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  1. Can I grab this please if it’s still available?
  2. Only ‘cos he’s an annoying character, and I hated the bunny day stuff last year.
  3. Just popped over for Celeste, and sent you a green whoopee cushion
  4. Thanks @Daley, I did look, honest!! I’ve missed loads the last four months or so, can’t wait to find more goodies.
  5. I’m re-hooked on AC and would like to visit more folk, trade etc, but cannot find where the list of posted friend codes has gone. Is it still available or am I best requesting them from you guys? Thanks.
  6. Thanks very much. What's your online name as I can't remember if we're friends?
  7. Could I get the Dynamic Painting please?
  8. D’oh. Yes please then @meatball, can I collect later?
  9. Has anyone got a spare golden candlestick recipe by any chance? Ta muchly.
  10. I totally regret not buying the LP when we saw them (twice) in good old Ramsgate. They're good on record and as you rightly say, amazing live!
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