video games with her, much happier hearing her read, reading to her, drawing, playing etc Hearing about 6 year olds playing fortnight and the like really worries me - as a teacher I see y7s join us each year who completely hooked and the impact it often has is massive. All the research shows that screen time has a massive detrimental affect on development. I’m in no way judging and everyone parents in their own way and we’re fairly armish despite me teaching computer science and being a massive geek. I also don’t se it as hypocritical that I play games. I also drink and stay up fairly late and she doesn’t get to do those either.
  7. Is this multi player only or any need I’ve misses about single player. If it has solid single player and some of x wing or tie fighter’s depth I’m in!
  8. I went to bed feeling a bit meh about this and on reflection I’m not buying this for at least 2-3 years into its cycle like I did with my PS4. Sat under my tv I’ve got a PS4 and a new to me wii u. I have un completed Spider-Man, HZD, BOTW, death stranding, yakuza 0, Kiwami, sotc, doom, Titanfall 2, stacks of amazing driving games. Heck the even game me the uncharted collection and UC4 is the only game I’ve completed for years. maybe I’m just too old. Maybe I’m not the target market. It all looks the same. It all looks like what has gone before. There’s no buzz for me just never shinier versions of what I’ve seen countless times. Nothing original. Nothing I would want to buy this for. Nothing that made me feel the way I felt when I saw the PlayStation and the amazing th in ha coming out of Japan from namco. Nothing like seeing Nintendo’s best newness. Maybe it’s the internet and the format. These days it’s just here’s a bunch of videos playing trailers and a person talking with some or spiel and I don’t think doing it in a big venue with cheering whooping clapping men is any better either. maybe I’m more jaded and the younger me pre YouTube and live conferences who poured over magazine news each month on the latest news from the far east and the amazing developments in the 90s and early 2000s. The marketing formula they have works I guess with ready made free additional advertising form the reaction videos and commentary provided to keep the masses talking about what is really pretty dull. Finally I guess the way it looks is the most interesting thing about the whole reveal. When all the games look the same as what we have seen over the past 5-8 years at least the aesthetics has people talking.
  9. The original PlayStation and Saturn had “leaks” back in early edge magazines which had artists impressions - the Saturn one was pretty close in the end. I miss those days. A monthly drop of news and information. Then edge issue 11. I still remember buying it on the way home form work experience as a 15 year old and pouring over the actual real PlayStation images all night. Good times!
  10. Some people love the English dub for some reason. Have they worked on the animation. I fired up the wii version the other day and the running/walking animation is all sorts of awful.
  11. Got to say when I moved from the pc and Xbox I found the PS4 dashboard to be minimal calming and easy to navigate. Horses for courses I guess.
  12. That doesn’t sound too shabby at all from the base product. I had to get add ins to get that sort of functionality on with fsx. Flying a big jet aircraft using the full systems is an awesome experience - if you like that sort of thing so it’s nice to see approaches and departures and some degree of automation being modelled.
  13. Question re the big jets. Do they have realistic systems simulations eg does the a320 have thrust levers that only set to automated settings like flex and then the bottom 50% is controllable when the auto throttle is disconnected and do they have programmable flight management computers?
  14. I think this is a fabulous offer and the games are really well chosen. I loved UC4 but had never played the older ones and journey had been on my to get list for ages and with the current situation seems really well chosen.
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