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  1. How many different ways can they make this game? No matter what control scheme or platform it goes on, it's still astronomically good. 

    I must have played through this game 100 times, yet here I am playing it in VR and it feels fresh again, and still as good as the first time I played it. I have to say, they've done a fantastic job on this.


    Greatest game of all time? Yep, I think so.  :wub:

  2. I absolutely love this movie. I also think it's perhaps Nolans best, and I can watch it over and over again. Saying that, I do have a very soft spot for Memento though because it's just so damn clever, and I still haven't seen anything like it. It manages to be complex but extremely easy to follow at the same time - which is something I really can't say the same about movies like Inception or Tenet, which seem to be overly complicated just for the sake of being overly complicated (I still like them though).


    The superb cast really make this movie shine though - all the characters are so memorable, even those that don't get much screen time (eg Andy Serkis character and Tesla). Plus Jackman and Bale are superb, really bring Borden/Tangier to life. :wub:

  3. I really enjoyed this, but 7 was just revolutionary in VR -so I can't for the life of me understand they they kept this first person and didn't include a VR mode, it would have been both terrifying (well some of it) and incredible.

    To be honest if they aren't going to include VR, I'd rather they went back to 3rd person for Resi games.

  4. I guess it's typical but as soon as I'd had a moan about it on here, the boss is finally done. I will concede it's not so bad - you basically have to utilise all the abilities well. Flash, missiles, bombs, slides, space jumps you have to incorporate it all and I guess once you realise that it becomes a case of not panicking, then recognising the attacks and using the best ability to counter it.


    It's still much harder than anything else in the game by some margin so it's still a bit too much of a spike IMO.


    But that's the one teeny-tiny smear on a thoroughly outstanding game. I didnt want it to end (besides that boss fight) and would gladly play more right now - there's very few games these days that make me think that after completion.


    So in summary - brilliant. Tied for the best thing I've played this year, and that's only because I finally played through Half Life Alyx for the first time (which was just, wow). I think for a 2d action game, that's a phenomenal achievement. 

  5. I'll down this a-hole eventually, I'm not giving up until I do, the games been too good up until now.


    I don't want to end it on a sour note. Maybe I'll backtrack a bit but I feel I already have enough missiles/tanks I can take quite a few hits.


    I think the good advice here is to concentrate on not getting hit and just avoiding everything. 


    Also I started prime again too, but

    totally forgot it was on wii u. I'm playing on wii with a hdmi adapter, and after playing so many pin sharp games on switch and ps5, the low res is a little jarring. It's still a phenomenal game regardless. 😀

  6. This has been the best thing I've played for quite some time. It's dominated my gaming time completely and I don't think I've played anything else at all since I bought it.


    However, this last boss is an absolute f$cker, and is starting to really frustrate me. It feels like Sekiro all over again, where I just don't feel like I have the reactions to deal with it. Admittedly I'm an old moany git now but been playing games since I was 6, and sometimes things like this just remind me I've slowed down a bit in the reaction time department, and it really flicks my anger switch.


    I know exactly what to do at each tell of each attack but f*ck me I really just cannot react fast enough. I get through phase 1 absolutely no probs but the next bit I just get whittled down bit by bit. So now i'm at this horrible stage where every day I (reluctantly) switch on the game have about 10 goes at the boss, fail at phase 2 and switch off. It's soured it a bit... Everything else I feel has been pitched perfectly - hard at some points, but you feel like you progressed each time even if you failed.


    I'll do it eventually, and I'm sure it will be a real "f*ck you a-hole!" moment, but a shame for me that it has to end with just wanting it to be over. Up until this point I would happily have kept going for another 10 hours. 😕

  7. I never had problems with the Tyrant/Plane bit - however, I do recall having to start the game over again because I could not do the Steve transformation/escape bit. You just had to run away, but I couldn't do it without getting hit/dying and I had no health refills. Someone here will no doubt tell me "what are you on about, you just run and the scene ends" - but I swear I tried it a zillion times. :lol:

    It was pretty far into the game too I remember being quite miffed at the time (I still restarted and finished it though, I thought it was fantastic at the time). Agree with this being a prime candidate for a remake, make it happen Capcom!

  8. Not much to add - only to acknowledge what a brilliant achievement this is. It actually takes me back to the first time playing Super Metroid that's how good it is. We've had a lot of indie games with similar structures and styles yes, and a lot of them have been excellent - but this is 100% Nintendo gold.


    Oh and anyone on the fence about this because of the price - just do it, you won't be disappointed in the investment. :wub: 

  9. Following on from my post above, I decided to give this a replay on PS5. Seriously, when this game gets it right, it's REALLY good. The atmosphere is superb, the graphics and sound are excellent, the enemies are pretty memorable and suitably menacing, and the weapons have a nice meaty whallop.


    I'm only up to chapter 5, so I'm yet to get to the places where it grates or gets a little annoying (the insta-kill boss fights etc), but I still think this is a bit of a classic. Look forward to doing a replay of the sequel after this, but I think it's going to give me a hankering for what would be a fantastic 3rd game on current gen hardware. :(

  10. I absolutely love this game! Yes the sequel is indeed better because it does away with a lot of the rough edges of this one (the insta-deaths etc). But this one just feels so.... raw(?) In comparison. Might be down to some strange mechanics or the heavy visual grain/filters but there's definitely something special buried in here. I still remember the intro to the invisible enemies - I absolutely cacked it. 😆


    I think the post above explains it best casting these games as Terminator 1 & 2. 🙂


    I would love to have seen a third game. It's been a long time though - probably this franchise has seen its last. ☹

  11. Bought this after having a hankering for a pure action game, and... well...


    It's just brilliant isn't it? In terms of an actual remaster it doesn't do much, but the game has held up amazingly well. I'm playing through the first one now and it's ultra responsive, it has an awesome moveset, it still looks damn good and it's just really engaging - if there was ever a game to make you feel like a super-ninja it was this. It's every bit as good as I remember.


    I do recall being supremely disappointed with 3 back in the day, but as I still have most of 1 and all of 2 to play I consider this $60 (aussie bucks) very well spent. 


    Some games deserve more sequels - and after such a lacklustre end to the trilogy all those years ago, I think I would love to see a new Gaiden in this gen. 🥰

  12. This was, is, and I think always will be gold standard Resident Evil - everything about it just works.


    It's equal parts terrifying, tense, cheesy and (probably unintentionally) hilarious! I still get horrific spine tingles in the guardhouse - when you enter the common room (with the pool table in) and that camera shot with you in front of the door, then "something" crawls down from the ceiling behind you... eeeurghhh... It's worse than the infamous "dog crashing through window" moment for me. 😆


    The sequels were good, but this one is still the best (4 being equally as amazing but where the game branched off into something totally different).


    I know these Resi remakes are done to death - but I'll happily take this game remade as many times over as they can, with newer engines. So this one, in the Resi 2/3 remake engine would be tops for me (as long as they don't cut bits out like they did with Resi 2). :wub:  

  13. This is every bit as good as I remember. Seriously, no other fighting games come anywhere near this for sheer depth, and the characters are all so unique and awesome. I'd say it's a crying shame that they haven't produce VF6 after all these years, but they still don't need to (although I wouldn't say no) - this is still the king for me.

    Note that I am totally hopeless at it. But it's no fault of the game that I suck.   :)

  14. Holy heck this is brilliant! Can't believe i only just discovered it but it's like the love child of Elevator Action Returns, Metal Slug and even a slight dash of Katana Zero!


    It's clearly had tonnes of love poured into it - the animation is superb, the soundtrack is amazing there are nice little touches everywhere.  🥰

  15. 1 hour ago, CarloOos said:

    You just have to get past the opening siege. Once that’s done, it’s really well balanced without any significant spikes. If you’re used to playing survival horror games (ammo conservation, occasionally avoiding foes altogether) then hardcore is the way to go.


    Definitely this! I started on Hardcore and after 20 attempts on the first siege, thought screw this, I don't have time to be frustrated over and over again - and went back to standard. I then got all the way through to the castle without so much as a scratch and thought it's just gone too far the other way and now it's too easy?


    So - one more go at hardcore form the beginning, and blimey if that first siege isn't ridiculously difficult. You really have to know a few little tricks to get past it. Once you do though - while the rest of the game keeps you more on edge, there are definitely no more spikes like that first one.

  16. Just finished... Well that was amazing and just completely bananas at the same time! 😆



    The tank bit/Heisenberg boss fight was just batshit insane - I was NOT expecting that! 😀


    Brilliantly done - I'm a little sad its over as I could have played a lot more if it was on offer. What a shame we'll have to wait so long for the next one. 

  17. Yeah the maze in RE4 is only optional due to the difficulty.


    There's one or two branching paths in RE4 yes, but they come together at the end of the section and that's the extent of it. In general (not all the time) once you leave an area in RE4, unless it specifically requires backtracking, the doors lock you out and you are forced to move on. It's actually one of the great things about it - it's relentless in its progression and never lets up. You go from one area to another, then another and another its just keeps going and you just don't know when or where it's going to end. :)


    Anyway, this is freaking stellar - I'm at the 



    now and its still brilliant! Others have mentioned but the engine in this is quite superb - the lighting in particular is exceptional. 


    I'm usually not one to moan about review scores, but a 6/10 from Edge seems unbelievably harsh. Perhaps I need to finish the game, and also read the review before making that statement though. I just can't imagine being disappointed at what's left of the game - hope that's not an ominous statement to make. :D

  18. Just completed the 3rd village lord - still absolutely loving this! :wub:


    It's like a glorious mish-mash of Resi 4 and Resi 7 which are 2 of the best in the series. If I have one tiny criticism so far - it's a similar one that applies to some other RE games ie:



    The castle is such a great area to explore, but the following ones just end much too abruptly. The castle built up slowly into a big epic finish, but then you kind of expect the other areas to do the same. So far the doll house and reservoir have been quite short and are basically over before you've really got stuck in, and it leaves you wanting a bit more.


    Reminds me a bit of RE2 with the police station being so great, but then the rest of the game doesn't quite measure up to it.


    I read in the Edge thread that this doesn't have any freedom and is very much funneling you from one area to the next. Well, I'm replaying RE4 at the same time, and to me that is waaaay more linear. RE8 has lots of little pathways you can take to go hunting for treasure and some of these end up as really cool little mini encounters, I don't think RE4 has any of that (note - it sounds like I'm putting a downer on RE4 but it's my favourite game of all time). I actually think this has struck a brilliant balance between offering up some nice optional areas and being stuffed with banal side quests etc.


    Also I'm very happy to have gone back and restarted on hardcore - I highly recommend this. After that (bizarrely difficult) first village siege, it seems to be pitched just about right. :)

  19. This game is really something - I'm so glad I went back and persevered with the hardcore difficulty. I've just left the castle and now back in the village but I thought the castle was pitched perfectly - I just about got through by the skin of my teeth.

    Is it just me or are the standard Lycan enemies really hard to kill? Maybe its the difficulty again, but whenever I face more than one it usually ends in death (not theirs). I think perhaps on hardcore you've really got to get your headshots in? Its damn tricky though - they tend to move a lot more erratically then your standard resi enemies so I end up throwing a lot of bullets away. 


    So far it's absolutely brilliant though - great job Capcom! :wub:

  20. Right - I was only a bit into the castle (just got through the kitchen) and I was already finding it a tad on the easy side. So - I restarted again on hardcore hoping to get past the first Lycan siege this time. 


    I managed to do it in about 3 tries this time around - it's bloody difficult as others have found, but a few pointers that got me through it. Basically you have to use all the means at your disposal - barricades, barrels and flour bags.


    1) In the first house where you find the shotgun, barricade the door and hold off the enemies until they break the door down.


    2) Leg it to the basement (shoot the flour bag if you need to buy a little time), out of the exit, and around to the back of the 2nd house, run straight inside and immediately barricade that door. Pick up the ammo inside and again hold them off until the door breaks. Use the exploding barrel to pick off the lycans and buy time to get up the ladder without being hit.


    3) Next bit is tricky to not get hit but jump down and try and run past all the enemies back to the first barn (right before the siege starts). You should find you can barricade the door again and hold them off for a bit.


    4) Once they break in - again tricky to not get hit here but run out and try to get to the other exploding barrel by the gate. If you can get that it should now be enough to finish the section.


    It's doable but still way too tricky for a first section and you do need a bit of luck not getting hit in the back as you run away. Saving a health pack should also see you through. I guess when you choose hard-core difficulty what should you expect? 


    Now up to where I was before - it does seem a better game with the higher difficulty, I just hope there aren't any more crazy spikes like that first bit!


    This is brilliant btw!

  21. Put me firmly in the "loving it" camp as well, although I have to say - like some others I also attempted to start this on Hardcore difficulty only to get totally blocked at the first siege. Apparently it's a crazy difficulty spike to have at the start of a game, but gets a little manageable after that. Hmmm well, perhaps I'll give it a go on second playthrough as I didn't want to sour the first playthrough with total frustration.


    Most people are saying its not scary - really? I must be a complete wuss then, because I'm not that far in (currently in the castle), and I'm finding it incredibly tense. Actually if I have my heaphones on, I'm bricking it at some bits. :lol: Perhaps it just gets more campy as it goes along - I'm totally fine with that too. :)

  22. The reviews have been great -  and this is out tomorrow! :wub:

    I was thinking to stay up and play this as soon as it unlocks (presumably at midnight) - but I have to give PT sessions at 6am tomorrow morning (actual physical training that is, not Konami's awesome demo), and it's probably best not appear all baggy eyed and freaked out. :lol:

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