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  1. I remember playing monkey ball on a Japanese console the week it came out in a sort of game shop in Notting Hill. I can’t believe that was 20 years ago. I soon got a us machine and amassed quite a collection. I sold most of it and that along with selling other earlier Nintendo consoles are my biggest gaming regrets. it felt so new, so fun and cutting edge while not being that really at all. I still have a few games and a us wii to play them in and I still have two mint original controllers so that’s something at least!
  2. I quite like five guys. It’s no meat liquor or patty and bun but it’s a damn site better than other fast food places and the burgers are very good and I like how you can get what you want. I’m also a fan of the fries but that’s just me I guess. I went to an honest burger the other day and the burger was good but the fries were just far far too salty. I like salty fries but my god these were almost inedible. If I’m in London I’ll go to meat liquor or meat market any day of the week but as I don’t live in town and have five guys in both the nearest two towns I am happy slumming it there.
  3. Good old auto correct. Those leavers are filthy. I’m an airbus fan over Boeing as a passenger and technology geek. I know some pilots who fly both and have flown types from both manufactures and they’re often not massively fussed.
  4. It’s more than that. The different flight control laws on an airbus mean that you aren’t necessarily directly inputting to the controls and everything is being interpreted by the computer first. If you input full right or left aileron for example an airbus might not give this to you so a stick is better as it inputs what you’d like. Boeing are now FBW but stick with a yoke as it’s their thing but their systems also work very differently. Full right is full aileron is still full aileron so is analogue to the yoke. Before the 777 boeing had been hydraulic for making time so it wasn’t about ease of control. Don’t forget that student pilots mostly learn on aircraft with a yoke so moving to a stick is often trickier for them. It’s also harder for pilots moving from the left seat to the captains seat on airbus as they need master left handed flying after getting used to the right hand side as first officer. It’s also a different thing when it comes to the filthiest leavers which move and are relatively connected on a Boeing and stay locked in climb mode on the airbus no matter what the thrust is set to. At the end of the day most big jets are only hand flown for the last 1000ft if so anyway.
  5. It’s a rabbit hole alreight. I check metar before I usually fly (or at least when I used to fly) as a passenger. Now get yourself some gliding lessons which I did years ago which blows flight sim out of the water. Then I found myself sat in a BA cadet interview day many years ago aged 35 by far the oldest one there and only missed making the final stage after missing a maths test mark by a couple of points. Then again knowing several BA pilots in furlough still or people who have paid £130000 to get their full commercial license which no job after years of hunting I’m not that gutted I never went down this route.
  6. Thai is exactly the approach I take. I’m a good generation or two behind and I don’t really care. Most of the time I play on my wii u or ps4 pro where I have a huge backlog. Special editions can do one though. Games used to come out in one version and you played it. If mugs didn’t buy this rubbish they wouldn’t make them I guess but it’s all fairly depressing.
  7. I got an rg351p for Father’s Day. Stuck 351elec on it and it’s simply brilliant. Need a better as card just in case though.
  8. So as I posted in the car lot /loft find thread I once again have my hands on a Nintendo 64. Luckily I have three official controllers but two have fairly loose sticks. So, my question is: how good are the replacement sticks you can pick up on eBay and is there a recommended replacement stick and failing that what is the deal on third party controllers - are there any good ones?
  9. You know what I’ve just been trying to get up to speed on your treasure trove thread. Any good n64 bits still left?
  10. So a trip into my parents loft and I found this, my brothers n64. He doesn’t want it. Result! I sold my absolutely mint boxed console a few years back with all the games you’d want all boxed and mint so this is a bit of a downgrade but still. A few questionable games so I need to source wave race, pilot wings and 1080 but heh it’s still a great find. He has some nasty third party ram expansion but luckily still had the old jumper and cover so it’s back to usual.
  11. The one console I regret selling more than any is the n64. I was in pal land despite having a us SNES but I had an amazing collection of boxed games. This weekend I was sorting some bits out in my parents log and found my brothers old n64 up there. I just now need to “rescue” it from the dust. Sadly he does seem to have chucked the game boxes though.
  12. Not a chance. I can happily afford it but I’m a busy middle aged bloke with commitments. Just stay a few years behind generations and you can have a field day as long as you don’t mind that there is shinier smoother out there. I’m still ploughing through my PS4 backlog and bought a wii u last year with most of the best games for it so I have plenty to keep me busy. If you can make your peace with the shinies all is ok. Then a few years from now I’ll probably bite! That said as I posted in the another thread factoring in inflation I was spending more in real terms on mega drive games in the 90s as a teenager.
  13. This £70 is bobbins. I got a thorough bollocking for spending £39 on desert strike around 1992/3 which in today’s money according to the BoE inflation calculator is around £82. Just a counter point.
  14. I remember being sat in a 5th year maths lesson doodling cars and racing circuits and chatting cars with a friend and planning how amazing a PlayStation f1 game would be just enforce the console was released. We decided it should even have Murray Walker commentating. I absolutely loved that game and drove Interlagos goodness knows how many times.
  15. Heads up people - a wii u system update is out - check those DNS settings!
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