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  1. I remember being sat in a 5th year maths lesson doodling cars and racing circuits and chatting cars with a friend and planning how amazing a PlayStation f1 game would be just enforce the console was released. We decided it should even have Murray Walker commentating. I absolutely loved that game and drove Interlagos goodness knows how many times.
  2. Heads up people - a wii u system update is out - check those DNS settings!
  3. DCS is a proper rabbit's hole. It is immensely technical as you're not just learning to fly and navigate with maybe if you go serious in FS a flight management computer. Now you have weapons systems, radars with half a dozen different modes each, warning systems, tactical communications, steer points. It is a massive learning curve but as good a flying experience as you'll get if it is you bag. I came into it when it was just an A10 and I had previously played around with falcon 4.0 which was still pretty serious but DCS is a massive time sink that I didn't have time for. Check
  4. Absolutely. Pick it up and play. No more 10 hour tutorials.
  5. I absolutely love world. It’s a fun pick up and play play former where guy can run in different directions. What’s not too love? I always struggled to really enjoy the galaxy games. I know, sorry. I appreciated them and recognise they’re great but just didn’t love them. I think I need to give them another go.
  6. I Good question. I can hack waiting a few minutes for it to load, have a 4K tv and saved £100. I also wanted to play RDR2 in 4K and not 900p as well.
  7. I had a real downer about this a while back and even posted to that effect here. I then struggled to find a driving game I enjoyed more and other than gt sport which is obviously a different kettle of fish I had to get back into this so re bought a one x and am back loving it. I also bought FH3 before it got de listed as well and am glad I did and think I enjoy it even more.
  8. I bought a WiiU having skipped it and not owning a switch so for me it’s been a feast of MK8, Super Mario 3D world, BOTW, Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2. Talk about a great set of games to keep me busy. I also completed and absolutely loved The Last Of Us remastered which I thought was stellar.
  9. Just wrapped up TLOU remastered. I know I know but given that this is the second game I have completed this year this is a big thing here. Add this to UC4 which I wrapped earlier this year I guess I have found my game type as I usually play driving games. The game I completed before these two was Modern warfare on the 360! Anyway, what a game. There were so many simply amazing parts and while the set pieces were just incredible for me the parts where you just wondered around ruined houses getting a picture of the lives that were lived there got me the most. I guess I should take on
  10. I got to that page and was about to click buy, dithered while wondering how I would explain that my playstation has always been a massive white box sat by the TV honest to my Wife when we could do with buying a new fridge and then it was gone.
  11. PS4 - lovely buttons, great button feel, less good shoulders, sticks lack grip for me but are quiet. Dpad smooth and lovely. XBox one - horrid rounded buttons, even more horrid clicky d pad, noisy but grippy sticks and lovely smooth triggers. Why are the bupers clicky and nasty then? Wii U pro - just delightful even with the odd stick placement but shoulder bumper things are still a bit too clicky for me. 360 - great at the time and still weirdly sought after as I sold two for a good price a while back but these days don't quite feel as good as the newer ones. Gamecube -
  12. That is just lovely - I could watch it over and over!
  13. I would add that I had day one access to the megadrive, SNES, N64 via a friend and the megadrive and N64 were both amazing experiences back in the day. The Megadrive and N64 stick in my mind particularly for both getting close to arcade experiences and the N64 for Mario 64 simpy.
  14. I have always jumped on consoles some time after their launch. The only two I went in day one for were the playstation and GBA. The playstation wins hands down. Ridge racer was just an insta-purchase as I loved arcade racers (still do) and had ben following the developments of the console in Edge magazine religiously. I remember first seeing it in issue 11 and just knowing I had to have it (15 year old me back then). It's safe to say nothing about it disappointed and the now 16 year old me just rinsed ridgeracer and the demo disk.
  15. And also those console wide game settings for inverting look and difficulty. About time!
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