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  1. I really enjoyed this. What a surprise! It has great energy, solid performances and a well crafted structure. Chuckled quite a few times and there wasn't a slow moment. The only negative thing I would say is that although it's set in the modern world (YouTube etc.) it feels like a 90s movie.
  2. Ah cool! Now I'm gonna destroy these assholes.
  3. I thought this was terrific too. It didn't quite punch me in the heart and knee me in the balls as much as I wanted it to (apart from But it was compelling from beginning to end. Re Oscar. Was it the bit where that he thought glorified war. What a knob.
  4. So I have to always press triangle? Whereabouts does the prompt appear? I think I'm so busy concentrating on the action I don't see any prompt. Thanks.
  5. Ok so I've finally got around to playing my first Yakuza game (Yakuza 0 of course). Finished chapter 1 but I need help. The combat tutorial is so basic and there seems to be a lot to it. So much that isn't explained. For starters how do I use 'heat' and perform the context sensitive attacks? Also, what are the different combat styles (like Brawler) all about and do I need to worry about that early doors? Enjoying it so far after a slow start. The characters are terrific.
  6. Arkham Asylum is magic and hasn't been matched since its release but you might also want to try Dishonored (2), Bloodborne and Horizon: Zero Dawn. The latter has a different vibe but it unlocks abilities and exploration opportunities in a masterful way. It's also one of the only games I've enjoyed quite as much as Asylum in the last ten years. Edit: out on PC soon.
  7. What a magnificent year for films both mainstream and indie. I can't believe excellent work like The Irishman, Jojo Rabbit and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood just missed out (for me). Any in my top 5 could easily have been best movie in 2018. 1. So Long, My Son 2. Joker 3. Midsommar 4. Marriage Story 5. Colette 6. Avengers: End Game 7. Us 8. The Amazing Jonathan Documentary 9. Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse 10. Official Secrets On a personal note I'm gutted Rise of Skywalker didn't make it in. Although it was good in places it was also needlessly compromised.
  8. What a brave piece of filmmaking this is. As others have said it could have easily tipped into cringe/disaster territory and ruined a career or two. But it explores the themes of loss/loyalty/fanaticism with great humour, subtlety and compassion. Bradshaw's review
  9. Posts going back to 2016. Can't believe it's that old already. I hope there's another lined up for the next iteration of the technology.
  10. This is spot on. I remember when he was lauded as the next Speilberg (); but for all Speilberg's faults and missteps he kept pushing himself in new directions. This last effort shows Abrams to have all the depth and integrity of Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers.
  11. I enjoyed the first three at the time. I always found them engaging and diverting rather than exceptional. But why the hell would I want to play them now when I can download 2 year-old AAA games for less than a tenner.
  12. The industry will adapt and change. It already has. There are fewer big publishers now, only a handful, and the rise of smaller indie developers has been a positive thing. We all know that high street retail is dead but that's been on the horizon for a decade. I'm very excited to see where VR goes. Zuckerburg seems to be investing in that direction and while it won't take over TV gaming (in the near future) the prospect of some awesome Skyrim MMO or Battlefield shooter with crisp VR and a lighter headset is an enticing prospect. But, yeah, realistically, it's ten years away.
  13. The same games in the sales seem to cycle around every three months or so, so I wouldn't feel under pressure to snap them up. I tend to buy a couple every month and usually have at least one on the back burner. Having said that I'd recommend both Hyperlight Drifter and Rogue Legacy in the current sale.
  14. Rllmuk is my only source of gaming news/chat/goodness. Where do other forumites go for news, reviews and info?
  15. I mean Star Wars Battlefront (2015 release). Thanks @Benny for your time doing all this. It gives me a lot of ideas for the games I missed and need to try. Cuphead, Dead Cells and Baba is You are now on my to do list.
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