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  1. Anyone remember the USA mag MegaPlay? Was by the EGM guys and was all Sega. They printed a guide for NightTrap that told you which room to be in, and at what times for the various events etc. This was the only way i was able to finish it back then.
  2. Oh I still remember that massive pic of George on the inside cover of ROTKT PMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I can confirm that King of Fighters Neowave USA on the list now works on a euro Pal 360. Also displays in 4:3 with black boarders left and right when TV is in 16:9. Nobody logged in on Live to see what it's like online. SFC SF3 is fantastic online, i experienced no noticable lag when playing against a guy on the other side of the world
  4. Has anybody here that works in mags etc got hold of any UK PS3 software? Just want to know if it runs on a Jap system? Then i might just pick-up a game on launch day.
  5. Is the update only for US PS3's so far? I haven't had a chance to check my Jap one for updates yet.
  6. Droo where do you go hunting? Cus i can't think of any car boots near or in Belfast?
  7. Xbox Metal Slug 5 Samurai Showdown V Does anyone actually think that Playmore will actually release these games this month lol, they seem to keep getting pushed back to the point where i didn't think they would ever be released. Play.com also list KOF:Maximum Impact and KOF2003 for the end of Sept too.
  8. The first indie shop i ever came across in Northern Ireland was a wee shop in the Bow Street Mall (Lisburn) called The Games Machine. I nearly wet myself when i seen the stock the place carried. Loads and loads of Jap and US Sfc/Snes and MD/Genesis' games. I found the place right around the time the US Snes version of Street Fighter 2 came out, as i left the place clutching SF2, Super Castlevania 4 and a datel adapter to play them on my pal snes. I got really friendly with the guy who owned it, his name was Paul if any one else here remembers the place. This became my no.1 place to buy games, as there wasn't really anywhere else that carried the amount of stoct and variety that he did. He closed up about a year or so before the PS/Saturn era. So had to find another way to feed my import craving. My mates dad used to own a place on the Castlereagh road in Belfast called Megagames. Carried 100s' of Pal MD and Jap MD games, closed up around '93-'94. Replay in Bangor opened up around '95 iirc. They carried a sizeable selection of Sat and PS Jap/Usa imports, and even had a rental section that was full of imports. It's still there, but don't really bother with imports now. They also have about 5 cabs in the back with Tekken 5 etc. They also carry all that Might and Magic boardgame stuff like Games Workshop. There was also a toy shop on Main Street in Bangor that stocked American Snes imports but no Jap stuff. Can't remember the name right now. But they acounted for a fare few of my imports at the time. Oh aye and there was a place in Newtownards that did imports, as i remember buying Barts' Nightmare from them. I think they where only open for about a year or so. Pww... i think thats all the ones i can remember right now lol
  9. What do the VCD files allow you to do Droo? I think i have the very first Demo1 disk, i'll have a hunt for it later.
  10. My local Asda had a range of FOX UMDs from £6 to £8. They still had other UMD titles still at full rrp but these were stocked beside the DVDs which is away from the PSP games were i found the discounted ones.
  11. Does SR'95 come in a slip case in the '06 case, or in it's own case?
  12. They already did a Darkstalkers collection LINKY!!!
  13. I've always called it the Super Nes. I think calling it a Snes or Snez just sounds like your sneezing, and just sounds stupid.
  14. I want the widescreen version of Transformers The Movie DAMMIT!!!!
  15. How would this affect Newsgroup users? Could 'they' see what i was downloading?
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