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  1. I’ll keep trying too. Anything you’re looking for in case I can bring it?
  2. Turnips are 110 in Overlook. Anyone open that’s cheaper, preferably who doesn’t have native cherries so I can buy more nips
  3. Thanks for being open, I’ve left a couple of bags of bells for you
  4. Cheers buddy. I’m guessing you made it?
  5. This is amazing! My town is called Overlook!!
  6. Thanks much. Let me know when I can pop by, unless you can post it without us visiting each other. Clearly I’m not sure how it all works!
  7. Pinball table!?! Can I trade you one for something?
  8. Thanks for the apples Ste, I’ve left a bunch of cherries by your notice board.
  9. Just added you (I’m Shaun). My code is 4458 2350 7129 for others. I’ve got cherries as my native fruit
  10. Yup. I loved it in the local arcade, and not played a port in years. Hopefully it’ll be available here soon.
  11. It doesn’t appear to be yet
  12. I’ll try this next, then give up if it doesn’t work!
  13. Seems this is where I’m heading.
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