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  1. What headset are you using?
  2. I added one final note that I forgot that I think is kind of important if you're interested in what they could be potentially working on right now.
  3. I watched it (uh, interacted with it) over the weekend and it's okay. It's gimmicky, and I was hoping for something more like a book or a documentary, but it provides more insight on what's been going on in Valve over the past decade. Basically they can't make a game because their libertarian model sucks and isn't ideal for politics let alone trying to convince several hundred people to make a videogame together. In their defense, I think some of the more senior people relented on this position around the time Alyx development really kicked off, and people like Robin Walker -- who have been there since the pre Half-Life 2 days -- are game directors without the official title -- because for some reason everyone at Valve has an aversion to being called a director or a lead of any kind, which is probably why in Left 4 Dead an entity called the director is actively trying to kill you and your friends. Also, the two other VR games that Newell boasted about it in 2017 -- the third would end up being Alyx -- were (surprise!) cancelled. One was a Minecraft like a game and the other was being helmed by the fine folks from the Kerbal Space Program team. They has also had an RPG they started in 2013, which took inspiration from Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, and Elder Scrolls -- Geoff's words not mine -- but didn't make it very far in development, apparently. Left 4 Dead 3 and Half Life 3 definitely existed at some point during this decade, and I wouldn't be surprised if at some point they decide to resurrect the projects. They were at least two Left 4 Deads in development, and one was an open world, which I imagine played a lot like a Left 4 Dead version of DayZ. Half-Life 3 sounded weird. It was like a base-building game with a story. Would have probably ended up becoming a battle Royale game, honestly. So yeah, apparently they have another game far, or relatively, in development, but I don't think it's necessarily a VR game. I think the studio is still split on whether or not they want to continue making games exclusively on VR platforms, and I wouldn't be surprised if the company continues to struggle with finishing projects because of this. The rumors, which are not address in Final Hours, about the internal struggle to use Source 2 or Unreal Engine are given some more credence since it seems like one of the reasons many of these projects ended up failing was due to the difficulty of developing Source 2, which was unusable, apparently, for a good long while, while trying to simultaneously develop a new game with it. I hope this doesn't come off as some sort of Valve bashing since they get enough of it from the rest of the internet. They somehow got their shit together and ended up making an excellent game in the end, even if it took longer than I'm sure any of them would have hoped. I do think they have a tough decision ahead, about VR and all, but I think the company has learned plenty of lessons while, as Robin Walker put it, wandering in that Wilderness. One final note: the company is interested in making a full-scale, non-VR Half Life, but the scale of it is kind of a concern at the company -- they'd prefer to make something smaller like a hat. Is this the other project that Valve is currently working on? I don't know, but I'm sure will find out sooner than later when Keighley releases his next final hours in 2030.
  4. Meant to buy a 1-year Playstation Plus Subscription but accidentally purchased a 1-year Playstation Now subscription instead. Spent 30 minutes waiting in a queue to talk to a customer service rep wondering why my account wasn't showing my Plus subscription active, and he was like "because you bought a Playstation Now subscription". Then I made a comment about how it would probably be too late to get a refund since it was purchased at the end of April and all the dude said was "Yea." Time to stream some PS3 games, I guess.
  5. It looks like Arkane has accepted the fact that Dishonored players restart every time something doesn't go their way and just built it into the gameplay loop instead. Also, it looks awesome, and I don't know what's wrong with everyone's eyeballs.
  6. Well, I was bummed out when I got to the heart on A11 and my Innate killed me one turn before I could kill the heart. But it's not all bad news: on my very next run on A12 I killed the heart with 1 HP left. Something of a crazy run. My max HP was 36 nearly the entire time, but I had five upgraded Apparitions -- six if I used Exhume to pull one out of my exhaust pile -- and managed to keep myself alive long enough, which is kind of surprising since nearly every boss could one shot me with such low HP, to build my strength up. Probably never going to have another run like it.
  7. Thanks! I did have a single Offering to pair with that Rupture, though. I guess +1 Strength is better than no Strength. Good enough to beat the heart at least.
  8. I finally downed the heart! I did this despite wasting a Bottled Tornado on a Rupture thinking it would proc off of using Combust and Brutality in my deck. I don't think it works that way. It only seems to work off cards like Offering, Bloodletting, or curse cards like Pain. Anyways, Tungsten Rod was a lifesaver, and I think it pushed me over the finish line.
  9. Does your email have this text in it? I got a similar email for issue 345 but no digital edition. Maybe Edge is just trolling me. Anyways, I reached out to Future, maybe they can confirm that I'm just a sucker.
  10. Where do you claim your digital edition? I got the newsletter saying that I have one for this issue and the feel better issue, but I don’t know how to access it. Anyone know?
  11. Some minor Half-Life: Alyx spoilers: Seemed like it would have worked perfectly well in VR.
  12. Did any other oversea subscribers receive their free digital issue yet? Or did I miss this somehow? I'll stop whining about this now.
  13. Has anyone received their free digital issue yet?
  14. I ended up putting a yoga mat down in front of my television. Served as a nice little reminder to "be cool and don't flail around" when I stepped on it.
  15. I got an email from the Edge team that overseas subscribers will get a digital edition for free. I guess they're having issues mailing worldwide. I can't imagine why.
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