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  1. Well this is freaking marvelous! Just finished CH5 and it was all kinds of ace. I was thoroughly enjoying sneaking around the town in CH3 - i thought the bit of open world was very well done it really felt like a little town gone to hell, and some of the side missions threw up some serious surprises. Then for it to switch gears in CH5 to more linear experience akin to the first game was great - so atmospheric!


    Just like the first game, there seems to be a good variety of enemy types to mix it up - the first time I stealth attacked one of the enemies, only for her to turn around and run full pelt at me was an expletive laden moment I can tell you. ☺


    If the quality stays this high till the end it's gonna be one for my all time greats pile! 

  2. I am one of the select few who thought the first one was fab - sure there were one or two pain points, but IMO the good far outweighed the bad. It had the best atmosphere ever, plus it had Mikami headshots and a very Mikami shotgun. ☺


    The enemies were pretty memorable and well designed too - there was lots of variety. Even the invisible ones created some ace nervy tension when fighting them (watching for a footstep in a puddle or a chair/table to move). 


    I am hopefully assuming the not so great bits have been tweaked (useless melee, silly running stamina) or eliminated (unforeseeable one hit kills etc). If so I cannot wait for this, it is going to seriously rock! ☺

  3. After watching the DLC trailer I thought I would fire this up again in VR - and, well, it's just bloody amazing isn't it? Even with this being my second playthrough and knowing what's going to happen, I still shit my pants every time something jumps out at me, and it still gets my heart pounding out of my chest. Just walking through the house has me constantly on edge it's so tense - and the save rooms are so welcome - like in the old games, they quite literally allow you breathe out and relax (for 2 seconds).


    It's true the enemy variety could have been better (besides the Bakers who are fabulously gross), and the environments besides the house and surrounds just miss a beat here and there (especially towards the end) - but I've been an avid gamer since my Commodore 64 days,  and this game in VR is what I would call a revolution.


    As far as the upcoming DLC goes - yeah it looks a bit action oriented, but I can't wait for it. :)

  4. Thanks matey! The footstool was an eBay special, it took quite a while to find something that even vaguely matched the chairs and I ended up getting 2 of them. They are just a tad too high (although still comfy) and i did think about chopping a little off the legs to lower them a bit. ☺

  5. On t'other side of the room I have 2 pinnys + arcade cab.






    I'm an absolute pinball addict since acquiring those - I would love to have 5 or 6 of them (if only i had a little more cash and a little more room).

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