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  1. With just 3 episodes left to watch I've been really loving this so far. I almost let some of the early negative reviews put me off but I'm glad I checked it out. Quite like John Krasinski's take on Jack Ryan as well as the characterisation of the main villain. Shows like this always work best when they've got an interesting three dimensional baddie. If you like this then you might wanna check out Condor also!
  2. Big Fish, Patch Adams, Battery's Not Included, Flight Of The Navigator.
  3. I'm not gonna bother watching that as I'm a firm believer that if people didn't get the ending then it wasn't adequately explained. I've always felt that its a bit of a cop out to on the part of the creators to leave things that open to interpretation. It just ruined it for me. Ultimately it took a very long time indeed to get absolutely nowhere. It all just felt a bit lazy. I really wanted to like this show but it felt like a bit of a chore to watch from start to finish. The storyline failed to grab me as did any of the characters. Episode 9 was the only one that captured my interest but the final episode proved to be an anti climax. I'm not sure that there was much to interpret anyway, it was just a total dud of an ending to a fairly mediocre show.
  4. This is coming to Amazon Video UK soon!
  5. Sean Penn is probably my favourite actor so I checked out episode 1. It seems of a pretty high quality. Its my kind of story.
  6. Anyone started watching The Purge TV show yet? I might wait til the whole series is up!
  7. No, that's the other Frasier unfortunately!
  8. OK , so I've finished this now and i thought it made for a decent watch! If you like things like Homeland, 24 Jack Ryan etc then you'll like this. William Hurt and Brendon Frasier put in excellent performances as did the guy playing the lead.
  9. I think its a neat idea. We've already had one origin story in Batman 89 so why not yet another? If Phoenix is aboard then I'm gonna assume the quality of the movie will be high. Probably more in the Nolan or Burton vain. Leto was just godawful.
  10. Tvshows4mobile. I pay for Netflix, Amazon Video and Now TV so you know!
  11. I've watched the first three episodes of this and while its not exactly in the prestige category alongside Homeland its still quite gripping and fairly intelligent. * I just did a topic search on this and couldn't find anything but apologies if I'm wrong. I coulda have sworn I'd seen one previously*
  12. Spy/Conspiracy thriller based on the movie Three Days Of The Condor starring Robert Redford and the novel Six Days Of The Condor. After helping to foil a major terrorist attack a young CIA analyst must flee for his life when all his co workers are assassinated when he stumbles upon a conspiracy. Co starring William Hurt and Brendon Frasier.
  13. Hated the theme tune to Casino Royale, Quantum and Spectre. I didn't mind Adele's Skyfall. At least it sounds like a typical Bond theme, though its pretty far down the list of my favourites. Spy Who Loved Me, You Only Live Twice, Goldfinger and Tommorow Never Dies rank among my favourite themes. Watched Fallout last night. Probably the strongest one of the series for me. I've never had particularly strong feelings about any of them though.
  14. I bet you a tenner that bit was put there intentionally. Definitely to mislead viewers re who he was guarding. You were supposed to think for a moment it was the kids. I thought that much was pretty obvious. As to the rest I'm reaching obviously but you never know.
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