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  1. I like the Alpine. As a Norwich fan though it is sad to see yellow replaced by blue on the grid. Bring back Jordan!
  2. I guess Chris Barrie needs the income now there's no more red dwarf for the foreseeable. Enjoyed it first time around but far from top of my list of sitcoms I'd like to see rebooted. In fact there's barely anything on the list. Make some bloody new stuff.
  3. I'm still annoyed a kid's trek even needs to be made because kurtzman decided what adult trek needs is more beheadings and eye gouging.
  4. Because it's a dumb dumb shitty shitty bum poo bum bum crappy stupid show that I'm ANNOYED EVERYONE ELSE LIKES.
  5. Yeah I saw somebody say they've confirmed a youtube edit of the live show will be made available at some point too so that's some consolation. Just a shame they can't stream it to an external site and make tickets unlimited somehow. Not to get all 'I liked them before they were cool' but I have followed everything they've done since We Need Answers so I'm pretty gutted to miss out!
  6. Ah bollocks, must have sold out in seconds. I was constantly refreshing the page from 11.59 to get in there straight away but didn't have any luck and they've just announced it's totally sold out. Gutted!
  7. More tickets for the live show being made available tomorrow at midday. I shall be ready!
  8. Gone still had half of them to watch too. Any idea if they're available elsewhere?
  9. Did anything ever happen with short treks 2 coming to the uk? Not sure why I'm asking as I sure as hell don't want to watch them, just seems mad they never arrived.
  10. Yeah just seen that myself. Don't worry about picking one up for me, that's way too kind an offer. I'll keep an eye out too but if you see more on sale give me a nudge and I'll just have to go without beer this weekend so I can buy one!
  11. Do you know if tickets are limited? I don't want to miss out but also probably can't afford to buy one until the day before.
  12. These are great, thank you! I knew about the no more women era but didn't know they'd been collated like this. Stumbled upon this youtube video from the time with two pretty annoying guys explaining the rules. I don't know why key, Watson and horne weren't involved. Do you know anything about it? https://youtu.be/F14NJbPnwKY
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