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  1. Got an incredible line caught whole sea bass from the fish man yesterday. 

    Think I will roast it whole, just wondered if anyone had any recipes ideas.

    Want to keep it relatively simple.

  2. Have seen a post on here saying don't listen to publications like What Hifi as they just mention and recommend  super expensive equipment. Just wondered what makes I should be looking at for an entry level machine. Ideally it will be blue tooth enabled as I don't want to buy new speakers just yet. Would £200 get me a decent machine? I am in no way a music sound snob - I just want to restart my 1970's rock vinyl collection!

  3. For me the most difficult thing in regard to this is having recently moved to a new area and not been able to try the new places.Now that I only live couple of miles from the sea I expected to be eating a huge amount of freshly caught fish, but it hasn't happened. I have had some takeout pop up restaurant stuff to help support some of the small places, but it isn't the same.

  4. Today I made the obligatory turkey and leek pie filling, which I then froze and tonight is the classic turkey curry! 

    Still not even cooked my ham yet. Should have had my mum round today but that is obviously not happening.


    Edit - roast spuds look quality @Lovelyman

  5. Cooking turkey got a lot less stressful for me when I started following Gordon Ramsey’s advice of resting  the bird for as long as you cooked it. It tastes sensational and frees up so much space in your oven. 

  6. Anything like Bayonetta, Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry. I see videos of people effortless pulling off combos and I just mash buttons like a hyper active toddler.


    Slightly off topic, but I am can never remember names of enemies, characters, potions etc in games, so when I see people talk eloquently about how to fight Raging Catpuss or how to craft the elixir of doom using 12 simple ingredients I am just tell myself that they googled it all first.

  7. 4 hours ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    Not really in the spirit of this thread, but everyone thinks Cottage Cheese is horrible, watery, tasteless diet food right?


    Well so did I, until I discovered this:




    It's legitimately delicious, with an amazing, rich, creamy flavour and texture. I can, and will eat it straight from the pot. Total game changer.


    The customer reviews do not lie!




    Only ever seen it in Morrisons. Don't get the low fat variety though!



    Not high end or fancy. It is everywhere in Sheffield. The stuff I grew up on. None of those fancy Ski yoghurts for me in 1980's. Their hazelnut yoghurt was always in my fridge at home.


    EDIT - Should have quoted @Gotters

  8. 34 minutes ago, LeighCb said:

    I've been veggie for a while but I don't miss bacon. I miss tins of Heinz Ravioli and Dynamite Hot Stag Chilli. 


    I can actually cook by the way. 


    I had a lot of love for Stag Chilli, been so long since I have had one though.

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