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  1. Acting under Troi's orders. We know who's to blame there. In other news I saw this headline on the BBC website and got pretty concerned. Last time they got pissed off they joined the dominion.
  2. It's not particularly my kind of music but I am very interested in music history so I think I'd get something out of this. It's an era thet certainly inspired a lot of the acts I do like. Anyone who's seen it able to give me an idea of whether you need to be a fan of the artists involved or is it a good watch regardless?
  3. Meh. That was alright I guess. The midfield battle was the highlight as usual. Maybe it'll be a more exciting prospect if cars can follow more easily from next season. Otherwise it's just what you expect a mini-race to be.
  4. Sorry if this has already been asked but does the new format mean everyone gets a free tyre choice for tomorrow's race? Or do they still have to start on Q2 tyres? Surely it's not the tyres they finish the sprint qualifying on
  5. Norwich have switched to Joma this season and they've delivered. So pleased to be rid of gambling sponsors too, though the BK8 fiasco was hilarious. The sleeves follow the pattern of the canary's wings on the badge. Will be buying.
  6. This national anthem! Yaaaassssss
  7. Glad you enjoyed it! I could appreciate it's probably a 'good' film, but wasn't for me sadly. Far from the worst 90 minutes of my life though, I don't regret watching it.
  8. Watched They Look Like People on amazon prime the other night. I think it's a love it or hate it film, and sadly I hated it. It did a great job of building tension along the way but...
  9. I fell asleep after the pit stops and didn't wake up until the chequered flag. I take it I missed nothing?
  10. Some minor safety upgrades might need to be made, I admit.
  11. I'd rather see them drive the top gear test track tbh.
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