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  1. Well, I was bummed out when I got to the heart on A11 and my Innate killed me one turn before I could kill the heart. But it's not all bad news: on my very next run on A12 I killed the heart with 1 HP left. Something of a crazy run. My max HP was 36 nearly the entire time, but I had five upgraded Apparitions -- six if I used Exhume to pull one out of my exhaust pile -- and managed to keep myself alive long enough, which is kind of surprising since nearly every boss could one shot me with such low HP, to build my strength up. Probably never going to have another run like it.
  2. Thanks! I did have a single Offering to pair with that Rupture, though. I guess +1 Strength is better than no Strength. Good enough to beat the heart at least.
  3. I finally downed the heart! I did this despite wasting a Bottled Tornado on a Rupture thinking it would proc off of using Combust and Brutality in my deck. I don't think it works that way. It only seems to work off cards like Offering, Bloodletting, or curse cards like Pain. Anyways, Tungsten Rod was a lifesaver, and I think it pushed me over the finish line.
  4. Does your email have this text in it? I got a similar email for issue 345 but no digital edition. Maybe Edge is just trolling me. Anyways, I reached out to Future, maybe they can confirm that I'm just a sucker.
  5. Where do you claim your digital edition? I got the newsletter saying that I have one for this issue and the feel better issue, but I don’t know how to access it. Anyone know?
  6. Some minor Half-Life: Alyx spoilers: Seemed like it would have worked perfectly well in VR.
  7. Did any other oversea subscribers receive their free digital issue yet? Or did I miss this somehow? I'll stop whining about this now.
  8. Has anyone received their free digital issue yet?
  9. I ended up putting a yoga mat down in front of my television. Served as a nice little reminder to "be cool and don't flail around" when I stepped on it.
  10. I got an email from the Edge team that overseas subscribers will get a digital edition for free. I guess they're having issues mailing worldwide. I can't imagine why.
  11. The more and more I play this the more space is becoming an issue for me. Some of the more open air combat arenas seem to really encourage movement, but, after slamming my body into a wall and knocking myself to the floor during one earlier fight, I've become increasingly risk averse to moving around during combat. I feel like I have a decent amount of space to move around in, but sometimes I'm playing this meta game trying to figure out where I am in my living room so I don't accidentally smash through my television. Still, with that said, when it's good it's really fucking good.
  12. Started playing this after I got my Quest yesterday. Playing wirelessly via Virtual Desktop and it works surprisingly well. Well enough that I went ahead and cancelled my order for a cable capable of doing Oculus Link. Like others have said, wireless VR just feels right. Still, I can't help but wonder what this is like on an Index with the Index controllers. Not sure if the trade off for a higher resolution and better controllers (and an additional $600 for a spot on a waiting list that will probably roll into the new year ) would be able to offset the boon of Virtual Desktop.
  13. Rescuing the president's daughter seemed liked a pretty admirable mission back in 2005. Now? Not so much. I hope there's an option to leave her in that dumpster.
  14. It's a little worrying that it hasn't been announced yet. Perhaps it's not technically possibly on the Switch? Is this a dumb thought? I mean, nearly of all Annapurna's lineup is on the Switch with the exception of Telling Lies, Wattam, and Outer Wilds. And the latter is probably their most high profile release yet.
  15. Disco Elysium! Outer Wilds and Half Life: Alyx for Labo are next for sure.
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