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  1. Pfft... that's a 5 minute job they could have given to the intern. Actually for this game to still be as awesome as it is after I've just finished Elden Ring speaks volumes (and just to be clear I LOVED Elden Ring it might just be my #1 game of all time).
  2. I've just started replaying this. I did get pretty far before - up to the OF in Hirata. Even though it was an optional fight I refused to give in, and literally tore my hear out trying to do it. That was quite a while ago and I'm sure jumping back in now I would have lost all of the muscle memory and timing, so will just start from scratch. It's just as hard as I remember and equally as satisfying and brilliant. I just love how it doesn't need to inundate you with armour, weapons etc. Even the prosthetic isn't hugely useful (some bits would be damn hard without some tools though that's for sure) and the skill tree is pretty limited. It mostly comes down to you and your blade - very awesome. In fact, where is the sequel????
  3. Just finished this - really liked the previous 2 and with this being more of the same I thought it was also pretty damn great. Possibly the best one out of the three so far, the characters were fleshed out a little better, and the story was decent. Didn't save everyone (4 out of 5) and was a bit miffed at the one I did get killed because the earlier scenario that caused it to happen was a little ambiguous. Still that's 3 out 3 I've really liked - I've already started The Quarry, and looking forward to the next Dark Pictures installment, so has to said I'm loving all of these games. Top job!
  4. Even though yes, it IS a shooter, if you want to step into another brilliantly realised world, Half Life is stunning. It's one of those games that constantly surprises you - you think to yourself "I wonder if I can do this"? Then you try it and it works! It's amazing. I'm replaying Resi 4 on the Quest now and it was such a great job they did on it with regard to remapping all the controls. It's really tense too - I just got to the prison bit again (with the invisible creatures), and it's so damn nerve wracking, I can't play it for long without taking a few breaks. I keep thinking about how incredible it would be to walk through the Resi 1 mansion in VR, it would be so awesome on todays headsets. However, and this is not being at all sarcastic - they'd have to remove the spiders or make them optional, because I genuinely could not play it seeing those things in close up in VR.
  5. This is 100% true - Astrobot was so surprisingly great. Dare I say it, but actually has that little bit of magic that Mario always has - when you play it, you smile. Even the bite sized PS5 offering (Astro's Playroom) is brilliant.
  6. Has to be Resident Evil 4 - by some distance the best standalone game I've played on it. The usual suspects: Beat Saber, Superhot, Pistol Whip - and if you think you'd like a ping pong game - Eleven VR really is pretty special.
  7. Wireless or tethered, for me it's just the lack of truly outstanding games that's the frustration. When you look at what CAN be done... The first time I bought my PSVR home, plugged it in and fired up Batman I was totally and utterly blown away - they really should have followed it up with a full blown game with more features it would have been brilliant. Similarly with Astrobot, Rez and Resident Evil 7, just jaw-droppingly good. I've played through Resi 7 in non-vr and it's nowhere near the same level. But really, that was it - other things were good, but not up par with those. Games like Superhot are great but I love to see some detailed environments in VR you really can get sucked into the atmosphere. Also, they didn't do enough with the AIM controller! I played through Farpoint and the immersion was fantastic, but it played very much like a shooting gallery VR game. I was so impressed with those games listed above, I invested in a modestly budgeted Half Life: Alyx set up (using Quest via Virtual Desktop), and yes it was still a costly exercise, but at the risk of sounding totally cheesy, the sheer joy that game gave me made it totally worth it. I just wish there were more games of that calibre on Quest/PSVR. Quite frankly the thought of playing through Resi 8 and a sequel to Astrobot on PSVR2 has me pretty damn excited. One more tiny criticism is the resolution it's always a bit blurry (on PSVR and Quest 2) - I'm looking forward to seeing things with a little more crispness.
  8. The Quest is amazing, because it just works flawlessly (for us). You switch it on and get playing that's it, if you swap players you just put the headset on someone else and continue. PSVR isn't quite that seamless you have to keep recalibrating and dealing with drift etc thanks to the camera, and the move controllers really hamper it. So, PSVR2 will be a huge improvement even though its wired - I really can't wait to see it. As others have said - the major downside of the Quest is the quality of games, particularly with regard to adventures. Resi 4 aside, there's nothing even remotely close to the amazingness of HL: Alyx (which admittedly is pretty revolutionary in terms of immersiveness), or Resident Evil 7 on PSVR. There is still lots of great stuff on the Quest though, just not at that level.
  9. After quite enjoying Man of Medan - I just played through this one, and I really liked it as well! So far I think the criticisms of these not being up to par with Until Dawn are perfectly valid, but I'm really liking these bite sized stories. They are like episodes of The Twilight Zone with a bit of gore thrown in. I know this one has copped a lot of flack for the ending, but again it didn't really bother me at all - I didn't mind the twist as such, the only thing was the abruptness of it. There wasn't really a grand, gradual reveal it was just... over. Still, I enjoyed the story - just like Man of Medan it kept me engaged all the way to the end. I kept everyone alive too, as I did in Man of Medan - guess I've just been lucky? On to House of Ashes!
  10. I've banged on about this continuously - but if you can, play this in VR it is one of the absolute standout experiences. You have to be able to withstand some tension though - I'm not usually freaked out by horror games but this in VR seriously had me sweating.
  11. Just played through this after it appeared on PSPlus, and I thought it was great! I think the short length really helps it, it doesn't really drag on for too long. The criticism here are all valid though - you do get some cuts to scenes that don't quite make sense, the boat itself should have been the star of the show, but its far too bland and samey. I know its an old military freighter but I'm sure they could have done something better with the environments. Plus, there's a little too much walking around the ship with not enough happening (which again, may have been ok if the environments were a little more interesting). The characters were good though and the story was engaging - and it kept me interested to the end. I didn't think the ending was too terrible either. Might go through Little Hope now - and then House of Ashes before giving The Quarry a go.
  12. Given how absolutely INCREDIBLE the remakes of 2 and 3 were, how can this not be my most anticipated game release since forever (ok, Elden Ring did it for me too)? I don't care if some (wrong) people say this shouldn't be remade, yes it's almost perfect as it is - but I will play this game in as many iterations and guises as they can throw at me. If Capcom turned around tomorrow and said their next 10 games will just be various remakes of Resident Evil 4 I'd be celebrating.
  13. Well, I absolutely love this game, but I do still agree with some those points. I'll leave it someone else to explain any story details (although again I do agree it's not totally clear), but personally I think all the confusion works in its favor. I actually think its supposed to be a bit fuzzy - after all you are in someone's weird alternate reality and nothing is really supposed to make sense. The one thing I definitely agree 100% on is the trial and error facet to the game, which really drags it down. For me though it's still my rough diamond - even when I play it now it still gives me a feeling of general uneasiness and I think I've played through it maybe 4-5 times. For as much as EW2 was awesome, and technically the better game - it just didn't have the gritty atmosphere of 1. Also I think if you maybe skipped 2 because of an aversion to the "features" of this one, you really should give it a try because it has pretty much none of those frustrations. I'd still LOVE to see an EW3 on PS5 as a nice mix of 1 and 2 - won't happen I know but we can dream.
  14. I've waited and waited and waited for the price to drop on this because I really didn't want to pay $124 AUD for it. What bloody luck I did wait, because I upgraded my PS Plus to the new top tier and this is included! Really just did not know what to make of it for the first 2-3 hours. I just kept dying at the same spot (relatively speaking) as it would usually spawn 2 of the tougher creatures together and my weapon just didn't seem to have enough oomph to help me. I also wasn't finding certain items (eg house key, melee blade) even though I was exploring the level as much as I could. Then on one cycle I seemed to just get a bit lucky with drops, and found the blade weapon, the house key, then got to the boss and was within a whisker of beating him. So - I guess my question is, did I improve, or was it purely because the game decided to help me out a bit more with a lucky run?
  15. I didn't think it was possible to both agree and disagree with a post so strongly!
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