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  1. Aye I didn't say that one wasn't smart. It was very clever. It just wasn't to my taste at all. I can admire it for what it is though.
  2. Aye this felt like a waste of their talent tbh. If I wanted half an hour of shit jokes I'd watch Mrs Brown's Boys. I can see what they were going for but it fell very flat for me. There's always one episode per series I don't get on with, mind. That fucking one in the hotel where it was all in prose did my nut in.
  3. Yes! You absolute Legend! No idea how you got that from my description, I was even wrong about the colour of the box.
  4. Oh, oh, I've got one that's been doing my nut in for years! System: Amiga Genre: Adventure/RPG Graphics: Similar to this, but not this - I remember the box had quite a lot of pink on it. The quality of graphics was better than the screenshot above but it was that type of view. You'd go round wee villages talking to people in their wee huts and gather info to know where to go next. Gah fuck I wish I could remember more about it, this isn't a very helpful description. I played it in the mid-90s so it would've been a very late release on Amiga before
  5. I enjoy them but they do feel a bit shoehorned in. I'd like to see him get a wee investigative piece to do on his own though.
  6. Anyone else sick of the BBC trailers for this giving away the best jokes of the upcoming episode? Get tae fuck with that.
  7. Hah. I thought exactly the same. Fortunately I googled it to check before saying it out loud.
  8. I'd say you should give it more than ten minutes but it is mainly just angry people shouting at each other so you probably saw enough.
  9. I've not seen Sharp Objects, will have to keep an eye out for it. Episode 3 spoiler
  10. Yeah I don't think you can claim Norwich have won the league thanks to parachute payments. This squad was assembled two years ago after clearing out everyone we'd wasted the premiership megabucks on last time around. Everyone will have had relegation clauses built into their contracts so although I expect the wage bill is probably in the top six, I'd be very surprised if it was top. Of course parachute payments will have helped but we also don't have an owner pumping cash in to chase promotion as many clubs at this level do. That said, I'd have liked to see Swansea or B
  11. Norwich's best two players were a free transfer and a whopping 1.5m.
  12. Anyone else watching this? Just caught up on the first two episodes tonight and I'm hooked! It's like an American Happy Valley. Kate Winslet is excellent and has got the accent nailed.
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