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  1. Yes, me too. I fear if I have games 'on tap' I will end up dipping in to many rather than focusing on a few.
  2. Smile A deeply unpleasant film and I'd be surprised if there's a better horror outing this Halloween season. I don't really fall for jump scares but there's a couple of crackers in this. I'd have rated it a bit higher if the ending had been more impactful. 3/5
  3. I couldn't see a thread for this, apologies if already posted. Will definitely download Hotwheels so a good month for me. Is Injustice 2 any good single player?
  4. I reckon they could stretch it to two more because I loved how Stingray explained his moral dilemma via the workings of D&D.
  5. I had zero interest in this but I was over at my girlfriend's (she has Sky), and it was excellent. Matt Smith is killing it.
  6. This reminds me how many hours I played the Dreamcast version in those early days of console online gaming. Sega's 6 billion players and all that. Fun times.
  7. You could put it on hard mode and then it forces you to use the letters you've already revealed...
  8. Best month for at least a year! Will definitely cane TH 1&2 and the other offerings may get past the dipthetoein territory.
  9. I was up for this after enjoying Ragnarok but I found Love and Thunder a bit of a slog. It was noticeable that the humour hit a bum note nearly every time. The cinema was pretty full but there was nary a titter.
  10. How much is it at half price? I might pop in tomorrow. I hope it hasn't sold out like all the pasta and ice lollies.
  11. Looks like you now have to create a New York Times account to save your stats. Mine have most definitely been fudged.
  12. Saw an ad for this on TV and it seemed to go on forever, but it didn't show anything to get excited about. I think if Uma Thurman is their idea of a Hollywood legend then this is doomed. It screamed lack of content and ambition.
  13. Great post. I am about 22 hours in and am in two minds about this game. I love the setting, visuals, combat and general progression. In that sense I am enjoying it more than Odyssey, which I felt overwhelmed by (too many areas blocked off due to some arbitrary level cap). In fact Valhalla is absolutely stunning. I'm also enjoying the little mini stories you naturally bump into while exploring. Each area feels different, nuanced and detailed. However, I'm only finding myself playing it for an hour at a time. It's hardly addictive. It could just be the mood I'm in though. I think it's the Raids. They've definitely started to grate. I much prefer just exploring yet you are forced to Raid to progress things. Going to push on.
  14. Yes, to people who are obsessed with games (surely most people here) a top 100 is breeze. Apart from agonising over what just misses out.
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