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  1. Today’s effort was a monkfish madras and a dal.
  2. I just accidentally gave one of my residents my bamboo wand. Ungrateful sod gave me some tights in return. Salt in the wound time.
  3. Half term meant I could make a load of base sauce and tonight we had a chicken korahi with onion bhajis (which I have never made before) I loved it.
  4. Not seen it either, never appealed to me. I also haven’t seen Avatar. They seemed so earnest and po faced.
  5. My smoked haddock and crayfish pancakes were a triumph. I finished them off in the over with a parsley and comte breadcrumb topping. My boy loved his first pancakes as well.
  6. I went and got some smoked haddock and some crayfish to make a savoury pancake for our tea. It will be the boys first pancake day, so he can try a banana and ice cream pancake.
  7. Kieran

    Sea Bass

    Got an incredible line caught whole sea bass from the fish man yesterday. Think I will roast it whole, just wondered if anyone had any recipes ideas. Want to keep it relatively simple.
  8. They stuck this up on Twitter today.
  9. Kieran

    Vinyl lovers

    Have seen a post on here saying don't listen to publications like What Hifi as they just mention and recommend super expensive equipment. Just wondered what makes I should be looking at for an entry level machine. Ideally it will be blue tooth enabled as I don't want to buy new speakers just yet. Would £200 get me a decent machine? I am in no way a music sound snob - I just want to restart my 1970's rock vinyl collection!
  10. It would appear your house is haunted by the ghost of Bill Bailey.
  11. For me the most difficult thing in regard to this is having recently moved to a new area and not been able to try the new places.Now that I only live couple of miles from the sea I expected to be eating a huge amount of freshly caught fish, but it hasn't happened. I have had some takeout pop up restaurant stuff to help support some of the small places, but it isn't the same.
  12. How healthy are all these processed vegan/veggie foods? As I have never eaten thigs like supermarket chicken nuggets or sliced ham I have never seen the appeal.
  13. Got to love those anchovies.
  14. Wednesday win back to back games for the first time in 376 days.
  15. A timeline of a badly run club.
  16. For fucking fucks sake Wednesday sack Pulis. Our chairman is a cunt. I give up.
  17. Today I made the obligatory turkey and leek pie filling, which I then froze and tonight is the classic turkey curry! Still not even cooked my ham yet. Should have had my mum round today but that is obviously not happening. Edit - roast spuds look quality @Lovelyman
  18. Cooking turkey got a lot less stressful for me when I started following Gordon Ramsey’s advice of resting the bird for as long as you cooked it. It tastes sensational and frees up so much space in your oven.
  19. Anything like Bayonetta, Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry. I see videos of people effortless pulling off combos and I just mash buttons like a hyper active toddler. Slightly off topic, but I am can never remember names of enemies, characters, potions etc in games, so when I see people talk eloquently about how to fight Raging Catpuss or how to craft the elixir of doom using 12 simple ingredients I am just tell myself that they googled it all first.
  20. I didn’t rate this episode at all. I have enjoyed the series, but nowhere near as much as other people here. As already mentioned, it just seemed to be people walking around explaining things or thing just happening with no drama. They definitely tried to cram too much in.
  21. Sheffield Wednesday win for the first time in about 17 years. We should not pay the players on time more often.
  22. Not high end or fancy. It is everywhere in Sheffield. The stuff I grew up on. None of those fancy Ski yoghurts for me in 1980's. Their hazelnut yoghurt was always in my fridge at home. EDIT - Should have quoted @Gotters
  23. I had a lot of love for Stag Chilli, been so long since I have had one though.
  24. Terrible, he really seemed like one the good guys in football. I can imagine what a shock this must be to Liverpool fans. RIP
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