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  1. Shooting Star Grand Central at Santiago at the moment. K1M3N
  2. Sure others know this, but I chopped a tree down and didn’t dig up the stump. Found a citrus long horned beetle on it. Blathers says he likes to feast on citrus trees.
  3. SW 5963 0963 1685 If your island is still open I am coming now
  4. Fantastic! I will visit later if that is okay. On baby duty just now.
  5. Camp site added and now trying to build a new bridge. I get the feeling the other residents are not going to stump up the cash, so I will be in debt forever. Trying to build a science lab on the cliffs, an outdoor cinema on the beech and an exercise area in land. So much work to do!
  6. Can’t believe I wasted my precious bamboo on the bamboo doll. What a fool. Going to display near my workstation as a reminder of my stupidity.
  7. I have bought a chalk board for the outdoor kitchen. How do I write on it?
  8. Cool. I am flying there right now! Edit - no I’m not. Donutville for me.
  9. I need young bamboo to make a slide. Does anyone have loads growing on their island?
  10. Filling in holes with my feet by pressing Y is my new favourite thing.
  11. Relaxing game? No chance. Woke up this morning, shop open and 3 new people want to move in. Had to find plots, make a bridge, got given a ladder recipe. Need to furnish the houses. The never ending search for iron continues. If if I could change the name of my island to Seabass City I would. Sick of the bloody things.
  12. I want to get bit! I am fed up of getting stung by wasps.
  13. Santiago is open for visitors. I have apples, a couple of coconuts and 1 orange! My island does seem to have a fair few insects as well. JNBCR
  14. Thank god the donation process for the museum has been streamlined now that it is fully open. My house storage was full of fossils and my garden looked like the den of an illegal animal smuggler. Santiago open for visitors now. Only apples and coconuts though.
  15. I got bamboo in my last nook island. I was delighted.
  16. Just tried to explain this game to my very non gaming girlfriend. No chance. Waiting for switch to charge so I can go again!
  17. Going to a fresh new island to strip it of it’s natural resources feels morally wrong, but I want a new shop!
  18. I stupidly thought people who were somehow burying them to ‘grow’ more. It has been a long week.
  19. Did someone say you could ‘farm’ iron nuggets?
  20. Santiago Island open for visitors right now. 5963-0946-1685
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