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  1. Mawdlin


    Yes that Wilson v McGill last frame was the sporting event of the year.
  2. There's a great article in the Guardian about exploring open world games during lockdown, especially Skyrim. The discussion underneath is even better. People online sharing their innermost feelings about how these worlds have inspired and captivated them. Makes me want to dig out my old copy of Skyrim on the 360. I never did explore Solitude despite ploughing 100s of hours into it. https://www.theguardian.com/games/2020/aug/11/since-travel-is-off-the-cards-for-now-im-exploring-the-vast-terrain-of-video-game-worlds
  3. Last year So Long, My Son was my film of the year. A magnificent piece of work.
  4. I also just got an £8 store credit. Is there any rhyme or reason to this? I haven't bought a game for a few months so I'm wondering if it's to encourage me back. Not that I'm complaining.
  5. That's cool. I bought Picross 2 and 3 in the last sale. Played 2 for over 80 hours and I still have some stuff left to do. Amazing value. I haven't even touched 3 yet. I was a bit sceptical about all the fuss but now I'm an addict to the point where my Switch may as well be a Picross console.
  6. Surely having a lot of money spent on it but ending up shit makes it even more risible/open to criticism?
  7. Constant radio/narrative chatter in open world games. One of the seductive aspects of an open world game is blissfully roaming the beautifully created environment and exploring all the nooks and crannies. But recently I've really noticed a lot of these games have inordinate amounts of white noise in the background. You could argue they contextualize the missions but generally they just grate. I'm much happier just listening to the breeze, or sounds of animals in the distance but it's hard to enjoy this when you have some mindless radio chatter assaulting the eardrum. I think developers believe there needs to be stuff 'happening' all the time but I prefer the confidence of Breath of the Wild (a rare exception) that gives you breathing space to just enjoy the world. I'm probably getting old. Or maybe it's just a matter of taste. When I go around to my girlfriend's house she has the TV on in the background all day. All day. Even though it may be on a low volume it does my head in. What's wrong with a bit of quiet contemplation?
  8. I tried the first part of the demo and had the same reaction. After all the praise this turned me stone cold - what a terrible demo! Of course, I'm sure the game blossoms but it put me off making a purchase.
  9. I saw this last year. I very much doubt it would be made now. As you say it is weird and wonderful and available on Netflix.
  10. I think it's one of the best games of the last generation. I usually trade games in when I complete the main story but I kept this and am really looking forward to going back and 100 percenting it. The story, visuals, combat are all fantastic.
  11. When I checked yesterday I hadn't received it. It's a strange 'incentive' or 'reward' if it is random. (Which is why I feel it won't be). Anyone who doesn't get it is going to feel cheated and left out, even though it's something for nothing for those who do get it. If it's based on spend or time subscribed then fair enough. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
  12. Being forced to play as another character for a short time. So I'm playing Spider-man and really enjoying it. The freedom, the web-slinging, the kinetic fights, the feeling of super-heroness. And now I'm suddenly walking around as MJ. Huh? Assassins Creed is particularly guilty of this too. Talk about a passion killer.
  13. I really enjoyed this until the last third but the insta deaths combined with obscure signposting soured it a little. Excellent value if you can get it for a tenner though. I definitely don't have the appetite at the moment for more but good to see it being supported.
  14. I remember watching this when I was a student and it left quite an impression on me. All you need to know is that it's directed by Mike Leigh and has that earthy improvised quality that he does so well. A quote stayed with me ever since, though I looked it up for accuracy: "Have you ever thought... you might already have had the happiest moment in your whole fucking life...and all you've got to look forward to is sickness and purgatory?'" It's not an easy watch but haunting and brilliant. Thanks for reminding me of it, I'll have to look it up.
  15. Yes, Williams has The Fisher King, which effortlessly shows his range as an actor. Jim Carey can't really touch this. The closest he's been is Man on the Moon. A decent character career, no doubt, but he's struggled to lose the gurning funny guy image.
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