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  1. Kieran

    Nintendo Switch

    Yesterday I loved the Switch dream (or possibly nightmare) by playing Football Manager in handheld while watching a livestream of Sheffield Wednesday. Both versions of SWFC lived up to their usual expectations.
  2. Decided on a physical copy. Anyone know of any half decent prices anywhere? My son is due to be born at the end of March I am relying on this to be my go to game as I sit up with him throughout the night. Really quite excited now.
  3. The first time I saw Remo Unarmed and Dangerous I thought it one of the greatest films ever made.
  4. Kieran

    Food Prepping

    Do you deseed the tomatoes or just chop them? I am definitely making that Bhuna later this week.
  5. Kieran

    Pearl Jam

    Just London for me. Got a baby on the way in April so no more travelling all over for gigs for the foreseeable future.
  6. Kieran

    Pearl Jam

    Loved it. Pearl Jam are so special to me. So excited about the new album.
  7. Kieran

    Nintendo Switch

    Chalk me up as another buyer of West of Loathing. Cheers.
  8. Well that was wonderfully unexpected. The Wednesday win two kill away at Leeds after 3 straight league defeats. Leeds slightly wasteful in the first half but felt we were the better team in the second. Back up to sixth. Its the hope that kills you.
  9. Kieran

    Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone got Football Manager? I am tempted with it but have heard the controls are a real grind.
  10. My girlfriend is pregnant so it won’t be a day of big drinking. Think I might just get myself a decent bottle of champagne and then Whisky Macs for the evening.
  11. Wednesday were woeful against a very composed and well organised Brentford side. Not sure what happened at half time, but it was like two different sides in the second half. Fletcher scores another brace and it is the first time in over two years that we have won after going behind.
  12. Must have a real Stilton. Can’t have Christmas without it. My brother also raves about Barry Norman pickled onions.
  13. wow. I have had never had a family Christmas dinner like that. Insane amount of work. I love the Christmas Day cooking, chilling with a glass of Buck’s Fizz while the radio is on.
  14. I think I almost love the planning of Christmas dinner more than the eating. This year it will just be me and my girlfriend so I am making Beef Wellington, Dauphinois Potatoes and some tasty veg sides (not sure which ones yet. I am making the Gordon Ramsey Wellington. Did a practice run at the weekend and although it was super tasty I know I can do better. What is everyone else planning?
  15. That is truly wonderful. My favourite moment at Wednesday happened a few years back after the king of Thailand died. We had a two minute silence, the mascots observed it impeccably, and there was a photo on the big screen of the king stroking a beagle.
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