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  1. I wish Flick would visit me, I have a huge backlog of insects ready for him to make into sculptures for me. I have forgotten what Redd looks like. Only 3 or 4 visits ever from him.
  2. I also took the plunge and bought both copies. Hopefully arriving today.
  3. Pacino in Glengarry Glen Ross https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCIyhUi2zBo NSFW - but that should be obvious in an insult thread.
  4. Ifollow has had massive issues with everyone logging on for the 3pm kick offs I couldn’t log in until 3:15pm.
  5. It’s Norwich V Southampton, for me it is background entertainment while I play Advance Wars and try to get a 12 week old to sleep.
  6. Not having Sky Sports so watching it on Pick, the crowd noise really bother me.
  7. Thanks to @Lorfarius I also became the proud owner of a RG350M today. As a complete novice If anyone wants to give me some advice for getting the most out of it I would be grateful. I have never even downloaded any MAME roms in my life. I need to play Wardner again!
  8. Kieran

    Perfect Albums

    This is reassuring as he has always come across as decent bloke. On the 1990's there were the band I had seen live the most.
  9. Good tip @Jonny5. Never really thought about getting a second hand one.
  10. That is the angle I am working on! I would love to spend a bit more, slowly trying to persuade my girlfriend by showing videos of Turkey's cooked on the grill etc.
  11. Has anyone used the Weber briquettes? I am (hopefully) moving house in the summer and am having to hang fire on a new BBQ until then. Although I did cave in and buy myself the Weber go anywhere as we are moving to near the sea and I plan to lots of beach bbqs. I have fallen down a Weber rabbit hole in YouTube and plan to get the 57cm premium kettle. Don’t think I can get away with spending more than £250 on a BBQ.
  12. Kieran

    Perfect Albums

    Always good to see Terrorvision getting some love.
  13. Just visited an island to do a spot of night fishing and every time I cast my line I got either junk or a stone. Not one single fish!
  14. I have been reading through this thread with interest and admiration for some of the skills on show. I have a question about people’s use of charcoal/briquettes. I understand the importance of high quality fuel but wondered how long day a 6kg bag of decent fuel would last? If it only did one big bbq then I am not sure I could justify spending 16 plus quid a time.
  15. Well, the wedding photos picked up again today as I got
  16. Is everyone else doing the wedding photos on Harvey's Island? I was getting a tad fed up of it all but today's session was ace. Also, my most irritating resident Lobo is off. Him and his 'bug friends' can do one. I am delighted by this. Last week I sent him a letter than simply said 'leave'. I sent everyone else on my island a AC Nintendo Switch.
  17. Bollocks, I have just bought that as well. I rarely get time to sit down for any great length of time to play these days.
  18. Good plan, I channelled my inner Brave Sir Robin and ran away to deliver some flowers as a side quest.
  19. Cheers, @Kayin Amoh I want to persevere with the mage, as my go to class in these types of games is usually the more fighter based classes. I am I right in thinking the mage has no real defence? Some bandits at a top of a hall just seem to wipe out me and my party in seconds.
  20. Started this other day on The Switch. Trying not to panic in regards of feeling overwhelmed by it all. Don’t really understand what is going on in regards of adding abilities/attacks. I seem to be collecting tonnes of junk but no idea of it is useful or not! Ended up on that Island (Bitterbeck?), but did a runner after it warned me off. I have two pawns, I am a mage who seems to have the most feeble attack going and by the time I have powered up one of my more powerful attacks the action is over! Relieved to have seen that other people have found the start a bit confusing.
  21. June has been an ace month so far. So many new animals, the wedding photography. It has given me fresh impetus after a stale few days. Just need to get rid of Pango from my island.
  22. New insects and fish! Insomnia has some benefits I guess. Had a chilled pad around my island and found lots of new exciting discoveries. According to Blathers I bagged a very rare fish (not to going to say what it was for the sake of spoilers). Now I just need a visit from the insect dude so he can make me another model.
  23. One of my favourite summer dishes. That looks tasty, hope you managed to it eat it outside.
  24. Not sure of value, but I bitterly regret trading my big box copy of Super Metroid (the one with the players guide). I traded it at one of those video shops that used to trade games for a tiny fee. Think I got Cannon Fodder.
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