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  1. I really like it too - I've been replaying some of it while waiting for Village, and gotta say I've really been enjoying it, plus there's some interesting and cool mechanics they threw in for the combat. However it really is all over the place in its tone - it's almost like a completely different game that they just put a "Resident Evil skin" over. :lol:

    I can totally see why others would hate it - there are some really dodgy bits that just don't work, and I guess you either learn to just accept them or not (understatement).

  2. I recently played through this as well - it's still a great classic slice of Resi, and I like that they tried to introduce some more animal/insect type enemies...  BUT wow I have to agree the inventory management is incredibly painful, to the point where you seemingly spend half the game running back and forth dropping/picking up your items. I really don't remember it being quite so bad on the Gamecube - so I guess that bit just hasn't aged well at all (although it was actually criticised by others back then too).

    I love the new remakes of 2 and 3 , but I'd still love to see a new game in the style of this and Resi 1 HD Remake with some ultra detailed environments. I really don't mind the fixed camera angles they make it so atmospheric. :wub:

  3. Finally got around to playing the demo - so for me, it's more of Resi 7, only with better graphics and better enemies. Therefore I'm still firmly on the hype train!!! :wub:


    They really do need to make it VR compatible though. :)

  4. I hope they can get another chapter out and finish this once and for all, but I think it was a huge mistake not finishing it while they had the chance this time. After all it's a strange divisive game - it was waaaaay ahead of it's time back when 1 & 2 were released However, it hasn't really moved on, whereas everything else has so it only really appealed to existing fans, and I can't imagine it's picked up too many new ones. 


    I was the biggest Shenmue fan over 1&2 and I was literally counting down the days for 3 to be released. But I think it's telling that even I stopped playing it half way through and that was ages ago. I still really want to finish it - and I definitely will, but I seriously thought I would be powering straight through it with no sleep. 


    Perhaps it's my taste that has changed over the years and newer games have come along and changed the way I play, or what I expect. Hmmmmm I'm not sure - I think I also just started to get a bit disheartened that the story still wasn't going to go anywhere in this installment. I haven't finished it of course and I've stayed away from spoilers, but from what I hear generally I'm really not going to see much more story progression. :(

  5. I admitted defeat with this too. It's the only Soulsborne game I haven't finished, and I even got as far as OF (the Hirata Estate version ie, it's even an optional boss fight) - so I managed to get through a lot of the difficulty spikes most people quit at. The game did actually click at one point but this version of OF was just another brick wall for me, only a solid one. I resorted to watching videos of how to bait attacks, what to block/parry and what to avoid and saw all the people in the videos completely destroy him without so much as a scratch. I don't know what it was I just failed again and again and again I seriously have no idea how many attempts - I had it must have been hundreds. I even left the game for a couple of months and went back fresh but same damn thing!


    After the gazillionth defeat and literally steam coming out my ears I just calmly quit the game, realised I wasn't enjoying it anymore and called time on it. :)

    No matter what anyone in this thread says, I think it is a shade too hard - not only that, I feel like there's something bizarrely odd in this game that doesn't quite resonate with some people's brains. For me it was the timing required for parrying. For example - I got stuck on the samurai in the castle (just before Genichiro) who just keeps does the fast sword draw. I just could NOT find the right timing to deflect it, I knew exactly what to do I just did not seem to have the reflexes and it was absolutely infuriating. After 50 or so attempts I literally destroyed him in 5 seconds it was like double parry x 3, then deathblow and and it was all over. It's almost as if my brain temporarily went into a different mode, and it became insanely easy for just a few seconds. Could have just been luck too, but it didn't feel like it.


    Shame really, because I thought it was superb, and I love the idea behind it that you just have to be razor sharp, and not rely on spamming or upgrades etc. Plus I am a huuuuge fan of the setting and theme (Tenchu was one of my all time faves). Maybe one day I'll go back to it but I think within 10 minutes that feeling of utter uselessness will rear it's head again. I think that's the thing about it - you know what the game wants you to do, but you can't do it so you just feel like a total loser, and completely deflated. It really is the video game equivalent of being kicked in the nuts. :lol:


  6. What the deuce?


    Incredible new trailer, another demo, MERCENARIES - freaking Resi 4 in VR??? I'll basically take Resi 4 in any new format they want to give me, but this could be even better than a remake - imagine facing El Gigante or trying to take down an advancing regenerator in VR, even a quick and lazy port could be the most amazing thing ever! :wub::wub::wub:


    I reckon Village is just looking better and better with each new tidbit released, I'm sooooooo psyched for this. Capcom rock! :D

  7. Awww man I was all pumped up to come into this thread and see an announcement of a remake or a sequel! :(


    Absolutely everything just came together in this - the style, the random quotes, the humour, the superb weight of the hits in the combat, the ridiculous moves, and it had soooooo much personality! :wub: 


    There's never been anything like it since, it's a true classic. In fact, I'm off to play it again... :lol:

  8. Whatever happens, I just hope there's more of this series. :wub:


    After getting this on PS5, I went back and started from Hitman 1 again - and now I've just finished Carpathian Mountains on Hitman 3. What an absolutely amazing trilogy, the devs should be proud of what they've created here it's astounding. So much content, so much detail and so many ways to go through everything - sure there's the odd inconsistency in NPC behaviour and some of it can be exploited, but that's not really the point of this game is it? 


    I'm just blown away by what IO have accomplished with this, it's just excellent. Very well done to them... :sealclap:

  9. 23 minutes ago, CheekyMonkey said:

    I freaking love all these movies, and have very fond memories watching either my (chewed up) VHS tapes, or a late night showing on Channel 4 of these with my dad. One thing I really do miss are the older dubs these used to have - they were hilariously bad, but made the movies so much more enjoyable. Drunken Master was a hoot with some of the old dubs ("a fart for the Stick King..."). :lol:


    Similarly, Dragons Forever, Project A 1&2, Snake in Eagles Shadow, Dragon Lord, they all had some brilliant quotes. Does anyone have any idea about where to get these older dubbed versions from? The newer re-dubbed versions are just so flat in comparison... :(


    Actually looking at these Eureka releases - do they have original english dubs?

  10. I freaking love all these movies, and have very fond memories watching either my (chewed up) VHS tapes, or a late night showing on Channel 4 of these with my dad. One thing I really do miss are the older dubs these used to have - they were hilariously bad, but made the movies so much more enjoyable. Drunken Master was a hoot with some of the old dubs ("a fart for the Stick King..."). :lol:


    Similarly, Dragons Forever, Project A 1&2, Snake in Eagles Shadow, Dragon Lord, they all had some brilliant quotes. Does anyone have any idea about where to get these older dubbed versions from? The newer re-dubbed versions are just so flat in comparison... :(

  11. I think it's fair to say that I'm rather excited for this - the demo was short yes but an awesome surprise!

    I thought playing through RE7 in VR was a revolution in gaming - I've never felt so genuinely unsettled and terrified playing a game before and it was an experience like nothing else that's come before it. I've since played through Half Life: Alyx, and while it may possibly be the better VR game (I'm still undecided), it just cannot match the truly disgusting atmosphere of RE7.

    If I'm honest, I really do wish they would go back to a third person perspective because for me that's the definitive RE experience, but after playing the short demo for this on PS5 I am definitely 100% on the hype train. So, although I have a few games to finish (Hitman 3 in particular - wow how good is that?) I thought once I am done, a playthrough of Resi 1-7 is in order to lead nicely on to this one. Having limited time, I would probably have to only include main/numbered entries (so no Code Veronica although I do love it, no Revelations etc), and probably stick to the remakes rather than originals. I thought perhaps it could go in this order:

    Resident Evil 0 HD
    Resident Evil 1 Remake HD
    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Resident Evil 3 Remake

    Resident Evil 4 HD
    Resident Evil 5 HD
    Resident Evil 6 HD
    Resident Evil 7 VR

    Oh - and one more thing... Event though the molded in RE7 were a little generic, I just can't imagine how horrifying RE1/RE2 type spiders or hunters would be in VR. I am a total arachnophobe, and the RE1 remake spiders give me the chills, so i genuinely think in VR it would just be too much to handle. I wonder if that's why they haven't included them in VR or the recent remakes? :)

  12. 1 minute ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    It's a shame that all the focus is now on importing saves because the game itself is bloody brilliant.


    Was just thinking the same thing - yes its a bit of a faff getting everything in, but once you do its a phenomenal amount of content for an absolutely stellar game.


    They've just packed so much into this series - I'm still gobsmacked at how many different ways you can approach the levels no matter how small. For example - I've played the Hawkes Bay level from H2 a gazillion times (I like the more condensed area for replayability) and it's so jam packed full of things to do, I only just found that you can (slightly morbid I know) smother the target in her sleep with a pillow, because i'd missed it in the mission stories. With some games you can really feel the effort and love poured into them, and for me, this whole series is a great example.


    I'm just waiting for my work day to finish so I can really get stuck into part 3 - I know its going to be awesome. :wub: 

  13. Errrr ok so I have purchased the ultimate edition (digital copy) and I've been enjoying this stunning game all afternoon. However, I cannot for the life of me find how to download or start the remastered edition of the original game...? There's no option in game to access it, I wasn't given a code and it doesn't exist on the PS5 store. I feel like I'm missing something blindingly obvious? :wacko:

  14. This is f'ing brilliant - it's a bit short sure, but if they can pump these remakes out at this level of quality at this frequency, I'll be in video game heaven for the next couple of years.


    Any of the older games next would be immense! (I guess that's really only RE1, RE4 and Code Veronica - I think CV would be incredible, but its pretty long so I wonder if they would condense it a little, like this one, and clean up a little of the cheesiness which did at times cross into Roquefort territory). :D


    Its been mentioned above, and probably by me before - but yet another remake of 1 in this engine would make me feel all funny inside (in a good way).  As for 4 I would love to see it updated too, but hmmm... Can you improve on perfection...? :lol:

  15. Aww man, I absolutely LOVED Code Veronica. I remember getting the US version on Dreamcast, and calling my mate in London (I lived in Gloucester at the time) to immediately drive my house and play it. We had done marathon playthroughs of 1 & 2 on the PSOne and were incredibly hyped for CV. He literally jumped in the car and drove to my place the same night and we spent the next 4-5 days rinsing it. Ahhh what simpler times, before work, kids, mortgage etc... :lol:


    Anyway back on topic - I can't wait to see what all the other environments look like in this. Seems like the city area has been improved dramatically, really looking forward to seeing the re-imagined settings afterwards. Oh and actually weren't there "big hairy spiders" in this one too - in the clock tower section or something? I wonder if those are in here or were cut like in Resi 2.

  16. Played through the demo twice now - is it just me or does this look even better than RE2? It's excellent - Nemesis is going to be a royal pain in the posterior though, it's so hard to get away from him. Agree with what's been said above, it'll be such a relief to take a break from being pursued to appreciate the atmosphere a bit more and slow things down a bit. Just thinking back to RE2 how bloomin' tense it was hearing Mr X stomping around all the time. 


    I can't remember if Nemesis "supercharged" the regular zombies in the original game - thats a new thing right?


    Also the shooting in these games is just the best, it has so much weight to it. :wub:

  17. I'm so super hyped for this!


    Resi 2 was an absolutely phenomenal remake and this looks to be even better. Seriously, if Capcom forge ahead and give us Code Veronica and (gasp) Resi 4 in this engine I think I might explode! I've said it a bit further back but I would LOVE a "remake-remake" of the best game of all time - Resi 1. Just thinking about those bloody hairy spiders rendered in super real-o-vision gives me chills... :wub:


    I'm all over this demo - bring on Thursday! :)

  18. This is becoming excruciating for me. I really wanted to play this with no distraction - and what I mean by that is:


    1) Finish my current play through of 1&2

    2) Finish whatever else I'm playing now


    I obviously couldn't wait so played the first couple of hours the day it arrived but then thought "no, I waited almost 20 years for this another couple of weeks won't hurt". But bloody hell, I'm feverishly trying to finish Jedi Fallen Order and Control - and as good as they are (in fact they are great) I suppose I'm just trying to bludgeon my way through them to get to the main event.


    I'm actually enjoying seeing little spoilers like location screenshots - it reminds me of when 2 was coming out and I would see shots of Hong Kong and the Kowloon towers... 


  19. Amazing news, RE2 remake was immense - and this is going to rock!


    I'll quite happily play continuous remakes of RE 1,2,3 and 4 till i die (and also even 5, 6 and 7 when they happen in 10 years time). :)


    In fact yet ANOTHER remake of RE1 using RE2 engine? Yes please, just hook it to my veins...

  20. I still can't quite believe this game is finally in my PS4 and I'm sat here playing it...??? I was the biggest fan of 1 & 2 - all my friends thought I was mad at the time, as most of the games on Dreamcast back then were arcade games which meant some pulse pounding, quick 5-10 minute experiences. This was something else entirely - and to be fair, it' still exactly that even today.


    It's brilliant though - I'm so happy they went down the route of making it for the fans instead of trying to update it for modern times. it genuinely feels like the sequel we never got, and I couldn't ask for a more perfect continuation (I'm still near the start in Bailu - and by God I'm going to take my sweet time with this, hopefully it'll see me through Christmas).


    That said - knowing that this installment still doesn't finish the story fills me with a sense of dread. I never expected this game to sell amazingly well, it's for fans after all. However, that does mean there is no guarantee Shenmue 4 will go ahead, and I fear we'll never see the end this epic journey, which would be a real shame.


  21. Just finished with 21 hours on the clock. Absolutely brilliant - first thing I have played in ages where I didn't want it to end.


    They took out pretty much all of the instadeath stuff from the first one which was a very wise move. Melee was definitely still a bit useless, but improved on the original too. 


    It just kept building and building all the way to the end I am quite surprised how much they nailed the pacing. Cracking stuff - well done. ☺

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