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  1. There's something about DS2 that I just love - its clearly not quite the game that DS and DS3 are, but it has this ethereal almost dreamlike quality to it that just gives it this amazing ambience. I don't get the hate for it at all, it's an absolutely cracking game - and I haven't even played the (supposedly better than the main game) DLC! I might have to rectify that once I finish Elden Ring.
  2. So - was Radahn actually nerfed in the recent patch? I ask, because he seems to have been a complete roadblock for a lot of people, but I beat him easily with the insane number of summons you are given. I thought it's supposed to be a festival so lets make it one! I was very patient - just waited till he was battering some of the others, then rode in and gave him a few hits and high-tailed it away again. I've no idea where to go now though - the falling star landed somewhere but the game is "pretty big" to put it mildly. Am I supposed to have some sort of hint of where it is (short of looking it up online)?
  3. This game really is all-consuming isn't it? When I'm not playing it I'm constantly thinking where I can go next, what I might have missed, what I can upgrade or change, or when I can play it again. Heck, even when I AM playing it I'm thinking about when I get to play it again! I'm also wondering how on earth I go to the next game once this is complete - it'll have to be something very special indeed.
  4. Godrick is down! To be honest I had completely forgotten about him as I had gone off to wander the lands. Explored most of Weeping Peninsula + Morne Castle, a bit of Caelid (I don't think I belong in that cesspit just yet) and a fair bit of the Lake (getting to the Academy) before remembering I'd left him breathing. Didn't take too long this time, I did it the easy way I think, with my now +6 wolves and the NPC summon. I was left on my own towards the end, but the bloody slash made short work out of him. My wolves are now mean as hell... I was in one catacomb, getting completely smacked around by a boss, and I was just desperately blocking and rolling away, when all of a sudden he went down! So basically I was distracting him while my wolvie mates bit his *ss! I'm not really sure what to do with Godricks rune and the remembrance - looks like maybe I can duplicate the remembrance at one of the mausloeums, is that what they are for?
  5. I've had this feeling before playing FROM games. I think when you are a bit stretched for time (as I am) these games can truly infuriate you because it is entirely possible to play for a few hours and make no progress whatsoever - giving you the distinct impression you just completely wasted a few precious hours of they day simply getting wound up. I have finished Demons, DS 1,2,3 and BB but honestly - as good as those games are (and they are superb) this is much better. Rather than batter your head against a wall with a boss, or an area you really can just sack off and try something else, it was the one thing that was a bit lacking in the other games (you could always go to other areas I know but usually you were completely gated by a boss or two at some point).
  6. It's another post full of praise... I just can't fathom how they've managed to design this masterpiece. I mean there are clearly paths to follow and certain areas ARE much easier than others - which is amazingly apparent when you complete one, and then the next direction you go in seems incredibly easy. I've found myself think "ah - I should have come this way before"! BUT - somehow it doesn't break the game and every area has its own challenges. It's almost like you choose the difficulty when you decide which direction to travel in, but not matter what the difficulty builds up to a crescendo in each path you take. Oh my word, the scale of it... Yes everyone has said it, but holy hell I've never seen anything like it. The traversal and exploration is fantastic - and not because you are given some fabulous flying/gliding contraption (Torrent IS cool though), they've just made it interesting by designing such a varied unique world. The only thing I've found even remotely bound to current game styles - is that it's started to show its hand a little with the repeating ruins/catacombs. However, every area seems to have unique enemy designs and landscapes - real landscapes though, not just "lava world", "ice world", "forest world" etc... Apparently I'm 25 hours in - and reading the posts of others I am barely scratching the surface still. I've beaten Margit, but got completely trashed by Godrick, and it's clear I'm not ready for that yet so just left him for now, to explore the world, and it just keep growing and growing. I actually feel excited that I have such a large amount of this game to explore. Is it stupid to say I feel privileged to play it? If it keeps up this level of quality, it is comfortably going to beat Resident Evil 4 to my game of all time - comfortably. It seems astonishing just to say that. Just wow - hats off to the devs, I'd actually like to shake their hands personally and tell them well done.
  7. I found this in general in the game so far - they've been extremely generous with grace points. On one hand it's taken away some of the fear factor when pushing ahead, but it has made the game waaaaaaaay less frustrating than the rest of the Souls series. edit: or has it? Being able to quickly restart a boss battle (eg Godrick) only to be soundly beaten over and over again... Maybe not quite as frustration free as I thought.
  8. I've been re-watching this too - it's pure gold. I don't recall ever watching a bad episode (except maybe the ending), and George/Kramer just crack me up every time they are on screen. Michael Richards' physical comedy was just amazing!
  9. I feel I may have hobbled myself somewhat by starting with the samurai. I've found a couple of weapons here and there but due to my strict samurai code, I can't use any other weapon than my trusty katana and bow. I'm wandering around right now doing the sheathe/unsheathe sword move on everything - must be because i only just finished Ghost of Tsushima! Of course in this there's bugger all chance of the enemies running off in terror - quite the opposite in fact.
  10. The hype is real for me, this really is something special. No, it's not revolutionary in its open world design, and is it more of Demons/Dark Souls? Absolutely it is. But there you go, it's an open world DS, and for someone like me, and I suppose most of us in this topic that's gaming heaven. I'm actually not one for open world games in general - the main thing that bugs me about them is that you uncover a portion of a map and suddenly it's littered with question marks/points of interest, and it kills the mystery and sense of exploration. This is brilliant - you see something in the distance and you try and get there - along the way you might just spot a cave, or a roaming enemy (giant or otherwise), a fire, something glinting, some weird structure, for me it's just been awesome to explore. There's not something jammed in there to do every 5 steps and its sooooo much better for it. The world they've built is so mysterious and nerve wracking - it's lonely, and harsh, and it's amazing. You find some weird new area and edge forward though it with the feeling you really shouldn't be there, and I've been loving that. As someone else mentioned earlier, I also found an underground area by just wandering around Limgrave - but going down there, it was so bizarre and strange - it was kind of dreamlike - what is it even doing there, and what am I doing there...? Then I got well and truly battered and realised - no I definitely shouldn't even be there. Ha ha ha... I'm rambling, but just loving it. If there's one criticism I would level at it - it's that for newcomers to the series, there's too much that's easy to miss, and they definitely should have signposted the tutorial a little better. As DS veterans, we know about bonfires/flasks etc, but if you miss the tutorial as a beginner, you're in for some trouble. I mean just thinking about it - when you first get out into the open world, you might miss the first resting place and saunter down to the Tree Sentinal, and if this is the first time you've played a From game that is gonna turn you off pretty damn quick.
  11. I always like the idea of going for dex builds, like some kind of Dark Souls ninja - but jeez every time I try it I get mullered over and over again, so end up going back and creating a greatsword wielding tank, which gets me much farther. On reading reviews, this seems to allow for some degree of striking from the darkness so maybe it'll be do-able for me this time? Who am I kidding, zweihander all the way! Actually for Dark Souls 2 I rocked dual clubs and they crushed absolutely everything!
  12. Man, I am so pumped for this now! Posted in the Ghost of Tsushima thread that I'm right on the verge of mopping that up today (it's been superb btw) just in time for this. I've been playing Ghost on a newly set up PS5 + 4k projector on a 3m wide screen and I cannot begin to say how jaw dropping it has been. I think this may just top it. I'll have the day off work tomorrow, will stock up on snacks, maybe a very nice single malt for later on and it should just about be the perfect day (besides having to also look after the kids of course - who decides to arrange basketball matches at 7pm on a Friday evening? I mean come on...).
  13. I've played this solidly now for 2 weeks. It's just phenomenal stuff - the world they built, the missions, stories, the combat - its glorious. If you like open worlds with samurais, battles and scenic, moody sword duels under moonlight there's really not much more you can ask for. I mentioned above that once you've advanced a fair bit you can become almost unstoppable - but oddly enough this is where the game really took off for me, when you truly become "The Ghost". Having the bad guys cowering in terror as you advance towards them is an empowering experience I've not seen in a game to this extent before. I had to chuckle just now when I was clearing a fort, and just as I was down to the last 2 guys, I noticed even their dogs became terrified, turned tail and scampered off (leaving their masters to a bloody end)! One of the best games I've played for sure - and I can finish this up tomorrow and move straight on to Elden Ring. How bloody amazing is that!?
  14. I started this again recently on PS5 after kind of losing interest on PS4 last year, and have to agree with a lot of people here it's an unbelievably good game. I just can't get over the sheer amount of content, I've tried to finish it in time for Elden Ring but it just keeps going, and going, and going... Does it get boring? Hell no! If anything it's become a little easy now, but that's only made it an even better experience in my eyes. After a few hours in, I would be creeping around terrified of being spotted, picking off a few stragglers here and there, and any battles with more than 2 or 3 enemies I was toast. Now I saunter casually right up to the front door of a Mongol camp and challenge them, wipe out 5 of them without batting an eyelid, then dance around about 10-15 warriors, switching stances in some sort of marvellous Samurai bloodletting dance routine, while the remaining 4 or 5 guys actually drop their swords and run off into the wilderness in abject terror. Absolutely amazing stuff.
  15. In terms of the Kelvin timeline movies, I thought all of them, while not especially top tier movies in terms of story/writing etc, were still really good fun, mostly due to the surprisingly good cast. They all seem to fit into the roles really well - Pine made a pretty decent Kirk and Quinto is actually a great Spock - the same goes for Bones, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov (RIP, very sad). Perhaps Pegg is just a bit too silly/slapstick in his Scotty role, but besides that they all did a great job of reprising classic, well loved, nostalgic characters. I'd quite like to see another with the same bunch.
  16. I definitely went through this pain... If you looks at my posts back on page 59 I almost quit at the last boss. All I can say is keep trying, he does have patterns and they are recognisable - I got very frustrated because I felt my reactions just weren't quick enough, but the more you go back and retry, the easier it gets. I think when I did eventually beat him I did it taking hardly any hits - and it was VERY satisfying.
  17. CheekyMonkey


    @robdood yes that's exactly what I've been concentrating on! I usually block first strike, then parry, then combo/counter followed by X+A, then follow up with the chase strikes (just because those are so badass). I found today that I'm just struggling with the "non-standard" enemies ie mini bosses. I just can't seems to parry them and I think I almost always dodge/sway in the wrong direction so keep getting hit. Stage 2 sticking points are the 2 fighters people have mentioned before (just before the actual boss fight I think). I also tried to fight the announcer (the one who says "you will be tested")... and she absolutely battered me. Am I also right in saying that an enemy with an aura around them cannot be parried? Never seem to be able to parry-stun them...
  18. What the...? There's a remaster of this out now??? How did I not know, I loved this on the Saturn! <Sarcophagus/Wallet creaks open>
  19. CheekyMonkey


    I think at that stage, yep it's probably best to take a break, because you'll get frustrated easily and be trying way too hard. I'm just remembering a similar scenario in Sekiro when I just could *not* beat the Ashina Elite samurai (just before Genichiro) - for some reason I just couldn't adjust my brain to the deflection timing no matter what I did. Honestly I must have tried it about 50 times, I felt like my hand/eye coordination was actually glitched, it was horrible. Took a 2 day break, went back and first god damn time it was "parry-parry, parry-parry deathblow" x2. Seriously it was over in about 10 seconds, I just needed that mental "click". I only really started to get this game after using more of the techniques (push backs, throws) that aren't explained amazingly well. Plus I only really just found out how to use focus strikes. I'm still no good at all btw, but I feel like I'm beginning to understand the basics. I can do stage 1 almost perfectly, so one-on-ones are easy and small groups are ok. Big groups with multiple weapons, the guys who get the smoke/aura around them and mini bosses - I still have big problems with though.
  20. CheekyMonkey


    I'm always using this move now (X+A after stun) - it's awesome when surrounded, plus when you get the upgrades to chase and keep hitting afterwards it's brilliant.
  21. CheekyMonkey


    I have to admit, the first couple of hours on this, I thought I'd made a mistake buying it. You have to give it a chance though - it just doesn't really hold your hand that much. One tip that someone wrote on here was to not try and parry an initial attack - just block the first attack and parry the second, and this has helped massively. Now I'll block, parry, push and opponents away/throw them over tables/into each other etc. You can also unlock an ability to chase and attack straight after a shove or sweep them to the floor - it all helps to give you that little bit of breathing space. I find I'm steadily improving with each run through, and I guess that what this game is all about. So basically I'm really enjoying it now - still only on stage 2, but it's actually good fun ripping through stage 1 again to try and lower the starting age for the next level.
  22. Like many here, I'm a massive fan of the original - we watched this last night and yep, I can say I really enjoyed it. However - and I'm gonna sound like an old codger now - the thing I find about a lot of the recent movies, is they just don't have the depth of the movies from the 80's/90's. I can watch something now and enjoy it, but I dunno everything seems either overly long, or somehow "watered down", I rarely get the urge to re-watch anything, and most are just throwaway experiences. Totally different to how I feel about movies like Alien/Aliens, Terminator, Predator or the original Ghostbusters - they had so much character they spawned their own culture. Actually just reading that back, I think maybe it's not the movies themselves but maybe just the fact I'm older and my perspective has changed.
  23. The Jeff bit was done pretty well I thought - it didn't outstay it's welcome. I thought by far the scariest bit was when you had to run through the ruined building that had headcrabs crawling EVERYWHERE. I still can't quite believe the impact this game had on me. I was already wowed by VR, I thought RE7 was a genuine revolution for gaming. But this just blew my socks off - and it was on a Quest 1 via virtual desktop with minimum graphical settings on PC. If I had played it on max settings with a Valve Index... oh my...
  24. I have to agree it is absolutely the definitive version. For anyone who's thinking of buying a Quest 2 to play this - I upgraded from my quest 1 just so I could get this without having to sideload or suffer any potential performance issues, and have to say it was worth the cash and then some. I feared it might have been just a quick and dirty port, but they really have done the game justice. I commented above about the controls, but even the tweaking of the weapons management is genius - just wait until you've done the Luis house siege in VR, with mobs running at you up the stairs as you desperately fumble reloading a shotgun, or attempt to grab a grenade, pull out the pin and lob it before they get to you - it really gets your heart rate going. This is a total new lease of life on this game, so I can't wait to see when the mod is complete to try the remakes of 2 & 3 in VR. Just thinking about some of the bits in Village... In VR it would be incredible!
  25. I love how they've done the weapons interface on this, it really is borrowed from Half Life: Alyx, which was a good move. Having to reach for clips, reload the gun and release the slide is so good it becomes second nature pretty quickly - similarly reaching over your back for the shotgun/rifle and having to manually reload ratchets up the tension as you have a group advancing on you. Extremely intuitive and just what VR is good for. There's been a few times where I've had Mr Chainsaw running at me with my shotgun aimed right at his head - just as I'm about to smugly blast him away, there's a soul draining "click" of an empty chamber as he then proceeds with gleeful dismemberment. It's not frustrating - you just know you screwed up. There's also been some absolutely manic reloading during the same scenario, and some unsuccessful/incomplete pumps of the shotgun, with similarly gruesome results. Ha ha - its really great this.
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