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  1. Bit surprised they did not review Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection
  2. Yes I would be very interested and happy to pay for shipping costs
  3. Holding out for the switch version hopefully it runs ok.
  4. Slightly surprised there is no coverage of Crosscode seems to be getting a lot of positive buzz.
  5. Good to know I am not the only one hopefully in the next few days it will arrive
  6. Postie has just been still not turned up am I in the same boat as everyone else?
  7. Just curious anyone get the sub's issue through the post yet?
  8. Can anyone please help where do you find promo codes for the store just bought the headset and could do with a bit of help if there was a way to get a little bit of the games any help/advice much appreciated
  9. Hey did you get the digital edition link still not got mine yet and am a long time subscriber grrrrrr
  10. Where did everyone get there's from? Right bugger to find one in stock but hoping John Lewis have a restock sooner than later.
  11. No not in my spam either
  12. Is it just the oversees subscribers getting this email with the digital link or all subscribers? As I have not had such an email. Can someone give me the flavour of the Resident Evil 3 review please very interested.
  13. Order from Amazon Japan arrived with me only 3 days or so later and only £10 more than the uk price with shipping taxes etc
  14. I have ordered the the uk version from Amazon Japan yesterday but says it will not arrive till the 21st of April, is that an accurate time how long did it take to arrive for anyone else ordering from Amazon Japan?
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