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  1. I’d say better to watch it now rather than in a few years time. Still likely to be upsetting though.
  2. Resubbed just to watch this, and shit definitely gets weird and sinister.
  3. Just finished watching and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought if felt as even handed as it could be, what with the predator still being a more advanced species than humans back then too. Having a young female lead was a good update on Arnie et all and didn’t feel forced. Overall a great sequel for once (even though I have a soft spot for Predator 2).
  4. The Wedding Singer is a guilty pleasure for me, I love almost everything about it.
  5. Can I grab this please if it’s still available?
  6. Only ‘cos he’s an annoying character, and I hated the bunny day stuff last year.
  7. Just popped over for Celeste, and sent you a green whoopee cushion
  8. Thanks @Daley, I did look, honest!! I’ve missed loads the last four months or so, can’t wait to find more goodies.
  9. I’m re-hooked on AC and would like to visit more folk, trade etc, but cannot find where the list of posted friend codes has gone. Is it still available or am I best requesting them from you guys? Thanks.
  10. Thanks very much. What's your online name as I can't remember if we're friends?
  11. Could I get the Dynamic Painting please?
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